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Found 14 results

  1. I'm dealing with an issue on my 2003 BA turbo manual where the fuel pump relay is not getting a trigger signal from the PCM. The car is tuned with an SCT flash tuner, but this was done years ago, this issue is only recent. The fuel pump does not get a signal from the PCM to prime or run. Sometimes disconnecting the battery and letting the PCM reset will fix it, sometimes it won't, but eventually it stops working and won't work again until reset. The fuel pump and all its wiring after the fuse box is fine, the car runs without issue if I bridge out the fuel pump relay with a jumper wire. I have swapped and tested multiple relays and changed the inertia switch, didn't fix it. The wires between the PCM and the fuel pump relay are fine (<1ohm), and all the PCM pins and connectors look fine, so I'm convinced the PCM isn't opening the ground signal to open the fuel pump relay (it does have 12v on the coil side). When it happens it throws code P0230 fuel pump relay primary circuit malfinction. Has anyone encountered this before and has any idea where to look next? Is my PCM dead? Any advice is appreciated, thanks
  2. Hey I have a Ba XR6T which is totally stock apart from a wastegate actuator that runs 7psi and a K&N air filter. Recently I have had an intermittent electrical issue that kills my engine and after pulling over the car starts again 99% of the time straight away, pretty dodgy when it happened under boost making a smallish move on the motorway! I've had it to iCar Kallangur and had some relays changed (it's happening a little less) and according to their scan it isn't earthed and shouldn't even be starting.. They said it is a computer/ electrical issue and needs to go to Ford new computer etc.. I know nothing about mechanical or performance upgrades. I figure if I am going to get a new computer that there has to be an improved solution that is better than the factory part Ford will charge me a fortune for. I love my car owned it for 6 years. Wanted one ever since I was first dusted on the highway back in 2004 outside of Orange. I'm in Brisbane north side any help/ advice that I can get would be awesome.
  3. Hi all, anyone had any issues with the fuel door on FG, FG-X not opening? Fuel door on mine will release when pushed as normal but that's it...like the hinges are jammed. Though the lanyard for the fuel cap might have been caught on them, but from what I can see (through the small amount I can lever open) is all good. Don't want to pull on it too hard...feels like something going to snap. Any ideas or has anyone had the same issue? Worked when fueled up earlier today.. Thanks
  4. Hey Gents/Ladys, Well I have just put a deposit on my 2nd hand G6E Turbo and now time to start the parts list/ receive your thoughts on what I should be looking for. I am wanting to make just over the 400 RWKW becasue lets face it, it is just too easy to be in the 300 club Well so far its a Rapid stage V 1.0 (from a mate) looking to upgrade to V2.0 (what sort of rwKw's does the rapid system allow for?) or go with the race style Process West intake and battery relocation kit. x-force 3.5 inch cat back with 4 inch dump and 4 inch hiflow cat. Seimens Deka 80lb injectors (are these a good size or do I need bigger? I calculated about 74lb for 410rwkws at a .9 duity cycle so this seems right). Rapid Valve Springs. Boost controller (for the wife, so I don't have to spend 10 mins flash tuning it, I am thinking about an eBoost 2 that I can hide away in the glove box or similar). Ported rear turbo housing (again from friend). Walbro pump 340 (again from friend I don't know if this will be large enough though (see below about surge tank)). Don't worry I do have to pay for the parts from my mate there just heavily discounted. I am also thinking about a surge tank for insurance, best performance for price? I would love to use all Process West gear as I am a Wollongong local now (moved down from Cairns) and would love to support him? or if there are any others at the right price I would love to know! I think I will be in the hole a bit over $5,000 without the surge tank just for parts. As I am new down here I also don't know to many people and don't really have anywhere to do the bolt ons and would love to save on a bit of labour costs and know your thoughts on tuners local, Sydney or south coast. We all know that tuners that do the right thing by us get there name spread so I would like to hear a few. Most of this wont happen for a few months while I am hunting parts at the right price and working over 60+ hours a week and part time Uni coming up soon. When I get the car and give it a good wash and wax I will put up a few photos a "Granddad" Cheers, Allan
  5. So my 2003 ba mk1 turbs spools up and pulls well till about 4-4500 grand than feels as if it hits a wall drops boost n barely runs (like an ecotec after its eco boost) starts jumping around an stalling but if I go nutreul and up revs comes good again n stop carrying on (like cammed LS) to my knowledge id say fuel issue starving for it but its pure stock so nothing is under powered at all.... gonna start fuel filter and hope its a cheap and easy fix (like charlie sheen) an praying to lord jesus that's its not the pump cause "ain't nobody got time for that" just curious if anyone else has had this issue if so what was it and can you remember prices
  6. I have been reading some forums of people mixing u98 and e85. I have read the effects of 85 on fuel lines etc but only when running 100% e85. But I was looking at running maybe 70% u98 and 30% e85 or maybe even more 98 comapred to 85. My reasoning is that with the high prices of 98 mixing 85 would be a bit cheaper to run. I drive a 2003 BA XR6 with a redback cat-back exhaust. Open to all ideas
  7. Hi I have a 2011 fg xr6t and for some reason I seem to be chewing more gas than usual. Im not driving it differently but I can actually watch the gauge go down. Was good on gas before now not so good.
