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Found 7 results

  1. Hi Guys, I am in the process of developing a paddle gear shift setup (pretty close to complete) for the FG Falcon auto gearbox. I have had the prototype working well in my car for about a year tweaking paddle shape, switch mechanism design etc. I need to get an idea of paddle (the bit that you touch) powdercoat colours that would be suitable as I have seen a couple of different vehicle interior colour schemes. My XR6 Turbo has silver trim so silver or maybe just black would be suitable. I have a friend that has a G6E that has gloss black trim where the silver bits are on my car so I would think black would be suitable in his case. I did a set in Gloss black but I didn't like the look of it. The set in the photos below (with white background) are powdercoated Satin Black which I quite like (probably hard to tell from the photos though). I will pre-empt questions about why the paddles are stationary rather than rotating with the wheel. The simple answer is that there is just not enough room between the steering wheel rim and the indicator and wiper stalks especially when they are pulled (high beam and wash) where the stalks almost touch the back of the steering wheel. I figured it is good enough for the following exotic cars so our humble Falcons should be OK with it: Ferrari F12, 458, 488, 599 Aston Martin DB11 Lamborghini Merchialago Lamborghini Aventador (I am sure there are more, these are just the ones I have noticed) There are also a couple of photos of an older prototype installed on my car. Any suggestions of paddle colours would be great or any other feedback.
  2. last night went to pick something up in me old mans ute which is a BA Xr8, I dont see there being a difference between the XR8's, turbos or standard falcons in terms of ignition barrels so I figured I'd still post this even though it is in the xr6 turbo section. reversed the ute up a drive way to load some stuff into the tray came back and went to turn the key to ignition and there was nothing, n dash lights or anything, anyway, called RAC out their road side assistance guy had a look and believes it to be the ignition barrel. just trying to find out how much roughly I'm looking at to replace the barrel, I'm in perth with the vehicle so if anybody knows any good places to get it done which wont cost me an arm and a leg, sorry forgot to mention I'm North of the river in perth but I've got 100km towing to any workshop, quite desperate as its on the property where a trucks usually parked. any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Hey Guys, First off I'm looking to buy a first car that I can work on and muck around with and do up how I please, I've always been predominately Ford man ( Not to say that I don't like Holdens') but for a first car I want it to be meaningful and what better way to do this then to buy an XR6!! But I'm tossing and turning over the issue of a Ute or a Sedan, I've seen good mods and ideas for both but what better than to ask people who know about it! So please give me your thoughts, pros, cons and all the good stuff Enjoy!
  4. Hey guys, I have recently bought a 06 xr6 bf mk1 6sp manual I have installed a k&n air filter and had it lowered on king spring superlows it has pacemaker extractors and hi flow cat flowing thru a 2 1/2 exhaust with twin tip Now here is the problem, it is non turbo atm. I am wondering what would be the best turbo to have installed ? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated , cheers. Also looking to install boost gauge etc, so price ranges would help
  5. hi everyone I got a xr8 power steering pump and I was going to fit it to my bf typhoon, but when I match up the xr6 pump with the xr8 pump they bolt on diffrently and the xr8 one has a bigger pully, has anyone do this that could help me. or can the xr6 one be modifid to have a remote mounted resvior? thanks regards daniel
  6. Hi Guys, My bonnet and front bumper has been pelted with stone chips from highway use so I'm looking to get it fixed. While I'm going to the trouble I would like ot delve into getting a bulge bonnet and the fpv looking front bumper onto my 2010 XR50T. Has anyone does this before? I imagine I would need: FG FPV from bumper FG falcon (not xr) front headlights FG FPV bonnet Then I would need to get it painted the same blue. Where do you recomend I get these parts from? I had seen somewher previously that forum had a group buy on xr bonnets that had a custom bulge that I really did like but havn't been able to find it since! If I were to go down the fpv looking path, would you reccomend that I get the fpv side skirts and rear bumper? Are they different? Is there anything else that I need to take into account? Thanks. Toby
  7. Starting a new thread for people of the goldfields area. We should get together for some cruises or fundraisers etc. Not much to do in this part of the world so let me know of any people around who are interested!
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