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Found 8 results

  1. So I'm Pimping out the rear section of my twin exhaust from the axle back by sending it to either side of the ute. Q: As I'm removing the rear muffler, what/how many mufflers should I use to make it quiet again, preferably quieter. (space constrained) http://www.performanceexhaust.com.au/~2320 http://www.performanceexhaust.com.au/p/15-LONG-X-2.5-DIAMETER-MILD-STEEL-UNIVERSAL-HOTDOG/HD15250P-P - 2x of the oval mufflers have the same internal volume as the existing twin muffler so would that produce the same sound output? - Or I could fit twice as many hot dogs. How many hot dogs would it take for equal silencing as one oval muffler? - Do these 2 types work the same or differently? I don't know the sciences of mufflers other than I want straight through unrestricted pipes, no baffles or 1" Varex chokers thank you. Current setup is venom 4" dump & Cat into Pacemaker twin 2.5". While it sounds nice I want it to go louder with some sort of bi-modal/valve setup as I leave home in the mornings while the family is still asleep. Plan is unbolt the rear section above the axle & go from there, running one pipe straight up under the tray and through the rear tailgate. The other one will go up and across just behind the diff then out the opposite side of the tray, both straight pipe. Trick is once they get up under the tray ill put a y-pipe & butterfly valve to a 2nd (& 4th) pipe running on the other side of the trays main beams which will be full of mufflers for silence. Ill be moving the reversing lights, get half size break/blinkers & re-route some wiring. Also try & go Quad 4" tips but may have to settle for Quad 3.5" Between toolbox-Beam I have 5" tight so 4" wide mufflers at a maximum.
  2. KEET

    Hurricane Exhausts

    Anyone had any experience of Hurricane exhaust systems - they don't seem well know and I can't find out much on pricing but products are nice in appearance at least. Any views out there on transmission retuning on FG ZF-6speed Auto? I've heard it can make a real difference. As someone who has grown up driving manual cars I get bl00dy annoyed with intervention from the clutch. Anyone done their transmission and loved/hated the results?
  3. LiquidBHK

    G6E Mags Post Your Photos!

    Hey everyone, I have been trolling these forums in search of photos. I am trying to find a g6e or g6et with nice mag wheels. I'm really struggling to find them. I was wondering if anyone can point me in the right direction or maybe link some in here! I prefer silver and white cars, g6e or g6et. I have gone through 200 images in google, so I thought I'd get your help! I attached some photos below to help get this started. Special note, I do not own those photos thus I have avoided number plate identifiers. Just photos I collected from google. P.S. I really hate those default 18's on g6e. But don't mind the 19s.
  4. Hi guys. Considering a new set of wheels for the F6, looking at a set of custom forged wheels. Brands currently under review include ADV.1, DPE, HRE, Forge Wheels, Forgeline & Niche custom. Do any of our members run a set of forged wheels? Either 1, 2 or 3 piece? If so, care to post some pics and your experience with them, ie. costs, brand, quality, customer service, build times and specs. Would really appreciate some feedback. Cheers.
  5. Hi all, I am new to this forum and was wondering if someone with experience could help me out. I have a few things I am planning on doing to my 2007 BF XR6: 1. Install an aftermarket head unit (I have purchased this: JVC Mechless Bluetooth/iPod/MP3 Player) (I have also bought this: http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/260737641682) 2. Replace all factory speakers (I have purchased this: Fusion 6" 2 Way Speakers (Note: I have bought the converter and not sure if I should buy another pair of these or the same brand but factory sized speakers) 3. Install a subwoofer and amplifier (It is a sub and amp combo: Economy Active 12" Subwoofer) (Needs 10 gauge wire) Could someone people help me out in terms of how I should go abouts connecting the headunit. I have been searching and searching all day tbh. Then some information/guide on how it all connects and works :/ Many thanks!!! (Merry Christmas)
  6. Hi gang, want to compare custom tunes on FG F6s. What's rwkw did you end up getting? What did u spend? Where did u get it done? What other mods were made ie injectors, cooler, exhaust etc? Overall satisfaction out of 10. I want to publish some $ per kw stats for all to see. Could be interesting.....
  7. I have been looking at a heap of diffrent CAI and there pretty $$$ for somthing I could make myself in my factory, so my question is , Is anyone running a custome made CAI and willing to give me some design tips?I was pretty much going to copy the ss growler just increase the size alittle bit more. Or am I just better off not being a tight ass and buying one? thanks
  8. Hi guys some picks of my custom fg ute install, with I took the the MEASQ Competition in ACT in September this year. All panels and sub box are custom press fit and require no fixings or screwing to the car in any way. this includes the amps!!!! The setup is now in the process of stripping out to make way for new setup for the 2012 season, hope my ideas may help others with this model fit their stereo gear in. If your interested the system is up for sale, PM me or check the classifides. I will post more pics of the new system once I get around to fabrication. the system components Rainbow splits in doors and a-pillars Rainbow Rears JL Audio for tweeters Alpine PDX 4.150 for all speakers Alpine M6 for sub Rainbow Amboss 10" Sub 2 farad Cap and a sound processor. The next challenge is to fit even more gear into my new setup. I hope this helps with anyone struggling to find practical room for their gear. I have other gear for sale like alpine fold out touch screen etc, see classifide for further details.

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