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Found 1 result

  1. It's time to put a bit of extra muscle into the family bus/06TT, 7seat, all regularly used on the weekend sport runs. I have been reading through the forums have been inspired. I have debunged and plan injectors, flash tune. I'm after some guidance. 1: Turbo oil feed line filter kit. Which kit to use? Speedflow or Earls/ GJ drivelines? Or other? 2: Where to purchase injectors from? eBay? 3: Flash tune, how does this work? I believe it is a reprogram of the CPU, is it plug and play or does it require tuning skills? Is it something I buy and take to a workshop to install or is it something I purchase at the workshop as part of a tune? 4: A recommendation for a reputable and good workshop/tuner on the south side/bayside of BrisVegas if possible. Being a bit of an old fart, I'm a little out of the loop with the new technologies and this is also my first turbo vehicle. Any help is greatly appreciated. I have played with these blocks back in the day, slotted in Cortinas and then in a little front engine dragster. Managed to drag a respectable flat 13sec, carbureted, out of a TC and a 9.8, injected, out of the dragster with the same engine, so I knew they made some grunt. However the numbers I've been reading about in the forums has been leaving me gob smacked.
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