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  1. For a BA N/a to Turbo conversion using all factory gear. Would getting the PCM flashed to the stock turbo tune via SCT/HPTuners/PCMtec with an independent boost controller (bleed valve), Turbo Logic turned off and a 2 bar MAP sensor have any issues? My understanding is that Turbo Logic is the factory boost control option using the boost pressure sensor in the piping and solenoid for the wastegate which requires extra wiring etc. that I don't have. Around how much would it cost to flash the PCM to the factory program? I know a full custom dyno tune is the best choice but don't have the coin yet and dont want to lean it out on an NA tune and map sensor
  2. Hey guys, I am looking to purchase a FG-X XR6T and want to spend a few thousand (including labour) on increasing power. Is this achievable? Will I need to travel to Sydney/Brisbane to reliably get mods installed and a decent tune? (Located Mid-North NSW). Or just stay local? $3-4000 would probably be my limit on spending. I want the car to be reliable and be fine dealing with my lead foot on a daily basis for years. 350kw is just a ballpark figure I would probably be happy with. I dont want to go crazy, I just want to get the most bang for buck. Any advice would be greatly appreciated, the more info the better.
  3. So I thought I would post a little log of my F6. I purchased the car in early 2019 trading in my G6ET for this 2009 FG F6 MK1 in Lightning Strike I purchased the car stock besides a Process West Stage 2 intercooler. I knew it needed diff bushes and some of the other usual wear and tear parts on falcons, however I was a little bit too excited about getting my F6 and overlooked a few things. When driving it home I noticed the trans was slipping from 3rd to 4th. So I decided to book it into CMS for a new trans and a PWR heat exchanger as well as a retune to hopefully prevent it happening in the future. The car made 282rwkw basically stock which I was very impressed with for now. I then bought some Michelin Pilot Super Sports all round to hold traction(I didnt have a lot of issues with traction in the first place but with future plans I think this was a good choice) I had noticed the gearbox was slipping when cold and acting up again. However I put it down to it not being topped up with fluid correctly. I put up with this for a little bit to long, being hesitant of where to book the car into. Over the past few years I had heard great things about hoontune, and now Precision Racing so I decided I would save and get my next round of mods from them. So roughly 9 months later I booked it into Precision Racing for a transmission and gearbox service and their stage 2 package which consisted of: - 4" Dump and Cat, twin 2.5" Catback exhaust - Wastegate Mod and upgraded actuator - 1000cc Bosch injectors - Intank walbro 460 Fuel pump - Silver racing spark plugs - 4" Race airbox and battery relocation - GFB Fuel presssure reg - Speedflow Turbo feedline kit BEFORE AFTER The guys at Precision Racing had great customer service and were awesome to deal with. I cant speak highly enough of them. The car feels amazing being my daily driver, I was shocked at the drivability of it. A long term goal for me was to have a 10 second street car so hopefully I will eventually get there. But due to a busy work schedule and my other commitments I think that can wait a little while. As of right now I dont have any big plans for the car, I want to tidy up the bay, get some gauges and possibly a kayhan ICC. For now I think its just a matter of keeping on top of maintenance and finding out what is going to break next. My Brothers BA F6 \ Precision Racings carpark
  4. I have an 04 BA XR6T that I've done upgrades to. Went off to get it tuned using Hp tuners but tuner stated he cant communicate with ECU as its been flashed with SCT. I don't have the SCT as. I bought the car without knowledge of it being tuned. My question is, are ford still able to reflash BA back to stock, or what are my other options Ecu codes are A3HC ABU-244
  5. Hi I know the whole 'mail order tune' idea is frowned upon mostly but I'm not looking to gain heaps nor continue to pursue power, but if anyone has a 10psi tune for a stock ba xr6T that that goes on a SCT X3 they could share I'd be really greatful! Thanks guys/girls
  6. Hey guys, I had to get a new ECU, due to the old one crapping out on me. Finally sourced one, but when I did, the Ford contractor who swapped it out for me, could not put my VIN number into it. Apparently, this is something that Ford does not allow any more. The reason this is the issue is because the car is tuned and the program is on an older version of a CAPA tuner, which is only unlocked for my VIN. Does anyone know any sorcery or black magic that would make my VIN stick in a different ECU?? Whoever comes back with a workable solution, in Sydney, has got a case of beer of their choosing shipped to them anywhere in Australia. Much appreciated, Z.
