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  1. Thanks for the help k31th, Ive had a little play on hptuners looking at the differences between the BA na & turbo tunes and it seems they have different knock detection tables etc. which I hope will compensate for the high comp a bit. I would feel better if there was a way to dial in a slight retard, will an sct xcal x4 be able to adjust this post-tune?
  2. So even with the turbo strategy it'll ping its head off? itll be sad if every WOT the knock sensor makes the ecu pull all the timing out lol I've heard of people going that way with success, so I think itll work for the months until I get a dyno tune
  3. For a BA N/a to Turbo conversion using all factory gear. Would getting the PCM flashed to the stock turbo tune via SCT/HPTuners/PCMtec with an independent boost controller (bleed valve), Turbo Logic turned off and a 2 bar MAP sensor have any issues? My understanding is that Turbo Logic is the factory boost control option using the boost pressure sensor in the piping and solenoid for the wastegate which requires extra wiring etc. that I don't have. Around how much would it cost to flash the PCM to the factory program? I know a full custom dyno tune is the best choice but don't have the coin yet and dont want to lean it out on an NA tune and map sensor
  4. Has anyone fitted a PWR trans cooler kit PWO6115 to a BA XR6T - will the mounting brackets in the kit mount up fine behind the factory intercooler?
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