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Found 13 results

  1. Hi Guys, I am in the process of developing a paddle gear shift setup (pretty close to complete) for the FG Falcon auto gearbox. I have had the prototype working well in my car for about a year tweaking paddle shape, switch mechanism design etc. I need to get an idea of paddle (the bit that you touch) powdercoat colours that would be suitable as I have seen a couple of different vehicle interior colour schemes. My XR6 Turbo has silver trim so silver or maybe just black would be suitable. I have a friend that has a G6E that has gloss black trim where the silver bits are on my car so I would think black would be suitable in his case. I did a set in Gloss black but I didn't like the look of it. The set in the photos below (with white background) are powdercoated Satin Black which I quite like (probably hard to tell from the photos though). I will pre-empt questions about why the paddles are stationary rather than rotating with the wheel. The simple answer is that there is just not enough room between the steering wheel rim and the indicator and wiper stalks especially when they are pulled (high beam and wash) where the stalks almost touch the back of the steering wheel. I figured it is good enough for the following exotic cars so our humble Falcons should be OK with it: Ferrari F12, 458, 488, 599 Aston Martin DB11 Lamborghini Merchialago Lamborghini Aventador (I am sure there are more, these are just the ones I have noticed) There are also a couple of photos of an older prototype installed on my car. Any suggestions of paddle colours would be great or any other feedback.
  2. Hey guys, I’ve recently picked up an n/a 2008 g6e. It’s my first car as I’ve just recently gotten my license in Victoria. I wanted to know any mods or adjustments recommended to do internally to push some more power and improve the overall driving experience of the car. Cheers guys!!!
  3. Gemma

