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Found 19 results

  1. Hey, So I just picked up a t56 manual conversion for my BF XR6. I got an ecu that has "BF XR6 Manual" Written on it but in the serial number on the sticker it has "BA". Is there anyway to tell if its BA or BF by the serial number or is there somewhere with a list or a place I can search to make sure I have the right one as I've heard the pin-outs are different between the two? Or did I just get super lucky and it just happens to say BA and I'm being paranoid? Cheers for any help. I've also heard that NA and Turbo ecu's are different and NA ones don't have boost control features eve
  2. I have an 04 BA XR6T that I've done upgrades to. Went off to get it tuned using Hp tuners but tuner stated he cant communicate with ECU as its been flashed with SCT. I don't have the SCT as. I bought the car without knowledge of it being tuned. My question is, are ford still able to reflash BA back to stock, or what are my other options Ecu codes are A3HC ABU-244
  3. hey all, got a mk1 fg xr6t. got tuned to 390rwkw on 98, all the supporting mods for it. car was running nicely right up until a week and a bit later, the pcm stopped sending signal to coil 5. swapped coils around and the coil from cylinder 5 worked in other cylinders. new ecu and new coils (genuine ford not aftermarket junk), ecu calibration from ford and some $$$ later, it's still misfiring. ran vac tests, checked injectors and adaptors. only thing that remains the same is harness, which hasn't been touched in any way so unsure of how it could have made the first pcm driver fail. fi
  4. Hey all, long time reader first time poster. My 2011 mk1 fg xr6t has been modified and tuned. A week after the tune it started running sh*t and threw code P1358. We checked the coils, swapped them around etc and each coil works fine. The pcm stopped sending signal to the coil for cylinder 5 though. Got a new computer and car is at ford now for keys to be married to new ecu and them tune to be uploaded into new ecu. Does anyone know why the pcm can sh*t itself like that and what can be done to prevent it from happening again? Nobody can give me answers, seen it happen to another xr6t at the sam
  5. Hi guys, new here. I'm doing a FG long block into BA conversion also a t5 to t56. The engine harness is for a ZF 6 speed auto, but my BA ECU is tuned for a t5 manual. Will it be okay to run with the automatic connections taped up? Or will the Canbus wiring cause trouble?
  6. HI, I have a question which noone including google is not able to answer. Torque Management or Torque reduction. Is it active in the pcm on a 02 ba running a BTR trans. If so, how does it measure torque output?
  7. Hey guys, I had to get a new ECU, due to the old one crapping out on me. Finally sourced one, but when I did, the Ford contractor who swapped it out for me, could not put my VIN number into it. Apparently, this is something that Ford does not allow any more. The reason this is the issue is because the car is tuned and the program is on an older version of a CAPA tuner, which is only unlocked for my VIN. Does anyone know any sorcery or black magic that would make my VIN stick in a different ECU?? Whoever comes back with a workable solution, in Sy
  8. Just did ecu & TPS resets on 05 ba2 xr6 na auto daily beater. Driving smoother, nicer with at least 50rwkw more! Haha. Noticed a quiet drumming, tapping,rattling noise from drivers seat. Idling, no extra elec load on. From in behind (in front of,) ICC maybe, hard to tell. Can't hear once moving. Thinking blend door motors, but not loud enough. Seems to deep a noise to be relay. No codes, lights indicated. Any theories? Cheers..
  9. Hey I have a Ba XR6T which is totally stock apart from a wastegate actuator that runs 7psi and a K&N air filter. Recently I have had an intermittent electrical issue that kills my engine and after pulling over the car starts again 99% of the time straight away, pretty dodgy when it happened under boost making a smallish move on the motorway! I've had it to iCar Kallangur and had some relays changed (it's happening a little less) and according to their scan it isn't earthed and shouldn't even be starting.. They said it is a computer/ electrical issue and needs to go to Ford new computer etc
  10. Hi guys has anyone ever use a bf manual ecu to in a ba ?? We can't seem to get it to work, trying to rule out weather its faulty ecu or if it's even possible?
  11. Gtx42ba

