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  1. 60mm C02 Waste gate cockpit view
  2. EGT Setup Intake with a bigger TB
  3. haha Anything over 500rwkw is pretty useless on the streets got the run big tyre and et street most of the time
  4. Cheers mate hanging to get it going now haha
  5. Tunnel vision will be tuning it most likely
  6. haha already to far in now trying my best to not take any shortcuts on this one haha
  7. haha all a learning game, keep you guys posted
  8. Limited by 4 bar map sensor so that is max boost for now haha I think Anel F6 had the same set up and he maxed it out just over 1000rwkw there is enough injector there that is for sure 1650cc Primary 2200cc Secondary
  9. haha I don't really care what others run my goal was to build a car that is well presented I wont be doing a cage or chute so I really only have a few chances to run a good time at calder, car only has 15 xxx on it 😞 Nahh at the time I did the fuel system all the mechanical fuel pump kit removed AC and I still wanted AC there a few kits now that you can keep AC so we will see how the 3 walbro pumps go if we run out of fuel then its and excuse to move to mechanical pump haha yeah goal is to have one pump on all the time then the other 2 are staged to come on.
  10. Not to sure what power it will make the goal is to go deep into the 8s and still attempt to be a street car haha but if it does crack the 1000rwkw mark I will be over the moon 😄 Gas is there just to spool the turbo up won't be using it as a power adder atm but who knows maybe down the line we can give it a shot to see what it does haha paul rogers th400 rated to 2000hp
  11. Funny you say that lmao the rad leak when we pressure tested it 😞
  12. Boot setup AI surge with 3x fuel pumps Nitrous Co2

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