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  1. Hi guys, slow 02 sensor bank 1. Much concern? I cleared the code and it hasn't re-appeared. E85 3.5 inch exhaust etc etc. Thanks guys
  2. Is surge fairly obvious when it occurs, or can you lean out and feel, hear or smell nothing?
  3. Is it pretty much, engine happy and next second, bang, rumble and seize?
  4. Next time the car goes back in I might discuss something along those lines. What's the legality side of things on a surge tank? I'm running a 460 intank currently. If the pump is running dry/not keeping up, will knock sensors jump in and kill timing or ignition?
  5. Felt no surge, everything seemed happy, forgot I had 1/2 tank, just wondered hehe Y'all
  6. How good are the fg/fgx swirl pots, say on e85, half a tank, would a stab through 2nd gear boost up a hill dry the pump out, or do they hold Abit of juice even on an incline?
  7. Appreciate the input mate, we will potentially try 2 sprung 7 puck discs in the clutch, or one cushion button one unsprung 7 puck. I wonder what would feel better? I don't even mind the stiff pedal feel, it's just the impossible take up, with jumping off the line everytime
  8. I'm as gentle as can be at launch, I don't get into the power until 2nd gear 99% of the time
  9. Well now it's to decide on wether or not to try one cushion disc in with the 7 puck, or too pull out the clutch and put a whole new clutch in 😞 Maybe a twin organic, should be abit easier to drive than this beast
  10. It's unfortunately a solid centre, it's a pretty brutal bloody thing to try and engage smoothly, fingers crossed with some more average driving it may settle down. I was told that sprung centre at this power level will only be good for dampening out idle clutch noises. As at the torque levels the car is making, the springs will have to be that stiff, they pretty much become redundant? I have spoken to them, no guarantee the shudder will ease up with one cushion disc. Here's to hoping it eases up for me, more so for the gearbox and my cv's sake
  11. Hey there everyone, got a quick one for you all, I've recently had a DCS twin 7 puck ceramic clutch fitted to my 2014 FGX 6T, the car is making 421kw/1111nm, the clutch bites like a bloody croc, but it's street manners are pretty horrible. I don't do clutch kicks and I don't track the car, would replacing the flywheel side 7 puck disc with a cushion button potentially take away some of the shudder and violent nature of the take up? Only done 300ish k's with new clutch in. Thanks
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