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  1. hdi look good... if I get this http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/HDI-HYBRID-GT2-PRO-INTERCOOLER-KIT-FALCON-FG-XR6-BLACK-/160898458922?pt=AU_Car_Parts_Accessories&hash=item25764ba52a do I need a tune ?
  2. love auto when drving in the city or on freeway makes life alot easy.....and fg auto gear box is awesome
  3. I got a ex chaser for 21k from dealer with 3 year warrenty no dramma so farr but I only had her for a few months now..
  4. spoken

    Bathurst 1000 2012

    is it true nissan gtr will be in next years bathurst ? gtr 35 will rape just about anything but a 911 or a 3 million dollar bugatti :paladin:
  5. thanks guys for the feedback.. she sounds real sweet now, it can be adjusted softer or harder..also can do plumb back and atmo...ill try these out see watt other sounds I can get lol...apreciate it lads...
  6. love the new gtr, but the red and black dont work for me.....but still a awesome car
  7. got home from work...224am read this post and thought farrkk me im going out side right now to change it and see if there is a diff... I notice now it goes tututut more and louder.. here is a pic..
  8. well here is a pic of my setup...its not really loud and makes more of a tututut sound..was looking for a chhhh sund but oh well.. .
  9. I know this might sound like a stupid question, but how do you rev a fg 09 from the engine bay ? the cable was at the front of my old mazda and I had a look at the front of the ford cant find it....lmfao
  10. I didnt think anyone these days still use a cd player ? lmfao...infact I cant remember the last time I went into a music store to buy a cd or even burn a cd....anyways that's top service...I would stick with them when u get your car serviced ...u know they are going to look after you

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