  8. looking to upgrade to e85 fuel in coming months just wondering if there's a fuel station in Townsville that has this fuel, if not how much is a barrel of Surcogen e85. if theres no pumps in town im still keen, wanna run my Datto (ca18) on it even if from the barrel
  9. Hi all, just found out Radium Auto in the USA are selling off some of their FST's at $100 off RRP... similar to the one I have, although these are equipped with bosch pumps. mount very easily, where all the others go, I have a wiring loom diagram and part numbers of hose/fittings to make them plug and play. http://www.radiumauto.com/Bosch-Equipped-Fuel-Surge-Tank-P274.aspx Have a bo-peep if you're looking for a FST. Cheers
  10. When boosting it more then 4000rpm my car back fires and power cuts in and out. when I look at the air/fuel gauge when putting my foot down it goes straight to lean. Recently had car tuned but since have changed dump pipe could this be the problem??
  11. Gday, Im driving from perth to adelaide shortly in my 330rwkw f6, im not sure what fuel will be available at the servo's on the way.. will I be fine? I know im meant to use 98 octane but I assume that these stations wont have that. I was thinking of taking a few jerry cans and adding 20 litres of 98octane each time I fill up (presuming they only have 91 or 95octane.. or is that a stupid idea? Cheers!
  12. Hi all, Just joined this forum and this is my first post. Just brought a 2009 Fg XR6 turbo. can some of you forum gurus help me with these question. I know some might sound silly and simple, 1. Is there any way to find how much fuel I have left in my fuel tank in litres. 2. The RANGE mode of my Cluster is it accurate? It reached 0Km today and beeped but I could still drive it for another 2 kms is that right? does'nt that mean my fuel tank is empty? 3. How do I know when my fuel goes in reserve. How many litres is the reserve tank? Help much appreciated.
  13. Ok just need to work out best way to setup twin Bosch 044's. Is the factory pump regulated by the Ecu or does it run at full voltage Continuously. I'm not wanting to run both 044 pumps continuously as don't want high Recirculating happening while driving sedately or idling. As well why waste the life of the pump while it's not required. Now if the factory Ecu does control the in tank pump well I can tap into It's power feed as my signal for the 044's and all is good. (fingers crossed). If it does not control the in tank pump then I need to look else where. Can I use any of the factory boost, map sensors for a trigger wire. Other then that I need to find a variable pressure switch that I can Set to control the second pump either by boost or fuel pressure. Eg set it at 55-57psi to switch 2nd pump on. Switch off at 57psi. Or boost sensor to activate 2nd pump at 10-12psi If anyone has done a setup in either way as above please reply. Interested in what was used as well cost and where to get required bits. Aother option is if I was to run a single large pump I still would Like to control pump flow. I have currently got the process west surge tank and worried on weather It's capacity is sufficient to feed twin 044's. If anyone can comfirm the capacity to be adequate please do so. Keep in mind I will be wanting to do some circuit laps from time to time not just drag runs. Fuel system required to support To4z custom setup, full port head.
  14. Just wondering.. If I mix the decent nulon octaine booster - claiming to boost fuel octaine by 5 octaine points, with 91 unleaded, will that be safe for use in an xr6T, and would the quality be just as good as 95 octaine?
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