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  1. So I’ve bought a centre section only straight through pipe on eBay (from my understanding only deletes middle muffler) so I was wondering if anyone has tried this out and what are their opinions? Will eventually get a proper system but until then I’m doing the povo attempt at nicer sound.
  2. Hi, I'm looking at exhaust options for my currently all stock xr6T BF MKII. I want it to be a little louder but am mainly after a nicer exhaust note and the ability to allow for higher flow if I choose to do some performance mods (I'm not going after any crazy kw numbers and am happy to keep it at stock or near stock power for the moment). I'm also deciding between catback or turboback options and price isn't too much of a concern but obviously if I can save a couple of bucks that'd be nice. I've seen brands like xforce, venom and a couple of others and was hoping you guys can share your personal experiences. Thanks!
  3. Hi guys, ive recently purchased a 2009 FG XR6 in dash green, and I am wondering whether a catback exhaust system is worth it, and will I have any issues from the police as a p plater. I was thinking of purchasing this exhaust (https://www.deaperformance.com.au/p/Store-Wide-Sale-Excluding-XForce/Falcon-FG-XR6-Sedan-2.5-Inch-Catback-Exhaust-Syste/ST219HD-246D-TIPS) , and I am wondering whether it is legal for p platers as it is illegal to have performance enhancing mods, and I don't know whether the police consider it is a performance modification, due to it not actually being an engine mod and wont do anything but make the car sound a bit better. if that's not a good exhaust could you recommend any others. Thanks.
  4. Hi guys, just done my first mod on my 2011 XR6 fg.I ( car was fully stock)... fitted a $650 combo pack from ss inductions including cold air intake and growler. Wondering what other affordable mods I can do apart from fitting a catback exhaust. Looking to increase sound, power, torque ect ( all that good stuff ) Just wanting some feedback on what the next mods I should do. Thanks everyone !
  5. Hi Guys, I'm fairly new to this page and fairly new to fords. I bought my first ford, Ford XR6 FG Upgrade Limited Edition 2011 model, off of my mate beginning of this year. I recently started to hear a rattle noise from my car each time I accelerated when I was in town house area but wouldn't hear the noise much in an open freeway/motorway. The mechanic told me that the muffler has collapsed and that I need to change the muffler, now I'm not too smart on cars and how things work, I just wanted to ask, the muffler, is that held on by bolts (mechanic said so) or is that welded on? and if it is held on by bolts, would I be able to change it on my own ? And also is it possible to just buy a muffler ?
  6. Hey lads So tax time is has arrived! :D and I'm very bored with stock power! So I'm getting a X-force 4inch dump and high flow cats put on for $1500 and straight after I'll be getting it tuned. Prices for a SCT flash tune Xcal4 or X4 I'm not to sure of the name of it was $2200 with 3 custom tunes, he was also saying another option was a direct file remap for $1650 but I've been told they're sh*t so wont be doing that. Also I can get a boost controller high revs comp for $1100 but is that worth getting??? I'm pretty sure he was saying that option adds so I can change the preset tune on the fly instead of having to stop and I <3 Bananas around to change presets. The quotes were from RPM dyno and performance in Morayfield, Brisbane. Has anyone had any dealing with these guys??? or can recommend anyone better??? his sales pitch was that he does a full custom tune that takes two days. Also if I have enough cash I would like to get injectors which he priced at $1000 for 1000cc injectors. Any advice would be much appreciated! Cheers
  7. So I'm Pimping out the rear section of my twin exhaust from the axle back by sending it to either side of the ute. Q: As I'm removing the rear muffler, what/how many mufflers should I use to make it quiet again, preferably quieter. (space constrained) http://www.performanceexhaust.com.au/~2320 http://www.performanceexhaust.com.au/p/15-LONG-X-2.5-DIAMETER-MILD-STEEL-UNIVERSAL-HOTDOG/HD15250P-P - 2x of the oval mufflers have the same internal volume as the existing twin muffler so would that produce the same sound output? - Or I could fit twice as many hot dogs. How many hot dogs would it take for equal silencing as one oval muffler? - Do these 2 types work the same or differently? I don't know the sciences of mufflers other than I want straight through unrestricted pipes, no baffles or 1" Varex chokers thank you. Current setup is venom 4" dump & Cat into Pacemaker twin 2.5". While it sounds nice I want it to go louder with some sort of bi-modal/valve setup as I leave home in the mornings while the family is still asleep. Plan is unbolt the rear section above the axle & go from there, running one pipe straight up under the tray and through the rear tailgate. The other one will go up and across just behind the diff then out the opposite side of the tray, both straight pipe. Trick is once they get up under the tray ill put a y-pipe & butterfly valve to a 2nd (& 4th) pipe running on the other side of the trays main beams which will be full of mufflers for silence. Ill be moving the reversing lights, get half size break/blinkers & re-route some wiring. Also try & go Quad 4" tips but may have to settle for Quad 3.5" Between toolbox-Beam I have 5" tight so 4" wide mufflers at a maximum.