    Bf to Ba ecu

    Hi guys wondering if a (bf typhoon manual ecu) work in a ba xr6turbo
  12. Hi all, I've got a BA XR6 turbo and according to my mechanic, my ECU seems to have had it. Apparently, a common thing with these units. The particular part number in question is discontinued with Ford and second handers are as rare as hens teeth it seems. This might be a long shot, but just wondering if anyone here has any connections or knows someone who knows someone (We called just about everyone in the country who does spares). ECU code: ABU-214 / 3R23- 2A650-HE Much appreciated!
  13. I purchased an 03 BA XR6 project that has been sitting in a shed. When I fitted a new battery to it to try and start it, it didn't crank. Code is showing up on the stereo and the immobiliser hand is on the dash also. I cant hear the starter relay click either. Can the PCm and BEM lose connection/programming after sitting with a dead battery for a while? If so I guess a trip to the Ford dealer is the only way to get it working again? Thanks for any help.
  14. Hi all, reasonably new to this group but having dramas with my fg. Car is an fg with a built 698 atomic engine with about 50000km on it. It started off dropping number 5 cylinder with a fault code suggesting it was coils, changed coils same problem. Got a new computer and loaded myHi all, reasonably new to this group but having dramas with my fg. Car is an fg with a built 698 atomic engine with about 50000km on it. It started off dropping number 5 cylinder with a fault code suggesting it was coils, changed coils same problem. Got a new computer and loaded my files onto it and it was fixed...
  15. Hello all, After a lot of researching and testing for the problems of my car going into limp mode it has been found that the ECU is cooked.. I have a 2003 BA XR6T 4 SPD AUTO and I am trying to replace the ECU. It apparently is the early ECU's which is a ABU214.. Can anyone help me/give me advice where I can find a second hand ECU that will suit my car, or any other options that are available to me? Thanks in advance! Also forgot to add I have contacted Injectronics and Logicar, and they both are unable to help.. The ECU is beyond repair, my only option is to replace it.. And NO ONE has any of
  16. Hi am new on here ive got a ba xr6 turbo 03 model that keeps going in2 limp home mode I sent the ecu & computer off to get tested and they said it was all good so replaced the throttle body that worked 4 a week them same sh*t so replaced the waste gauge and still doing it so took it 2 ford they couldnt tell me wht it was doing it so they said take it 2 automatic place done that & it threw up the following codes p0230,p0753,p0758,p0763,p0768,p1465,p1474,p1534,p1748 and they said that the gear box is still like new so either indicates ecu issue or a wiring issue please post your comments
  17. Hey fellas, bit of a problem I've been having with my 05 turbo. I would be driving along at te speed limit and all of a sudden the entire car would just shut down. It would miss for about 1 second and then all systems down. This has happened 3 times and I've been able to pull over, turn the electrics off and back on again and the car would start. There have been no running issues with the car. The car only does this when it is warm. The most recent time I had to get towed back to my house. Same problem, although this time the car wouldn't start. The electrics still work one the car has stopped
  18. Hii I was looking at purchasing the kwp2000 plus, its suggested on sevral forums and Sales websites its compatible with ford ecu, able to diagnose, and reprogram the ecu, I wasnt too sure about it, I could believe it will diagnoise ecu errors cant see it being able to reprogram?? Anyone use one? Or have any experience with similar products they can suggest ?? Here is the a link http://www.kwp2000.info/ Cheers!
  19. hey guys so in my normal style I started off doing somthing I knew nothing about! its all apart of my style what I was doing was removing the icc so I could install some gauges I just jumped straight into it didnt bother to disconnect the battery rookie mistake! any how, half way thru the alarm starting going off and I figured it was time to disconnect the battery so I did, I finshed what I had to do and now when it came to starting my car it wouldnt start at all , I would turn the key to acc n all the lights were on but wouldnt start, the raido read "code error", and from what I have re
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