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Found 10 results



    Hi I am a newbie, I got defected on the wkend for running 215/60/16 on my 2003 ba xr6 turbo am I allowed to run them or does it have to be 235/60/16 thanks any help would be gratefull
  2. Hi everyone, I've just bought a roller project that should be ready to turn key, providing I have the right ECU. The car was a BF XR6 with a ZF 6HP-26. Now it has a BA XR6 Turbo donk bolted to the original ZF 6HP-26 from the BF. Apparently I can just tune the BF's ECU to run the combo of the BA Turbo and the ZF. Is this correct? Or do I have to use a BF XR6 Turbo, ZF 6HP-26 ECU and BCM? I rang my local tuner and he had no idea. Thanks for your time.
  3. Hi guys, I have a 2004 BA XR6 turbo that's had high fuel consumption and rough idle for months now. I have changed the oxygen sensor, Throttle position sensor and most of the rubber seals on the air intake manifold/ throttle body and turbo. I've also given the throttle body a good clean and reset the ECU/TPS. The car doesn't feel like its gonna stall any more but the idle is still a bit rough. The needle doesn't sit still and fluctuates up and down over about 100/200rpm. The fuel consumption hasn't changed at all. I know the manifold isnt leaking. There has been no noticeable loss of power. Here are the symtoms: - fuel consumption has jumped from 13lt/100km to 17.8lt/100km - idle was pretty rough. Sometimes stalling at the lights - while accelerating under load when the car still fully hasn't heated up it feels like the fuel cut off comes on, the car loses power and wont accelerate further until I remove my foot from the accelerator. Any help/suggestions would be much appreciated.
  4. Hello fellow xr6 members so recently my Ba Xr6 turbo gearbox decided to jump out of gear downshifting while being a little touch to change gears, Im in the stages of pulling the box out and was just wondering if anyone would be kind enough to run me through whats needed to remove the box, which id really appreciate. I have jack stands/ hoist if needed. is it posible to remove it with jack stands? I have most tools, extentions metric ect, I just need a basic rundown on how to remove the box, im very mechanically minded and have done numerous car repairs, the job looks fairly easy undo gearstick,undo reverse switch, drain oil, remove tailshaft 4 bolts, remove transmission cross member, and or belhousing bolts. if anyone could give me some extra advice id much appreciate it. cheers guys Turrrrbo Life Ba Xr6t 376kw
  5. Hi guys sorry if this has already been posted I just couldnt find them, I dont know what size king springs I should use on the front of my ba xr6 turbo, I dont want it slammed just want it above the tyer so it looks nice, im not sure if sl or ssl , iv just put sssl and there way to low any help would be much appreciated , iv got 20s with 225,35,20 rubber on them
  6. hii im having an issue with my ba xr6 turbo, during low boost the car boosts fine, when boost is higher there is a loss in in power, and it stutters, like there isnt enough fuel going to the engine, boost cuts than back in real quick after boosting for a long period sometimes the engine idle gets real rough for a minute or two than goes back to normal, when its rough idle it seems like all the cylinders aren't firing up, I thought the problem may be todo with spark plug coil leads etcc.. but it only ever EVER does it after long period of high boost.. im thinking it might be valve springs?? any other suggestions??? cheers FORD LOVERS
  7. Hey everyone. Im almost on my p's and I have 10k to spend. Ive found some pretty good BA xr6t's to buy Im not sure what the laws are in SA about the whole 125kw per tonne. But if that was the case, then the closet I'd get to getting it would be a BA, being 240kw instead of the BF being 270. I know people are going to say 'get a cheap car and save petrol and stuff' Please dont tell me this, as I already have one. I simply am a ford man and have a strong urge to buy a falcon. Now I have looked at the xr6 n/a but there is so much money in moding them for not so much power. Where as if I spend 1-2k more on getting the xr6t that'll be easier. So if anyone has driven one after the 4th of september 2010, on there p's legally, please tell me.
  8. Hey, Today I have managed to come across a new mid section for my BA xr6 turbo. It has been custom made out of an original exhaust only with the muffler removed and straight pipe welded in (so both ends will bolt straight on with six bolts in total). The car has no other modifications and I am reading so much and getting a little frustrated that I cant actually get a definite answer on whether to do this to my car or not. Some say the ECU learns that you've done something and the car will lose power, others say the cars are having lower dyno readouts, others saying it increases it by 5-10rwkw. I believe I have a really good piece here given that both ends of it are factory and the bends in it are also factory - something about you want some mandrel bend I read about and also about the factory bends in the exhaust being good. I would love some advice just in general but also any ideas on the installation on this part. Cheers, John.
  9. so I hade my ba xr6t tuned after doing a few things to it intercooler injectors etc and was told by the tuner that I hade a problem with the turbo or waste gate so I pulled it all off and turbo looked smick as so I replaced the actuator with an after market on with a 12 psi sprint and now its still got the same problem but then over-boosts! would this be because it still is running off the old tune and doesnt recognise the new actuator so there for would have to be re tunes? can anyone help me out what this might be?
  10. Hi everyone, im hoping that there is someone here that cann help me out an make me understand why in hell my car cant make power. First of all my car is a 03ba xr6 turbo an heres the list of my mods .plasmaman 1100hp intercooler with 3inch cold side an two an a half hotside. .plasmaman 4inch intake .attomic valve springs .siemens decka 80 injectors .brand new garrett gt3582r turbo .07 cover (which I think that is faulty since it makes a weird noise on spool up an it blows white smoke out the exhaust) turbosmart 48mm external wastgate (fitted in the middle of the original ford log manifold) 4inch dump pipe no cat to 3 an a half inch exhaust, one high flow muffler only built 4 speed auto with 2800 stallie So theres the list of my mods to my car, an the power it makes is 295rwkw on 19 psi of boost, I know that it isnt right,with those mods I should have got into the 330 or 340 mark with ease, well previously before the mods I was making 327rwkw. So there u go guys what do u think is my problem of not making some good power, im stressing because iv just spend 6000 dollars on the turbo an wastegate an labour an all that sort of staff, an now im gonna spend another 1400 on a etm extractor high mount manifold,im just spending an spending an all im getting is lost power, so sad. So I hope someone here can help me out an send me to the right direction, it would be much apreciated. cheers john

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