  7. Hi all, Has anyone tuned there fg xr6 n/a? if so what computer (eg:kappa flash) did you use? what other mods did you have? & after all was said and done was it worth it? cheers...
  8. Hello, Ok so I purchased a Nizpro Big FMIC kit from a fella from this site last week. The plan is to put it on as well as other mods in the future (I.e xspurt 1000cc injectors, intake muffler delete, herrod CAI, and a Xforce HF Cat and Dump) end goal looking for the 300+rwkw mark and 11s and even maybe e85, max out the stock turbo. However I only have the intercooler so far, waiting to save up for the rest, I 100% plan to get all tuned with a sct x4, once I get injectors/HF Cat etc but further down the track. My question is, will I do any harm if I start putting on the Intercooler and do the intake stuff without a tune?, I understand I will not get any real power increases, but as I don't get much free time, and any free time I would love to jump on the job of putting the IC kit on, say this weekend, the rest at a later date. But is this ok without the tune? will it do any damage? is it safe to do so? I drive the car as my daily. Any help or input would be appreciated. Ben
  9. Hey lads So tax time is has arrived! :D and I'm very bored with stock power! So I'm getting a X-force 4inch dump and high flow cats put on for $1500 and straight after I'll be getting it tuned. Prices for a SCT flash tune Xcal4 or X4 I'm not to sure of the name of it was $2200 with 3 custom tunes, he was also saying another option was a direct file remap for $1650 but I've been told they're sh*t so wont be doing that. Also I can get a boost controller high revs comp for $1100 but is that worth getting??? I'm pretty sure he was saying that option adds so I can change the preset tune on the fly instead of having to stop and I <3 Bananas around to change presets. The quotes were from RPM dyno and performance in Morayfield, Brisbane. Has anyone had any dealing with these guys??? or can recommend anyone better??? his sales pitch was that he does a full custom tune that takes two days. Also if I have enough cash I would like to get injectors which he priced at $1000 for 1000cc injectors. Any advice would be much appreciated! Cheers
  10. Hi guys new to the site just after some advice on a good tuner for a fg f6 in sydney just thinking a tune and possibly a high flow cat and a 4 inch dump pipe.the car is quick enough standard but just looking for a little more.
  11. NathanB

    My XR6 Turbo

    My XR6 Turbo - A 2007 BF MkII (07 build date) sedan I bought this car recently thinking I got lucky and had found a winner after looking for a couple of months. It just so happened that my usual mechanic knew the guys who were selling it and it made me feel at ease. I trusted what everyone said and even had my mechanic check it out just to be sure. It felt great and I couldn't fault it...until now. I thought I had done my research but just when I thought everything was sweet I decided to just be extra sure and get a second opinion. Just to give some background I was told the car had certain mods and they all seemed legit and logical as I was told by the performance workshop who last worked on/tuned/modified/serviced the car that the owner was anal retentive and wanted the car to be reliable which I believed even though there were no receipts/dyno sheets to be seen. So I decided to bite the bullet and see someone who knows a little bit about xr6 turbos in the form of Nizpro here in melb. Couldn't be more pleased with the service and knowledge the guys have on tap and are also really upfront and friendly. They put the car on the dyno for me and they also checked a couple of things and lo and behold what did they find but a sh*tty tune and mods that I have been told are more of the budget orientation. I was pretty disappointed at first but then really happy because the $225 I spent on getting the guys to look at it for me may have just saved me the cost of a new motor/turbo. To give you an idea of how bad things can get - the car made 260rwkw (I was told it was making ~280rwkw so that's forgivable...kinda) it was pulling down to 1 degree of timing and the fuel trims were pegged at the maximum which I was told was 30%. Not only that but the car at 12psi had lamda values going from .95ish heading linearly down through the revs to around .70. I was told "It's pinging its head off and I don't want to do another power run". So the moral of the story is to not trust anyone (at least not without proof like me) and have things checked by people in the know. Needless to say I think Nizpro have won me over as a permanent customer from here on in. So what's next? Well an Xcal4 and a new tune is first with possibly other little things depending on what Steve recommends/thinks. However buying a house is happening almost as we speak so no/low boost for me below 4000rpm grandma driving until I can sort the new tune and xcal out. Really can't speak highly enough of the service I got from Nizpro (Simon and Dave) from the email response to talking me through everything wrong with the mods/tune for what I want out of the car. I have no-one but myself to blame but hey we all live and learn. Can post pics of the car if anyone is interested/cares. This forum is going to be like a second home for me I think until I'm happy with the car. Cheers, Nathan P.S. Would also love to hear peoples thoughts on where to purchase an xcal4 from either from Nizpro or used or from somewhere else like online as I'd rather do it sooner rather than later.
