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  1. So as I was trying to put the bolts back in after fitting the new gasket, I totally threaded about four of them and can’t get them tight enough now to even keep the manifold close enough to get some exhaust gasses in there. What are my options? Where do I go from here? 😵‍💫🤕
  2. Would it be possible to do in the engine bay? Quite a simple job? Just want to get it done so I can drive the vehicle “safely” without everyone staring wondering what the noise is lol
  3. Thanks for the reply, maybe I didn’t describe it properly, I was thinking of unbolting all the bolts to the head and sliding it out that way without actually taking the turbo off the bottom of the manifold. the way your describing, do I have to unbolt the turbo at all or can the manifold wiggle free enough to put a new gasket on there? also, are the Permaseal gaskets good enough to run without much issue? Only running 8psi at 243kw.
  4. G’day I have a exhaust manifold gasket that’s leaking obviously on My BA XR6 Turbo and I was wondering whether I could unbolt the 12 manifold bolts and slightly pull the manifold away and remove the gasket and then slide the new one back in and bolt the manifold back up without having to remove the whole thing with the turbo? an answer would be mint, cheers
  5. Howdy, I know this has been a topic previously I would appreciate some wisdom as to whether there is a way or not to access the exhaust manifold to turbo gasket bolts and also the turbo to exhaust gasket bolts without taking the whole turbo off as I’m not well experienced in doing so, as I can’t seem to reach them when having the car on a hoist or from above, I would prefer to do it myself rather than take it to a mechanic because of the labour cost. The vehicle has a shocking exhaust leak at the moment and it’s coming from one of the turbo gaskets, definitely doesn’t seem to be the exhaust manifold gasket. It’s a loud ticking under load and whistling+ticking under boost, when rev matching it almost sounds like a car without an exhaust manifold lol. Just want it fixed asap. thanks
  6. Nah that couldn’t be! No one sits on their phones these days
  7. Thanks for the lengthy and informative response!
  8. Haha, thanks! that click beetle orgy must really get up and going when the boost hits! 😅 so You don’t really think it fits the bill of valve springs munted or rods munted? or the like?
  9. Other than a few bits of rusty colouring on the outer edges of the gasket, it was near new shiny silver. I’ll have everyone know that this is a mk2 BA Xr6 silver top + turbo. 183,000kms. 13,000kms with turbo. even though the boost tee is set at 10 pounds, for a while it has been steadily making boost and then boosts hard (like sits you back in the seat hard) (a different feeling of boost!) but still reads 10 pounds max on the gauge in the cab. turbo is a Garrett GT3582R stock internals in engine.
  10. So for now, heatshields will stay on. As for the sound…tightened up the exhaust manifold gasket and the gasket between the manifold and turbo housing (super difficult to get to bottom two bolts!) Seemed all alright this morning, after about a forty minute drive, decided to lay the boot in and listen. So no power loss at all, but as soon as the car comes into boost, anywhere between about 4psi+ under acceleration, doesn’t matter what gear I’m in, the ticking sound is present and more worrying than ever. Does sound like the exhaust manifold gasket “tap” but isn’t. any suggestions?
  11. What’s everyone’s opinions on keeping the factory heat shields on? Especially the one that rattles around the cat?
  12. Surely the exhaust manifold bolts wouldn’t come loose within a couple of months?
  13. Maybe last time I was trying to tighten the actual turbo exhaust housing flange 😅
  14. Any tips on getting to the bolts below the turbo on the exhaust manifold?
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