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Found 4 results

  1. Hi Guys, I am in the process of developing a paddle gear shift setup (pretty close to complete) for the FG Falcon auto gearbox. I have had the prototype working well in my car for about a year tweaking paddle shape, switch mechanism design etc. I need to get an idea of paddle (the bit that you touch) powdercoat colours that would be suitable as I have seen a couple of different vehicle interior colour schemes. My XR6 Turbo has silver trim so silver or maybe just black would be suitable. I have a friend that has a G6E that has gloss black trim where the silver bits are on my car so I would think black would be suitable in his case. I did a set in Gloss black but I didn't like the look of it. The set in the photos below (with white background) are powdercoated Satin Black which I quite like (probably hard to tell from the photos though). I will pre-empt questions about why the paddles are stationary rather than rotating with the wheel. The simple answer is that there is just not enough room between the steering wheel rim and the indicator and wiper stalks especially when they are pulled (high beam and wash) where the stalks almost touch the back of the steering wheel. I figured it is good enough for the following exotic cars so our humble Falcons should be OK with it: Ferrari F12, 458, 488, 599 Aston Martin DB11 Lamborghini Merchialago Lamborghini Aventador (I am sure there are more, these are just the ones I have noticed) There are also a couple of photos of an older prototype installed on my car. Any suggestions of paddle colours would be great or any other feedback.
  2. Hey guys, I bought a FG xr6 not long ago, its only do 13000kms, its a year old. Now everytime I turn on the car and its "cold" I hear a little click/rattling sound coming from straight above the manual gear stick. its like krrrrrrrr. Honest start with "k" and a long "r". When I push the clutch in and the car not in any gears its stops, when I release the clutch it starts again. When the cars in 1st, 2nd, 3rd gear and the rpm is between 0-1200rmp its shakes/rattles like something inside is really really loose. But when I change gears in higher rpm the sounds not there just about 1900rpm no sounds. When I drive up my driveway that's when you can notice it a lot because its in lower rpm and going up almost a mountain it laterally sounds like a diesel truck shaking. I took it to ford about 4 times, they keep tell me its a truck gear box it normal sounds like that...the sound can be so loud sometimes my friends asked me a few times, is this a v8....and a girl with a full exhaust on a swift could hear it when we were leaving the lights (shes a ford fan ) Ford also said its some heat shield that's loose... but they charged me 400 for a service and said they fixed it but as soon as I left the car park I heard it. I love this car with my life, nothing wrong with it only thing I could be worried about the massive "BOOM" sound that comes from the diff when I change a at 6500rpm when im driving with a little spirit. What do I do...I told ford they keep telling me its a truck gear box or a heat shield.. I was told by a guy who works on super cars that either the teeth or sinks in the gear box are loose or something else is very loose inside. And this noise has been with the car ever since the day I drove it out of the dealership brand new. Being my first car I ever bought and first RWD, I thought it was normal. Any ideas?...Should I take it to someone to check it up and then tell ford hey wtf?
  3. Hey Lady's and Gents, Well I am having a few issues with the G6ET It has a bad diff bush, it makes a knocking noise somewhere at the front of the car when the road is a little bumpy. Does any one know what causes this. HOWEVER the big problem is the ZF I think. After short drives now the thermo fans are staying on after the car is turned off? The temp on the dash is normal but we all know that is not the most important temperatures. The box feels like it is slipping and every time is does I think the car is pulling back on the acceleration. Is this normal? It is happening badly in 3rd and 4th up hills when in tip-tronic mode. When in lower gears this doesn't happen at the higher revs all seems fine. Also the shifts is really hard and delayed. Do my assumptions seem correct? This is my first auto and really know nothing about them other then the ZF is different to most of them. If you could help with this it would be great. The car was bought from a dealer with the 3mth warranty so it should be covered right? All help is much appreciated guys. Regards, Allan
  4. Hi, Wondering if anyone can help with advice or information on an issue we have been having with a BF mk2 F6 Typhoon. Just last week we managed to snap the third input shaft fitted to the cars ZF 6-speed. This latest break occurred on the change into third gear at 60kph, no where near boost. The last shaft to break was rated at 900HP. As is we currently have a peak of 360kw and 750nm of torque at the wheels. The box has been built somewhat, and it seems like there was a quick slip on the gear change which shocked the drive train. I Think that there may be an overall fault with the box rather than faulty shafts, causing some sort of misalignment or something due to a malformation. I've suggested ditching this box and fitting a fully manualised and built C4, others involved think we should rebuild this same box again, but I cant help but feel that if it didn't work the first three times, its a lot of money and time to outlay to try for a fourth in a seemingly faulty box. Is this a unique issue? or something common in ZF's when the torque is upped a bit? I'm no genius with transmission work, so any help or thoughts would be very appreciated. Thanks.
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