  12. Hi guys I have a 2009 FG XR6T (manual) I have done some mods to it as listed below and get 300rwkw atm. But I am not satisfied with the tune....it runs ok but smokes a bit and sometimes even pings on uphill 3rd gear in high revs. I want to find a genuine good tuning place where the guys do a good job and know what they are doing. Currently: I have full turbo back 4inch exhaust, upgraded valve springs, bigger injectors, and a tune. Boosts upto 15PSI. PS I do not have a flash tuner atm they just tuned it on the same ECU. All I want to do is upgrade the intercooler and SS intake piping and get a nice tune done so that its running nicely without troubles. I am not chasing a huge power figure just want it to be reliable & running well enough to be my daily drive as well as fun mobile for them hill runs. Please let me know where is a good genuine place for such things. I am located around Ringwood side but don't mind driving to a god place. Thanks
  13. So I've just installed a 4" Dump - 5" Cat in preparation to be Tuned on Friday, Problem being I need to drive 6hrs to get to the tuner. Everyone says this will cause Overboost so I took it for a drive to try and activate Limp mode so I would know when it happens and what I'm dealing with rather than finding it all out in the middle of woop woop. Boost seemed to peak at 13psi (OBDII-android device) gunning it in 2nd or 3rd but once peaked it wouldn't boost past 3psi until the engine was shut off, no codes or lights. Made all the regular noises and ran Perfectly but with the power of an n/a xr6 and without the push back into the seat. Is this what normally happens or am I not thrashing it hard enough? Doesn't seem so bad. Also has full exhaust, turbo side intake, stage2 PW Intercooler. Never Tuned
  14. So does anyone know of any reputable ford tuners closer to Griffith NSW? Im 5hrs from Melbourne & 6hrs from Sydney so obviously I don't really wanna take a day off work to spend a full day on the road & an extra $200 in fuel every time I want a tune. Iv also been told that because the air here is so different to that on the coast that the tune is going to be out of whack anyway. My FG xr6T ute already has a catback twin 2.5" exhaust and ill be doing a PW stage2 intercooler and turbo side intake in the next month, so at what stages in modification will I actually 'need' a tune/retune? Is it only after certain things like dump pipes or injectors?
  15. Hi all, I have a 2004 XR6T with a BFMKII motor that has a flash tune (tuned on dyno by a shop in syd) that I've run both the included 8psi and 11psi tunes on the XCAL3 that came with the car. I started to feel that the car would pull harder every now and then and be sluggish at others on both tunes. I have since installed a boost gauge to monitor the inlet manifold pressure to give me an idea of what could be going on. 11psi tune - First time I boot it, the boost runs up to 14psi and then settles to stock boost (6psi) and then maxes out at 8psi after that. I also notice that in slow traffic or drive-throughs the temp gauge rises to a bees d!(k below half way. 8psi tune - prefers to run at 6psi, until I do a rolling wot and it will boost up to 8psi. the temp gauge does not run as high as the 11psi tune. I am also slowly losing coolant. It has never gone below min however. I'm hoping its just tune issue... Looking for some ideas on what the possible issues could be so I can start fault finding... got a lot of experience with N/A however this is my first car with forced induction... Any help is appreciated
  16. Running mods of course, hence the original tune Was wondering what the standard amount of time is to let your car go before getting it re-tuned. Taking a wild guess, I would say you need to get your car re-tuned every 2-3 years to make sure all is good? (Obviously if you feel something wrong before then you would get that looked at)
  17. Hey all, Was wondering if a flash tune (ie SCT Flash) will affect the cars ability to record fault codes? Thanks
  18. Hi just thought I would make a post about getting my car tuned, fg mk2 xr6t auto.. Done at xft and very happy with the work that simon did and happy to see it pull a 361.9rwkw with stock turbo and stock exhaust. car is a lot of fun to drive and leaves a smile on my face haha
  19. Hi, So I bought my BA XR6t ute about 2-3 months ago and the guy I bought it off also threw in a SCT x3 flash tuner, he sold the car to me stock and I haven't really thought about re-tuning it until now. It came with a 98 octane 10psi tune and a Towlers tune (the shop I'm pretty sure). I've had someone say that you HAVE to replace the injectors before you tune it but no one else has mentioned this to me. I noticed that places like KPM motorsport etc sell performance packages with just the tune and the flash tuner. No injectors, so this leads me to believe that replacing the injectors isn't necessary to a point. Anyone tuned their car with the flash tuner? Anyone know if you NEED to replace injectors? yeah, not to sure. cheers
