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  1. Wow!! it seems this issue has jumped manufacturers. I have found the same problem with my wifes Corolla, but it gets worst when I get out of the car there are melted maccas trays under the rear tyres 😨
  2. Mine was done on a mainline hub dyno also
  3. this or a very friendly dyno either way great numbers for the mods... awesome stuff
  4. wow 311rwkw with only 12psi is pretty damn good? and with a standard Dump? Took my car 14-15psi to make the same power? and that is with a 4" dump and HF Cat, is your car a FG XRT Turbo or FG f6? I guess maybe condition and age of turbo makes a difference?
  5. I would Highly recommend finding a Tuner that uses PCMtec. Apparently the SCT stuff hasn't been updated in years, yet PCMtec is still being developed here in Australia specifically for the barras. And now you can have up to 4 different Maps pre-loaded into the factory PCM that you can change between while driving. IMO the SCT and HP tuners is outdated and a waste of money for a hand-controller considering what the PCMtec can do.
  6. Yeah I did see some conflicting review, but from what I could see all the bad reviews were quite long ago, everything I have seen lately have only been positive. Maybe there has been a change of ownership or tuners? from my personal experience everything has only been positive
  7. Hey all, Stopped by to say I finally made the Club. 309rwKW (414rwHP). With the all the mods I have installed for 2 years now I finally had some free time and money to take the car with Dump and Injectors to Real Dyno to get them to throw them in and tuner her up. Very happy to say the least with the Car, the Tuner(Lee @ Real Dyno is a bloody legend) and the PCMtec Tuning software and what it can do. I'm amazed at how the car drives, the extra power and the features the PCMTec allows. 4 maps, Low Boost (10psi) High Boost (14-15psi), Boost y Gear and Valet. T
  8. I just got a new set of 245/35-R19 Falken FK510, super happy with them on my G6ET heaps of grip Wet and Dry. the Wet grip has really surprised me. Bang for buck best Tyre I've had so far. Yes there are higher grip more expensive Tyres I.e. Pilot Sports and RE003's etc. but for a daily its perfect for me.
  9. Yeah there is really no point windowing a Block just to test the NA Barra bottom end. As mentioned it has been "tested" many times before ;). 400RWHP is about the limit of a NA Bottom end and early Turbo Motors, and about 600-700RWHP for the later BF FG turbo bottom ends. you can push them more but IMO its not worth the risk for longevity. Gas motors bottom ends also handle quite a bit more than the NA motors as well.
  10. wow you must have one special Barra in there, revs up to 55,000 RPM? No wonder the gear changes are so violent. are you sure the factory Barra hasn't been replaced with a Pratt & Whitney JT8D? If so I'm sure the stock auto doesn't like the extra RPM that is supplied from a Jet engine 😲
  11. Hello there, I am thinking about getting some new rims and run the new 245/35-R19 Falken Fk510 is just got for my factor 19". I like the idea of using OEM style wheels but was looking at the Nissan OEM forged wheels and came across the Skyline V35 Coupe wheels. they are Rays Forged one piece wheels Nissan use from factory. I have found a set relatively cheap on Gumtree for about $650. https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/golden-grove/wheels-tyres-rims/rays-forged-wheels-with-new-tyres/1225066514 Apparently they are quite light about 8-10Kg p
  12. I'd put my money on a leak in the inter cooler piping, as per a crack in the plastic pipes like Keith has mentioned of a leak in a Joiner. Back in the day in my old ep82 Turbo starlet, I had a very similar issue, it would only build up to 5 PSI boost then back to zero when getting on it, I looked for ages, thinking it was my Turbosmart 2 way boost controller. Turned out it was a small split in a silicon joiner, and it for some reason could just hold 5 psi no more and after that it would let all the boost out. you can buy intercooler pipe kits online cheap. I would sugge
  13. His palms are sweaty, fuel pressure weak, engine breaths heavy there's vomit in his posts already, engines spaghetti!
  14. I got a set of Nighteye H4 LED Hi/Lo bulbs, had them since 2017 and have been great and for under $40 for my FG G6ET https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Nighteye-H4-LED-Headlight-Light-Bulbs-Hi-Lo-Beam-Replace-Halogen-50W-8000LM-AU/302813119076?hash=item4681118264:g:uEkAAOSwxNxbUw3d&frcectupt=true
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