  8. Fellas, Had me middle muffler removed last week and soon right after popped back in to swap out the rear for a Magnaflow for I think it was a 4 x 9" because it was still rather quiet for my taste. Both made a nice note, with just the middle removed I liked it's half raspy, half deep tone more then the straight deep punch of the MF, but the MF gave a much more noticeable and satisfying pop and crackle on lift off but the "fart" on gear change is considerably quieter and neither droned. Now I'm probably deaf but I still find it rather quiet lol. So was after some accounts on who has run their's straight through as that's what I'm contemplating next. I think it'll be too raspy? Slap on a hotdog so it's not so raspy? Oh and I had the work done at Rob Bliss at Geebung BTW. Great blokes, highly recommend them. Called in rather late on a Friday arvo, no probz. Popped in the Monday after, no probz, had it done in a jiffy. Aaron, I think was the bloke's name. Recommended the Magnaflow and how it'd sound, was spot on. Thanks
  9. Hi Guys, Long time reader, first time poster. Sorry if this already has a thread about it, I couldn't find one, so a link would be great if there is. I've just purchased my first car, a BA XR6T ute which I worked for in-between uni over the summer and had it for about a month now. Absolutely love it, wish Ford would keep making them! However, when I was backing into the garage last night, I began to hear this loudish rattle which sounded like it was coming from the exhaust and I hadn't heard it before. But decided I would look at it later. Well today when I went to go for a drive, I drove out of the garage, until I noticed what looked like some string type stuff hanging out of the exhaust pipe. Im assuming this is the exhaust packing. I pulled out about a foot of it, but decided to stop when there was more coming out. The packing felt wet as well, should it? What part of the exhaust pipe is this actually coming from? Is it the muffler? Which one centre or rear? Is it a sign the Cat converter has carked it? I was thinking of getting the centre muffler removed because I didn't really want to spend the money on a new exhaust straight away, but is this a sign that I should be replacing the exhaust? I was also going to book it in for a service next week, should I get the mechanic to look at it then, or just take it to a muffler place? Overall, just looking for you guys advice on what it means and what I should do to fix it. Cheers, James.
  10. So I want to put in a 4" dump & cat before I go for a tune. Already have a twin 2.5" cat-back pacemaker exhaust which I love the sound of. Am I right in saying the standard system is 2.5"??? so obviously where the pacemaker merges and bolts up would be a restriction and need to be cut out. So how then do I split from a 4" to twin 2.5"? Are there pre-fabbed adapters? or will it be a costly custom job? Throw some dump/cat combos at me.
  11. Hey Guys, Urgently need some comments on what some think may be the problem with my Ute... Accelerating up to 130kmph ... all smooth... when over 130kmph, a real rough feeling like a strong harsh vibration comes on strong feels like its coming from under drivers feet / back of the engine... remains this way up to about 170kmph, and over this speed it goes smooth again. Regardless of half accelerating or full throttle, its impossible to get away from this rough, harsh feeling & sound coming on... sounds like something is badly wrong. Been an issue for a number of months now, I haven't really worried about it as I don't often get up to those speeds I have a generic 14psi tune - when this is loaded into the car, and when the car is totally returned to stock, there is no difference... still the same issue. The only possibility I wondered about is the fact I have removed the restrictor ring and haven't had any tuning to allow for this change.... but im not sure that such a small change could have this impact. Glad of any / all comments on how people think I could fix this / what it is! Cheers
  12. Anyone had any experience of Hurricane exhaust systems - they don't seem well know and I can't find out much on pricing but products are nice in appearance at least. Any views out there on transmission retuning on FG ZF-6speed Auto? I've heard it can make a real difference. As someone who has grown up driving manual cars I get bl00dy annoyed with intervention from the clutch. Anyone done their transmission and loved/hated the results?
  13. I see some FPV owners out there are making some heavy mods to their FG F6's, and discarding their stock parts. In particular I've seen someone selling a stock F6 full exhaust system and I'm wondering whether, if I fit it to my FG Sedan XR6 Turbo, it will make much difference - I.e. is the F6 system freer-flowing than the stock XR6 Turbo system? I wouldn't bother if it was just for the sake of the FPV F6 tip, nice as it is....
