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  1. I believe the shims aren't factory item I Got them installed after a wheel alignment to take out some neg camber Made the car much nicer to drive
  2. 2 months gone not fixed and your still defending your mechanic I’d want to strangle him Do yourself a favour go elsewhere good luck with it
  3. Nice numbers was it on a hub dyno they read higher than rollers just asking .
  4. My brothers went 10.9 @131mph stock 3582 could have gone quicker too.
  5. Im a phucker am I Key board warrior I know it wasn't the smartest thing to do we all make mistakes. Time for a new system I like the Venom I seen it looks like new
  6. Replacement cat will do faaark all for drone Funny Should be loud sixes
  7. My dump pipe has the cat punched out that must be causing the excessive drone.
  8. yeah your right, I cant handle the drone, going back to stock system. The Venom twin is much quieter apparently.
  9. 2 mufflers on the xforce, Nizzy 3rd muffler is tiny wouldn't do much. From what I've heard on youtube clips my sounds the same,
  10. Just had a Xforce 3.5" exhaust fitted on Friday so far I'm not happy its too loud for me, from idle to 2k has a deep note which resonates through the car which I dont like. I did some research before and most guys saying that's its a quiet system, can u change the mufflers for some bigger units, or will it quieten down after a few weeks.
  11. I wouldn’t recommend the plazmaman spring with high boost pulling mine out What the difference between standard and crow retainer Can you use crow spring 1809 with standard retainer
  12. How did you go with the Valve tool The crow 1809 with stock retainer is it the same seat pressure as Vtkba6t-24 kit.
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