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  1. Happy Birthday TomT!

  2. Bloody flying mate, couldn't believe your MPH when I saw that first run. Definitely suggests around 480-500rwkw based on Sydney comparisons. Well done!
  3. I think he is referring to OP's specific setup, not the restriction on the injectors themselves. 1000cc are good for around 500rwkw on E85, more on 98. Dependant on what lambda etc the tuner wishes to tune to.
  4. Yes, arguably the worst rep in Sydney, maybe even Australia. Commonly known amongst the ford community as "Pingtune". I'm sure a few people will chime in with their experiences.
  5. I'm pretty sure Intune customers get re-tunes weekly don't they? Or is that engine builds?
  6. True ^. But he's getting it tuned at CMS, so they will want more than 1000s for 500+ on E85
  7. I go to CMS too and I know Joe has told me before 500 is about the limit for 1000s. Just be prepared if it falls a bit short of the number you want if it's deemed to be unsafe. I went 1500s when I was shooting for 500+, I also have the 6466.
  8. ADV5, but be prepared for them costing at least double the Koya's I imagine
  9. I have 2x044s, plaz surge and walbro 460 intank but if I had to do it all again now I'd go for one of the KPM 1500hp intank setups. Plug and play, no noise, no smell, no surge. If you are going to run E85 and want it to be reliable you will probably need to upgrade all fuel lines between end of steel lines and rail/reg, an upgraded fuel reg and rail as well, although some people get away without them. Expect to run into issues with E85 and the 044s in the long run too, rated for 500 hours but heard of quite a few goong recently including one of mine (may not be to do with E85 though I'm not sure) My advice is spend the bit extra, go with the KPM intank, you will thank yourself in the future. Glad to see you're on top of engine and box, although aren't there a lot of issues with the drive shafts and rest of driveline in the territories with power? Again not sure on that one, someone will chime in
  10. If you're aiming for for 500awkw you're in for an unpleasant suprise if you haven't touched engine, gearbox or driveline... Also no, 2x 044s would be needed, but if you haven't already purchased an 044 there are better options out there these days.
  11. I have a Gibson 1000hp shaft and Superpro HD bushes, no issues. Although NVH may just be drowned out by the rest of the setup haha.
  12. Hey Doobs... There you go! I already picked up a set
  13. What's the image quality like Rab? Will it do 1080p?
  14. 8.5 +30 front 9.5 +38 rear will be good doobs. Looking at the Rays Gram Lights 57C6s now on Perfect Run, opinions on them? About 9.2kg each apparently
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