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  1. Happy Birthday DY 93 WA!

  2. 21st birthday today and what better then getting a performance driving voucher at the Perth international airport from my brother haha.. May have to get those shockworks coilovers sooner then I thought haha
  3. Happy Birthday DY 93 WA!

  4.   that would be good because you don't really know until you have been in a car that has them
  5. if the shock works are that much better then xyz and pedders then I think I have have to dig into my savings haha
  6. has anyone got or used the xyz coil overs before?
  7. washed my car today, and bought two new products bowden tyre sheen and wheel clean before during after very impressed with the wheel clean and tyre sheen, came out perfect and the was plenty of dirt after previously plasti dipping my rims haha
  8. Yeah should start seeing more modded from now on coz they are coming out of warrenty, myself I couldn't wait haha, I waited until the car got to 6500km
  9. yeah im interested, always good to go for a cruise
  10. best bet is to just ring up some tuners and see what they can offer u that's what I did.. I found xft very very helpful, and they done an amazing job
  11. I was considering the turbo side and battery relocation but for the cost of it I and no gains basically I didnt see the point. As a daily driver it feels really good driving normal but when you give it some it leaves a smile on my face everytime haha
  12. yeah stock cai, I wanted the car to stay stock look and sound for as long as possible because I work nightfill and always get pulled over as it is.
  13. twin walbro 460's should be
  14. Pretty sure the new coz all this was done at the start of October
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