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  1. If there are any other parts you think we should make please let me know as we want to keep helping develop new parts !
  2. I'm dyslexic and cannot turn off simple functions in tapatalk
  3. Do you guys have something like an advance auto or a summit racing over there ?
  4. Starter motor itself I had to get a bellhousing adapter from aus and either will need a Barra starter or If a 5.4 starter worked that would help
  5. Can anyone tell me if the Barra shares a starter with any other ford ?
  6. Mls gasket, stage 5 cams, fuel rail and h13 12mm head studs in
  7. I’m hoping to get the new goods in and take everything to machine shop soon. Once we finish up the twin turbo bmw setup I believe I’ll be going under the knife
  8. Yes they do have retainers as well. Let me look 480 bucks for the valves And 91 dollars for the keepers they take
  9. Directly contacted super tech and my vendor here was able to get them. I heard a rumor that that made inconel valves and beehive springs, turned out to be true
  10. Brad from Atomic has proven to be very helpful. Just ordered some cams, standard size head studs, mls gasket, and fuel rail. Decided to keep the 14mm studs on the shelf for now and do the tool steel 12mm. Should save some time and money on machine work.
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