    Knock in rear

    Just looking for some advice purchased a 2010 G6e turbo 2 months ago have recently heard a knock / clunk noise coming from the rear end only on take off ( sometimes) just one knock it's not continuous any idea on the possibility of issue.
  4. Hi fellow boosted ford folk. So I have noticed factory boot lip on my G6ET is lifting at the far edges, to the point now I think it might rip off on my next highway trip. I was wondering if anyone has had this and how they rectified it? my main questions are as such; what is the best way to remove it so I can re attached. I was thinking some fishing line back and forward between the tape and the boot? but I'm sure there might be a better way. Is it held on by any screws? or is it the double sided looking tape/silicon stuff I can see under there it? What is the material that is holding it down? it looks like either double sided tape or even a silicon type adhesive, I want to be sure I buy the correct stuff to re-attach. Is there some sort of better material to hold it down to stop it lifting again? anyone had success with a particular product? any help would be very appreciated, thanks in advance Ben
  5. Looking all over but cant find any aftermarket boot garnishes without the ford logo.. can anyone please point me in the right direction or make any suggestions. Anything will be much appreciated cheers https://www.google.com.au/search?q=fg+falcon+boot+garnish&client=ms-android-telstra-au&prmd=isvn&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjureKWi-ncAhWJurwKHVNUD7AQ_AUIESgB&biw=360&bih=612#imgrc=HI6WJxM1tCostM: So this but w/o the ford logo Will the BA/BF garnish fit??
  6. Hello, Ok so I purchased a Nizpro Big FMIC kit from a fella from this site last week. The plan is to put it on as well as other mods in the future (I.e xspurt 1000cc injectors, intake muffler delete, herrod CAI, and a Xforce HF Cat and Dump) end goal looking for the 300+rwkw mark and 11s and even maybe e85, max out the stock turbo. However I only have the intercooler so far, waiting to save up for the rest, I 100% plan to get all tuned with a sct x4, once I get injectors/HF Cat etc but further down the track. My question is, will I do any harm if I start putting on the Intercooler and do the intake stuff without a tune?, I understand I will not get any real power increases, but as I don't get much free time, and any free time I would love to jump on the job of putting the IC kit on, say this weekend, the rest at a later date. But is this ok without the tune? will it do any damage? is it safe to do so? I drive the car as my daily. Any help or input would be appreciated. Ben
  7. Hey Gents/Ladys, Well I have just put a deposit on my 2nd hand G6E Turbo and now time to start the parts list/ receive your thoughts on what I should be looking for. I am wanting to make just over the 400 RWKW becasue lets face it, it is just too easy to be in the 300 club Well so far its a Rapid stage V 1.0 (from a mate) looking to upgrade to V2.0 (what sort of rwKw's does the rapid system allow for?) or go with the race style Process West intake and battery relocation kit. x-force 3.5 inch cat back with 4 inch dump and 4 inch hiflow cat. Seimens Deka 80lb injectors (are these a good size or do I need bigger? I calculated about 74lb for 410rwkws at a .9 duity cycle so this seems right). Rapid Valve Springs. Boost controller (for the wife, so I don't have to spend 10 mins flash tuning it, I am thinking about an eBoost 2 that I can hide away in the glove box or similar). Ported rear turbo housing (again from friend). Walbro pump 340 (again from friend I don't know if this will be large enough though (see below about surge tank)). Don't worry I do have to pay for the parts from my mate there just heavily discounted. I am also thinking about a surge tank for insurance, best performance for price? I would love to use all Process West gear as I am a Wollongong local now (moved down from Cairns) and would love to support him? or if there are any others at the right price I would love to know! I think I will be in the hole a bit over $5,000 without the surge tank just for parts. As I am new down here I also don't know to many people and don't really have anywhere to do the bolt ons and would love to save on a bit of labour costs and know your thoughts on tuners local, Sydney or south coast. We all know that tuners that do the right thing by us get there name spread so I would like to hear a few. Most of this wont happen for a few months while I am hunting parts at the right price and working over 60+ hours a week and part time Uni coming up soon. When I get the car and give it a good wash and wax I will put up a few photos a "Granddad" Cheers, Allan
  8. Hi Guys, Joined the club today thanks to Clint at Profil Mods included HD Valve Springs, 1000cc Injectors 12psi Gate Flapper Mod Hi Flow Cat In Tank Fuel Pump PW Stage 2 Cooler ZF Tune 323rwkw on 98 Octane and 348rwkw on E85. Drove it home with a big grin on my face!
  9. Got this information from Ford NZ if anyone was wondering 50th Anniversary FG's in New Zealand Falcon FG G6E 35 2010 = 33 2011 = 2 Falcon FG G6ET 20 2010 = 18 2011 = 2 Falcon FG XR6 171 2010 = 158 2011 = 13 Falcon FG XR6T 20 2010 = 20 Total 246 Looks like the 2011 models are very limited.
  10. Hey everyone, I have been trolling these forums in search of photos. I am trying to find a g6e or g6et with nice mag wheels. I'm really struggling to find them. I was wondering if anyone can point me in the right direction or maybe link some in here! I prefer silver and white cars, g6e or g6et. I have gone through 200 images in google, so I thought I'd get your help! I attached some photos below to help get this started. Special note, I do not own those photos thus I have avoided number plate identifiers. Just photos I collected from google. P.S. I really hate those default 18's on g6e. But don't mind the 19s.
  11. I have conceded that yes my centre rear diff bush is indeed rooted. Can I please get some feedback on what other bushes will need doing at the same time. By necessity not desire, re: $ FYI my centre bush is probably score 7.0 on a scale 1 being perfect and 10 being "has disintergrated and now cradle has broken" Also, I already own a superpro c-bush. Looks great on the mantel piece so far. In the meantime I'm just enjoying the violent whack! Sound when changing from 1st to 2nd hard or kicking down ... I told the missus it was cosmetic, merely a plastic trim knocking. What say you, experts ?
  12. hey guys having a few problems got my front bar sprayed. painter is saying it has a GREEN PEARL :o :o ? I think its got a blue pearl not a green pearl ? some1 please correct me or help me out thanks cause I dont wanna be driving around with some wrong paint matching.... not noticeable but still want it 100% 2009 black g6e turbo
  13. Hello G6ET friends. I am curious...has anyone upgraded their subwoofer and speakers in their G6ET? I have purchased one of late, and find the premium audio, isn't so premium afterall. Anyone else find the audio lacking a little oomph? Cheers! Cam
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