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  1. Pretty new here but this website is downright a goldmine of information and has a positive community. Wish I found it sooner when I imagine this forum was bursting. Donation made ❤️ hope this website never goes down.
  2. Get a LSD first and foremost. BF diffs will fit your fg but not Ba (obviously FG diffs will also fit but that shouldnt need be said). High flow cat and headers will help loads. Look around if you can find a second had CAI. I picked up a growler and custom piping for $200. Also save a bit of money for a 20% underdrive pulley. A tune after all that would tie it all in nicely but holding off till you get a turbo is purely up to how much money you are willing to throw at it, because no matter what it will need to be tuned or re-tuned once you get a turbo.
  3. Hey, I'm looking to buy a short shifter for my BF t-56. I've found 2 possible ones I would like but haven't found any solid info comparing the two or what one is respectively better? Malwoods short shifter:https://malwoodauto.com.au/product/ultimate-street-short-throw-shifter-to-suit-ba-bf-t56/ or Rip Shifter:https://www.tuffcarparts.com.au/ba-bf-ford-falcon-6-cyl-v8-6-speed-manual-ripshift Any blokes who've tried both and preferred one over the other or any negatives with either? Cheers for any help!
  4. Here is a video of the issue I'm having if it is any help....
  5. Its not the knob that's spinning that's still stuck on tight. Its the two piece shaft... Ive had a peek and there doesn't seem to be any threads (or ruined ones) Just a smooth shaft glues into a larger one. But if you still think that's the case then looks like I'm off to the wreckers or fraud
  6. Hey everyone. So I was trying to remove the stock shift knob to replace the boot to no avail. However I did notice some movement but it wasn't from the knob. I've seemed to of broken the silicon or glue holding the smaller shift shaft into the thicker one (sorry I don't know the proper names). Now the two shafts rotate freely with little effort about not 360 but a fair good distance. Have I f*cked it and I need to buy a new stick or is there some way to fix it? Cheers
  7. hmm, hopefully someone chimes in and sheds some light. As of right now I'm thinking maybe the BF NA/turbo had the same PCM just the NA didn't use the turbo section/loom. Cheers for the help though
  8. Hey mate, Surely that's not right, I had a look and no turbo loom like you said just the main fuse box loom running along the back of the front chassis bar and straight into the fusebox. I also had a look at my mates NA BF and he has 3 plugs and looms too. Maybe they changed them from ba to bf?
  9. Ah okay, The PCM has 3 plugs but so does the one on my NA BF, Is it just the unused turbo loom? So the one I have is definitely BF, just not sure or turbo or not now....
  10. Hey, So I just picked up a t56 manual conversion for my BF XR6. I got an ecu that has "BF XR6 Manual" Written on it but in the serial number on the sticker it has "BA". Is there anyway to tell if its BA or BF by the serial number or is there somewhere with a list or a place I can search to make sure I have the right one as I've heard the pin-outs are different between the two? Or did I just get super lucky and it just happens to say BA and I'm being paranoid? Cheers for any help. I've also heard that NA and Turbo ecu's are different and NA ones don't have boost control features even with a tune. Can someone confirm this? This thread could aslo help others in the future with any confusion. Again, cheers.
  11. Here are the images. I have the one with only the single vents. But if need be to acomadate the silver dash spears I'll put in the dual vents https://imgur.com/a/sOST4yt
  12. Probably a dumb question but I'm wanting to put silver dash spears into my BF but can only seem to find ones for the dual vents. Do I just need the dual vent and slap it in or is their some behind dash surprise waiting for me?
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