  20. Hey Guys, - just interested in all your experiences / comments on the following: I have a 2013 mk2 FG XR6 TURBO UTE with Luxury Pack (Black of course ) Didn't exactly have and cash to spare on it, so have done minimal mods. First thing I did was a Herrod performance airbox. Gain was minimal, most change in the noise. Next thing I did was remove the restrictive ring after the cat. Again minimal gain, no difference in noise. Decided to go for a flash tune, even through I was sure I would never do it until I ran out of warranty - I ended up getting a generic tune from Intune Motorsports in Sydney sent down to me preloaded into a device paired to my car. After the 14psi tune was loaded up successfully, car is much better. Has heaps more power down low speeds - at 0-100 especially. This tune also removes the pop on change (its a ZF), which I did like, however it now lurches fwd on change instead of pausing, so this is a plus for pace. (Also great for power skids, as on a cold morning, you can nail it, wheel spin through first, which is intensified on the change and this goes for a good amount of time through second... just something about hanging it out in a straight line without the brakes.. Once I get up to midway through 3rd... full throttle, it sounds quite rough... still a consistent motor note, just a vibrating kinda roughness through the whole car - I have no idea wha is causing this?? Perhaps running out of injectors? - I know custom tune is the way to go but I wont be doing that for quite some time. Has anyone else experienced this?? On the exhaust, I hate loud cars when just cruising around, so haven't touched it yet... I might do the cat one day... just hafta see.... because Utes sound crap stock... the sedans are way better... guess its just the shorter/single pipe?...but its a no comparison. In the way of drags... main story is with my mates BF XR6 TURBO SEDAN... has full exhaust, injectors, custom tune etc... 297rwkw.... I gave him a good run.... pulled ahead off the mark... and continued to crawl slowly away the whole way to 180kmph - on a private strip. So not too sure what mine would have... maybe around 300?... seems weird, as dyno's all vary, but I dont think mine has a less as 250rwk... which some people claim are the figures after just a flash tune and intake. Glad of all your comments / ideas for what I should do! O and also I have 4 pot brembo's being fitted at the moment... needing to use 17mm spacers to clear the 19 inch luxury wheels. Cheers.
  21. Hi gang, want to compare custom tunes on FG F6s. What's rwkw did you end up getting? What did u spend? Where did u get it done? What other mods were made ie injectors, cooler, exhaust etc? Overall satisfaction out of 10. I want to publish some $ per kw stats for all to see. Could be interesting.....
  22. When boosting it more then 4000rpm my car back fires and power cuts in and out. when I look at the air/fuel gauge when putting my foot down it goes straight to lean. Recently had car tuned but since have changed dump pipe could this be the problem??
  23. Hi gang, Every tuner I have spoken to either prefers a particular injector or drills out your existing ones when they give it a custom tune. Does it matter? Should I just let them do what they advise? Or, if I can get good injectors cheap, will I save on a tune? Or will the tuner say nah mate dont use them. I am looking for a mild tune to get me close to 350rwkw - nothing wild. They all say they can do that with just a tune and injectors. Is there a minimum flow rate I should be looking for to get 350? What are your experiences with your choice of injectors (or your tuner's choice as it may have been..)? Cheers, TJS .
  24. spoken

    Stock Xr6T

    Hey guys would it be a waste of money to get my stock xr6t done with a tune ? or is this mod only when doing a cat back etc etc ? :dwarf:
  25. Seen this question posted on the internet and made me think what I myself would actually do What would you modify on your car if you could only do 1 thing? Would it be wheels? Suspension? An exhaust or something else? But remember, only one! I reckon I would go with suspension for a better overall drive. Can make a crap drive a good one if it's comfortable, and a crap suspension setup can make a good drive quite simply, sh*t IMO. Post up what you would do but of course lol..limit to one mod haha
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