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  1. Give PCMtec a go you can change tunes using the steering wheel now.
  2. don't quote me but haltech will be able to do zf stuff soon that is what I been told. PCMTEC has come a long way. The reason I went haltech is I got EGT in my car, staged fuel setup, nos, co2 boost control. if any one is going haltech just remb that plug in play ecu does not come with many input and out put I had to get two I/o box to make sure I had enough.
  3. Tune switch is not done on factory ecu car has Haltech in it. The one in my car has 12 setting to change boost and rev limiter, think of it like it has 12 different tunes you can pick from on the fly. Haltech is fancy bit of gear once you use it you wont go back to stock ecu.
  4. grips nice at 1000hp issue the big tune still struggle on the street will see if I can fit a bigger tyre or will do boost by speed tune. have not driven it much took it too work once in the city and that was it waiting till covid is over to drive it more.
  5. still using stock turbo brakes had to grind down the banjo bolt
  6. Manged to fit a 275/60/15 on the rear finally have some grip haha
  7. Cheers appreciate the kind words did put a I <3 Bananas load of effort in to it. I will be racing it once Calder is open but I am not going to do cage and chut at this stage car is to new to cut up has less then 20 xxx on it. tyres set up is on and ready to go manged to get a 275 60 15 on the rear. beside that I need to fix up my coil system and there is still abit left in the setup so we will see how far we can push it.
  8. people can not enjoy a nicely built car every one wants to have a say in it that is fine by me.
  9. Run in tune 27psi left it at that for now to enjoy over XMAS and then we will turn it up
  10. about 4lt Motor needs to breath haha
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