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  1. Hey all, I'm currently building an engine and wanting to use the stock boost control system however I'm not a huge fan of the weak plastic stems on the factory solenoid. Has anyone upgraded to this one? Ill 99% most likely be getting her tuned by JetTurbo. But if this solenoid is no good what are your recommendations? TYIA https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/114152632896?epid=610389904&hash=item1a9406f240:g:TwoAAOSwoyleca-Z
  2. Hey all so I'm about to install a turbo timer in my BF, I know wits not necessary but anyway, for all the features of the one I have I need to connect it to the "speed signal wire". Now my guess would be its a wire going back into the cluster however I'm not sure which one. I'm also worried thinking maybe its not that simple and it goes through the CAN system and ford made it overly complicated like they have most wiring's in these cars. Does anyone know how simple or difficult this would be? And does anyone have pinout diagrams for the plugs on the cluster? If not where could I get a VSS signal from? Any help is much appreciated. TYIA
  3. So remove everything plus the charcoal canister then let it vent to atmo at the rear of the car? Lastly will it decrease fuel economy like I was told? idk much in that area
  4. Okay so here is a better explanation. I was removing all that NA Butterfly vacuum crap in the diagram. I have also removed the PVC valve from the top of the engine since I am running a catch can. Now the hole under the map sensor is only supplying vacuum to the circled fuel vapour purge solenoid. So I thought I would move it to the now spare vacuum nipple next to the fuel reg and block off the hole under the map to neaten everything up. I snapped the manifold side of the solenoid and can no longer attach a hose to supply vacuum to said solenoid.... So, do I now unplug the solenoid, remove the line all the way back to the charcoal canister remove that and then run a hose from the fuel tank breather to somewhere towards the back of the car (near the diff breather maybe?) Or do I get a new solenoid and attach it like I was going to? If I remove everything will it cause any error codes or mess with anything? I have also been told having it purge into the manifold helps with fuel economy.. is that true? I don't want to make my already garbage econ worse 😂. Lastly if I remove it all do I leave the solenoid plugged in or unplug it and let the wire hang? I will be getting this tuned (Ill Most likely bring it to you Jet!) once it is all completed with a built engine... If that helps figuring this out. Cheers for any help
  5. Ah legend, Everything was straight forward from there. I never would've had the guts to pull that hard without knowing.
  6. So I'm currently converting my BF from NA to turbo and I was removing the intake butterfly along with the excess vacuum lines, canister and such. Also since I will be running a catch can I removed the two breathers from the rocker cover. Then I had the "Genius" Idea to block the hole under the map sensor since its only supplying vacuum to the solenoid and reroute the purge valve solenoids vacuum line to the now spare vacuum nipple next to the Fuel regulator. In my genius moment I snapped the manifold sides nipple off the solenoid and cant get the other side off to replace it.... So my question is. Could I just let it purge to atmosphere and deal with the fuel smell or will it affect anything? I'm happy to answer questions and post pictures/videos if you find my crappy explanation hard to understand. TYIA
  7. I've looked in countless threads on how but I cant find anything. The only one that comes close has broken pictures. I have an F6 gauge pod I'm trying to put aftermarket gauges in but I cant for the life of me figure out how to take out the stock ones. I've removed the four little screws from underneath but nothing will budge. It looks like there is screws behind the silver ring at the back but those wont budge either and I don't want to break it... Any help is appreciated.
  8. Yeah, any knob with the same thread will just screw on no worries.
  9. I just recently found out the G6E's have auto dimming rear view mirrors. Just wondering if its at all possible to fit these into a BF XR? Even if the loom isn't plug and play is the mirror mounting the clips the same and an auto sparkie could wire it up? Cheers for any help
  10. Cheers for the advice mate, I've already put in a turbo cradle and lsd and a t56 box. Now doing the motor. I plan on buying internals and turbo bolt ons too, ie the intake manifold. Plus imo it's more fun converting this then just slapping a turbo motor in
  11. Ive had too many people tell me to sell and buy a turbo when that's not what I want to do. that's far from the advice im asking for
  12. So Im piecing together parts for a turbo conversion on my NA BF (idfc what you think its my car not yours). I am currently running stock cat and headers but a mid hotdog and a rear straight pipe, all 2.5inch so standard size. I am just wondering if it will be enough flow if I just take it to an exhaust shop and get them the fix up a pipe to connect the stock dump to the NA cat and the rest of my system instead of forking out for a turbo exhaust. Cheers for any input.
  13. Pretty new here but this website is downright a goldmine of information and has a positive community. Wish I found it sooner when I imagine this forum was bursting. Donation made ❤️ hope this website never goes down.
  14. Get a LSD first and foremost. BF diffs will fit your fg but not Ba (obviously FG diffs will also fit but that shouldnt need be said). High flow cat and headers will help loads. Look around if you can find a second had CAI. I picked up a growler and custom piping for $200. Also save a bit of money for a 20% underdrive pulley. A tune after all that would tie it all in nicely but holding off till you get a turbo is purely up to how much money you are willing to throw at it, because no matter what it will need to be tuned or re-tuned once you get a turbo.
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