  14. Hey Guys, - just interested in all your experiences / comments on the following: I have a 2013 mk2 FG XR6 TURBO UTE with Luxury Pack (Black of course ) Didn't exactly have and cash to spare on it, so have done minimal mods. First thing I did was a Herrod performance airbox. Gain was minimal, most change in the noise. Next thing I did was remove the restrictive ring after the cat. Again minimal gain, no difference in noise. Decided to go for a flash tune, even through I was sure I would never do it until I ran out of warranty - I ended up getting a generic tune from Intune Motorsports in Sydney sent down to me preloaded into a device paired to my car. After the 14psi tune was loaded up successfully, car is much better. Has heaps more power down low speeds - at 0-100 especially. This tune also removes the pop on change (its a ZF), which I did like, however it now lurches fwd on change instead of pausing, so this is a plus for pace. (Also great for power skids, as on a cold morning, you can nail it, wheel spin through first, which is intensified on the change and this goes for a good amount of time through second... just something about hanging it out in a straight line without the brakes.. Once I get up to midway through 3rd... full throttle, it sounds quite rough... still a consistent motor note, just a vibrating kinda roughness through the whole car - I have no idea wha is causing this?? Perhaps running out of injectors? - I know custom tune is the way to go but I wont be doing that for quite some time. Has anyone else experienced this?? On the exhaust, I hate loud cars when just cruising around, so haven't touched it yet... I might do the cat one day... just hafta see.... because Utes sound crap stock... the sedans are way better... guess its just the shorter/single pipe?...but its a no comparison. In the way of drags... main story is with my mates BF XR6 TURBO SEDAN... has full exhaust, injectors, custom tune etc... 297rwkw.... I gave him a good run.... pulled ahead off the mark... and continued to crawl slowly away the whole way to 180kmph - on a private strip. So not too sure what mine would have... maybe around 300?... seems weird, as dyno's all vary, but I dont think mine has a less as 250rwk... which some people claim are the figures after just a flash tune and intake. Glad of all your comments / ideas for what I should do! O and also I have 4 pot brembo's being fitted at the moment... needing to use 17mm spacers to clear the 19 inch luxury wheels. Cheers.
  15. Hey guys, the name is Sam I just stumbled across this forum and thought, what a great place to get advice, I'm don't know too much about cars due to being new to the car scene. I just turned 18 two days ago, I own a 2003 BA xr6, everything is stock currently. I have been driving this xr6 since I first started on my L plates, I know the car fairly well. However I'd like more power. I am starting to look at exhausts and extractors.. Is there any other things I could do to look at some decent power increases? Please include brands that you would recommend. Please no comments like "if you want power get an xr6 turbo" or "just wait for yours full license"... It's my money and I'd like to spend it on what makes me happy Cheers. - Sam PS. attaching a photo of my Baby
  16. Hey guys, I have a stock Bf xr6t. Im looking to upgrade the exhaust to a turbo back. Im heading towards either a plazmaman, nizpro or an xforce turbo back exhaust. I want to know which system is best for performance and sound in your opinion? If you could throw in a link to the exhaust aswell that would appreciated. Also what measurements for the dump pipe and cat will achieve what im looking for? I dont want to buy a 4" dump pipe for overkill. Thanks guys
  17. Hey fellas, Found a good reason to get my first post out the way. I've attached a photo of the cat converter on my new fg ute. I can clearly see the front section of the exhaust is aftermarket as it's quite thick up to the rear mufflers. Was just wondering if the cat is aftermarket. Before I get hammered for not searching, I've tried to find stock exhaust pictures on and off this site and all I get is aftermarket photos.
  18. Hey guys, Just curious, whats a good price for an xforce exhaust system? Im getting my bf xr6t serviced today and the mechanic is offering to put the xforce exhaust system on it for 2600$? cheers
  19. hey peeps, I just purchased a second hand extractors and cat and they have a lil bit of rust on them. I was going to sand them back and them spray them matte black but have been told that would peel? If I am going to repolish them can anyone recommend the correct way to do it and what products to use and if possible where to get them from?? Preferrably in sydney if available?
  20. hey there abit confused with what mods I need done on the turbo? I understand it has an internal wastegate, what needs to be done to get an external wastegate done? does the turbo need to be bored out for an exhaust? and the actuator whats the go with all 3 im abit confused atm.. looking at a 4inch dump to a 3inch system x force and love the sound of external gate? please open to suggestions and help!
  21. I'm currently in the market for a turbo back exhaust for My xr6t bf2 ute. I've seen the xforce kits and I love them but they are illegal in every way lol The hitech system is fully legal but has a 3" section and I'm not sure that's good as I have read a few posts against them, the company is saying because it's over the diff the gasses are cool enough that it doesn't effect performance. The system we offer for the BA XR6T consists of; · 3.5’’ Dump Pipe w/Twin Hi-Flow Cats · Twin 2.5’’ to Single 3’’ Straight-Through Centre Section · Single 3’’ to Twin 2.5’’ Straight-Through Rear Section $2040 Let me know what you guys think, or if there is a better legal system, honestly I want the best I can get! Thanks! Medpro
  22. Hi all, Looking at purchasing a new (2012) Turbo and have been googling around for exhaust upgrades, lots of impressive jargon from people like XForce however all I want to know is, given the factory engine and tune would a bigger/better/whatever exhaust deliver (slightly) more power? And regardless, which in your experience delivers the best exhaust note? Looking for a nice burble like my debunged Territory T has at the moment. Thanks for listening...
  23. You know the back section of the 3 piece exhaust where the section near the diff bolts up? those 3 studs , I need to know what size nuts I need. It took me what seems hours to fit that section over & around the diff I dont want to take it back out. But yer anyways found my nuts I thought would fit those 3 studs but never...Need to know mesurments for I can go to the bolt shop & get the right size. An answer would be awesome. Regards Dan.
  24. Got a quote from the flanges just before the diff to tips, twin 2.5" to 3 inch tips. $290!? is that normal or what?? that's a bolt in bolt out section
  25. Hi All, For anyone who wanted to know what an Xforce 3" Stainless Cat Back sounded like on an F6 during take off and drive by in 2nd gear. Here's a clip.
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