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  1. I was thinking of the Bosch 1600 from Goleby's. If your only at 60% duty cycle at that power on 2200cc then theres no way I would require the 2400cc deka's. Have no idea why the efi shop would recommend the deka 2400's. Also considering he said they will be $350 each when they get stock. I liked how great my Deka 660cc worked on my last setup, could idle engine down to a silk smooth 400rpm (set it at 600), could hardly tell it was running. So it would be great to have a injector that will idle nicely but support its setup power potential.
  2. Hi all. Had a injector shop suggest for me to run Siemens DEKA Fuel Injector "2400cc" FI114212. My plans are for street with randon circuit fun and occassional drags. Focus is more on street response and efficiency then drag. (Its t56 manual so will never be great on strip). Concern is how well these Siemen Deka 2400's idle and light throttle perform. Haltech plug and play ecu. G35-1050 Garrett turbo 6boost manifold Plazmaman billet race plenum Plazmaman pro series interco
  3. Whats the problem with the twin internal billet surge tank by process west? The twin 460 walbro pumps should flow plenty. Is it volume? Found a post by jet, its 223 pages. Couldnt locate option to go to page 1, and dont want to click back through 222 pages lol. I'll go back and see if I can find a quick option.
  4. What would be great is if I could bolt the g35-1050 straight in place of the to4z. But, ill just off load my complete to4z setup to recoup some of my out lay. Wife is not happy, even after Im telling her I have all the orher bits to sell to recoup some of the out lay. Have new aeroflow twin pump with teflon braided lines and fittings for rear mount custom setup. But talked wife into letting me get the process west twin internal pump billet setup. So not in good books atm. Cant holiday anywhere atm anyway with all this covid bs restricti
  5. Yeah genuine, after reading info on its build specs and the dollars spent on my engine, I've decided to go the g35-1050. Mainly as I've found one 1.01 and .83 at a good price. Just need to try work out which one, 1.01 or .83. Tending towards the 1.01. Be really good if I could find out a comparison between to4z 1.06 vs G35-1050. 83 and 1.01. Then there's the 1.21 will it be too laggy. Think I'll try the 1.01 and see how it performs then decide to go up or down. Also my to4z is t4 split. Is the vband flange better or not as good? Theres
  6. Latest is I am possible off loading the 7075, and going the g35-1000, not sure to go the 1.01 or 1.21 rear. The to4z is off the top of my head a 1.06. Built boost from 1100rpm in top gear, 12psi by 1500rpm. Don't mind losing a bit of low down response. Eg. Build boost from 1500rpm min to 2000rpm max with it making 20psi by 3000rpm. Debating to buy 1.21 giving it a go, if response is too late then buy a 1.01.
  7. Heres the g35-1050 Suited for 2.0L to 5.5L. It too is only vband and t3. Might go this in vband with the 1.21 A/R. Sell off my TO4z setup. https://www.garrettmotion.com/racing-and-performance/performance-catalog/turbo/g-series-g35-1050/
  8. Tom, looked at the g35 and no T4 flange. Just T3 and vband. Looks like next step is a g42, nothing between.
  9. Searched the G35-900, says its for 2.0L to 3.5L engines. Great power rating. You would surely be controlling boost down low in first 3 gears on street rubber. What are you revving yours too and does it hold boost to your rev limit?
  10. Yeah like I was extremely happy with it. Was very responsive. Downside was I also struggled with traction first 3 gears. Running 265x30x19 Toyo Proxy 4's. Tune at 12psi was driveable through throttle control. On 17psi tune there was fine line between no boost and wheelspin. So thinking as I said with the headwork, bigger intercooler, plenum etc. That response will be even better which will make traction worst. Hence thinking to try keep the response no better than it was or a little later just so it gives car the chance to start moving before boos
  11. Back when I was running the to4z, a friend had a bf f6, that ran gt45 with gt47 internals. Made 600rwhp at think was 22psi on pump fuel tune. 780rwhp on race fuel think was 28psi. Mucking around on the street from 60kph, I put over a car length on him and held it till x speed. His would not make boost under 3500rpm. Hence I'd get out front straight up. He was always complaining about how other cars would do the same and once he got going it was all over. This is what Im fearing with this 7075. Don't want to sacrifice the low end so m
  12. It did go well, until number 6 rod didn't want to play no more. Lol Ive been on a extreme slow build, too busy to get into it, too many toys and no room atm to try finish it. New engine. Extensive porting Large Ferrea Valves Crow springs Crow stage 3 cams (still have to purchase) Crow lifters Undecided on timing chain kit Ross Forged Pistons Argo Rods with ARP2000 bolts ARP main and head studs ACL bearings Atomic oil pump gears Billet oil pump backing plate. Atomic main girdle. Have not decided on ne
  13. Ive scored a brand new Aeroflow 7075. 8005-4004 T4 with1.15 rear My concern is its best rpm range and lag. Car was previously stock engine with nizpro springs, high mount with to4z t4 1.06, 4" dump with 2" wastegate pipe through 50mm wastegate, hdi 600x300x75 cooler, 3.5" xforce exhaust, plazmaman top plenum, seimen daka 660cc injectors. T56 manual sedan. Would start building boost at 1100rpm in top gear. 12psi by 1500rpm. No lag issues. Was running it to 6300rpm New built e
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