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  1. His palms are sweaty, fuel pressure weak, engine breaths heavy there's vomit in his posts already, engines spaghetti!
  2. I got a set of Nighteye H4 LED Hi/Lo bulbs, had them since 2017 and have been great and for under $40 for my FG G6ET https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Nighteye-H4-LED-Headlight-Light-Bulbs-Hi-Lo-Beam-Replace-Halogen-50W-8000LM-AU/302813119076?hash=item4681118264:g:uEkAAOSwxNxbUw3d&frcectupt=true
  3. If you want honest opinions. IMO the best angle of install would be option 3 - angled straight into the bin..... Sorry but that's just my honest Opinion
  4. From what I have been told (friends from uni that work at DJR and other V8SC teams), the mustangs did (simulation and early testing) actually have a better drag co-eff and also down force. To the point they even made changes to the rear wing of the other cars (commonwhore and Nissan) to reduce their drag to better match that of the Mustang, but my guess is they haven't done it enough to balance it out, it will take them time to balance the aero and drag for all the cars.
  5. It will be fine, Keith is correct it is best to have your tune suit all your mods, but the reality is it will be fine.\ I have a KPM Intake, Intake Muffler delete, and a Full Nizpro Big Big intercooler kit fitted to my car. My car is still on the factory tune and runs perfectly fine, no noticeable increased lag. I put the parts on as save up for the ECU and Tune, reality is its been like that for a year and is running fine. However, the only way to take the advantages of intake mods is with a tune.
  6. MaStars

    Power expected?

    300ish rwkw depending how much boost you run
  7. thanks heaps for getting back to me mate, I was just going to attack the corners with sika hahah, would of ended up in the same position. I will try the method you have suggested first. thanks again
  8. yeah I think old mate in that other post has hahah funny timing....cheers bud
  9. you may of just inadvertently answered the question to my post. my lip is lifting at the edges of on my G6ET. is it held down with just sikaflex? why are you up for a new boot lid? did it get damaged while you were removing it? I ask because I was trying to work out the best way to stick mine down again at the edges and if I have to remove the whole thing?
  10. all good, I guess ill just wing it hahaha
  11. nothing guys? no one has experienced this?
  12. Haltech have confirmed the PnP will not "tune" the TCM for the ZF6. so I guess you would still need to flash tune the TCM, is there a way to do that without having to buy an SCT etc? like have someone go in and flash it but without having to purchase a hand controller?
  13. Hi fellow boosted ford folk. So I have noticed factory boot lip on my G6ET is lifting at the far edges, to the point now I think it might rip off on my next highway trip. I was wondering if anyone has had this and how they rectified it? my main questions are as such; what is the best way to remove it so I can re attached. I was thinking some fishing line back and forward between the tape and the boot? but I'm sure there might be a better way. Is it held on by any screws? or is it the double sided looking tape/silicon stuff I can see under there it? What is the material that is holding it down? it looks like either double sided tape or even a silicon type adhesive, I want to be sure I buy the correct stuff to re-attach. Is there some sort of better material to hold it down to stop it lifting again? anyone had success with a particular product? any help would be very appreciated, thanks in advance Ben
  14. Too right, I'm surprised the garden gnome has lasted this long. thought he would of shattered into a million pieces by now...lol

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