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Found 8 results

  1. Hi All, I'm a newbie in need of some help. I'm currently in search of a tuner around bris and know I need to discuss with them. I recently puchased 2013 FG XR6 Turbo. Mods on purchase were: - Plazamaman stage 2 intercooler - Plazamaman turbo side air box - Plazamaman battery relcate kit - Fan cooled tranmission cooler After an engine issue I have had to embark on a build sooner than expected/planned. I'm currently getting the engine rebuilt with the following: - Machine work (Hot tank, recon head, valve seals, hone, deck, crack test block, linish crank ) - Spool rebuild kit (pistons, rods etc) - Ovate wire beehive valve spring kit - Billiet oil pump gears and backing plate - 12mm head studs - Stage 3 cam shafts - Atomic timing chain kit - ARP main bolt kit - Ross performance engine dampner - new water pump - 4 inch turbo back system with high flow cat Likely additions - Main girdle - Flex plate - Fuel system and injectors - Turbo ? Budget is becoming an issue however I dont want to skimp on something now only turn around and upgrade it in a year. Ultimately, I would like to max out the engine build and be around the 1000HP but can't go this far until I have the budget to sort out the drive line which is likely to be a year or more off. I'm pretty lost as to the best options with the fuel system and injectors at different levels of HP. Also curious as to opinions on the flex plate but it seems like a great idea to do it now. I wasn't exactly planning on upgrading the turbo however if this will let me set up the fuel system and injectors correctly for the ultimate build it makes sense to do it now. It would also be good to get as much HP as the stock driveline can handle. What do you guys think the best options are ? Thanks
  2. Evening lads, scrolling through the interwebs tonight, came across these injectors, can't really find much info on them, the company makes them in 1200cc and 1400cc sizes, kind of got me thinking what these are like as an alternative to both ID injectors and genuine bosch types, anyone have any feedback or info I can bounce off them? Delphi: https://www.injectorsonline.com/au/fuel-injectors/ford/falcon-fg/1200cc-delphi-injectors-x-6.html IDs: opt1 http://www.intunemotorsport.com.au/1050X-CC-Fuel-Injector-FG-XR6-Turbo-and-F6-by-Injector-Dynamics.html Bosch: http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Set-New-1000cc-BOSCH-E85-Fuel-injectors-for-Falcon-FG-XR6-Turbo-110LB-Genuine-/151333893801?epid=825516969&hash=item233c33f6a9:g:lDsAAOSwnK9ZVSie I am looking around the 1000cc mark. I have a race equipped stage 3 FG xr6t, (turbo is heading off next week to be rebuilt) for now it will be on stock boost with a tune, probably make around the 300rwkw mark with the F6 cooler it has on it currently. (im worried about stock injectors at this level) then I will be turning the wick up to around 16-17psi once I have a new clutch in, and the process west stage 2 with all the supporting bits, tb elbow, 4inch race intake, surge pump etc, and I might look at adding e85 into the mix at this point, but probably not worth it as it'll only be sitting around the 400rwkw mark at this point (don't want to push the stock bottom end any further than this)
  3. It's time to put a bit of extra muscle into the family bus/06TT, 7seat, all regularly used on the weekend sport runs. I have been reading through the forums have been inspired. I have debunged and plan injectors, flash tune. I'm after some guidance. 1: Turbo oil feed line filter kit. Which kit to use? Speedflow or Earls/ GJ drivelines? Or other? 2: Where to purchase injectors from? eBay? 3: Flash tune, how does this work? I believe it is a reprogram of the CPU, is it plug and play or does it require tuning skills? Is it something I buy and take to a workshop to install or is it something I purchase at the workshop as part of a tune? 4: A recommendation for a reputable and good workshop/tuner on the south side/bayside of BrisVegas if possible. Being a bit of an old fart, I'm a little out of the loop with the new technologies and this is also my first turbo vehicle. Any help is greatly appreciated. I have played with these blocks back in the day, slotted in Cortinas and then in a little front engine dragster. Managed to drag a respectable flat 13sec, carbureted, out of a TC and a 9.8, injected, out of the dragster with the same engine, so I knew they made some grunt. However the numbers I've been reading about in the forums has been leaving me gob smacked.
  4. Hi, I purchased some 60lb Deka's and from reading other threads I'm aware I'll need spacers to get them to fit my FG. I'm just wondering where to go to find these spacers? I'm based in New Zealand, and trying to save my tuner the hassle of sourcing them himself. Cheers
  5. Hi guys. I bought a 2009 G6Et with only 18000kms on it. Always been a V8Holden fan (for along while,im 45) drove the G6Et and had to have it. Got it tuned by a well known tuner in WA using HP soft ware and 60lb Siemens injectors. Ive had some issues that I wont go into as I just wanted to know what injectors most of you guys use and what the better software is,im thinking SCT after talking to some people. Already spent $2500 on injectors and a tune,4 weeks later im spending another $2500 tomorrow to get the ID injectors and SCT software. Any input would be greatly appreciated,THANKYOU in advance.
  6. Hi gang, Every tuner I have spoken to either prefers a particular injector or drills out your existing ones when they give it a custom tune. Does it matter? Should I just let them do what they advise? Or, if I can get good injectors cheap, will I save on a tune? Or will the tuner say nah mate dont use them. I am looking for a mild tune to get me close to 350rwkw - nothing wild. They all say they can do that with just a tune and injectors. Is there a minimum flow rate I should be looking for to get 350? What are your experiences with your choice of injectors (or your tuner's choice as it may have been..)? Cheers, TJS .
  7. I have an xr6 turbo ute that has an exhaust upgrade, pod filter and a pwr intercooler. im looking at doing some modifications and was wondering if anybody had any thoughts on 60lb injectors? Will they be compatible with my car? do I need a bigger fuel pump aswell? Will I need to get my car tuned? Cheers
  8. Hey guys, I have been lurking in this forum for a while taking in the great info on offer. I recently (4-5months ago) got a 2006 BF XR6T. So far I have done Blue Power CAI, Centre muffler removal, Braided turbo oil supply line, DBA cross slotted rotors, EBC Greens, Tune. Its making 240rwkw very safely at the moment. Whiteline sways going in on saturday. Anyways next is Fuel Pump and Injectors and this is where I need some help... For injectors I wanna go Bosch 968s as I don't think I'll ever go over 350rwkw and I know people run these in 400+ setups... I've heard the Siemens Deka 60lbs are crazy good if you are chasing the biggest numbers but are overkill otherwise... Can anyone confirm or deny this? For pump I'm thinking either walbro GSS 341 or something similar.... I am pretty open to suggestions... Something that I won't need to get a surge tank for is preferable and I was gonna go in tank unless I am told why I shouldn't Any help appreciated as always guys!! And I'll attach a few pics so ya can see what I'm working with. Cheers, Joe
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