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  1. I will be wiring up Fueltech Ft500. I wasn’t sure if there was a way to lock the stock sprockets or if anyone besides atomic sold them
  2. I have a barra to powerglide adapter, what do you all use for a flex plate ? Can someone also tell me about deleting vct
  3. Eventually want to push the power further, but I’ll keep rpm down to start. Right now I only have a Borg 80mm
  4. What are most people revving the 4.0 out to making 1,100 + hp
  5. Hmm I’m doing full fill on the block, ibeam rods, and bullet pistons with upgraded pins. Maybe I won’t take it quite that far
  6. Well she’s apart . I need someone to point me in the right direction for cams . Looking to stay with a 4.0 and keep the rpm around 8-8.5k Thanks
  7. I’ve been talking to phantom performance and it seems I should be on the right track
  8. I don’t think she will twist
  9. BarraRx7

    New Members Thread

    Yea I need to move the thread or create a new one lol
  10. BarraRx7

    New Members Thread

    New member from the US putting Barra in an 86 rx7, saw some others post from my area decided to see what I can find out.
  11. BarraRx7

    Barra build in the U.S.

    Hey I just joined the page and I'm doing a barra swap in to my fc rx7. I live down in Fort Myers, but my car is at my buddy's house in North Port, so we aren't to far apart. I wouldn't mind talking to you about some different things you've run into with the engine . Nice build !
  12. Hello everyone, I see there’s a few Americans doing Barra swaps, so I guess I’m here for info, help, and just general discussion. I have an FC rx7 that I was doing a 4g63 in from my old mirage / evo 1 that went 8.9@155 in the quarter. Since working on the new chassis I came across a Barra and have decided to take the 4g out and drop the ford in. I’m looking for 1500 hp at some point. I plan to start with the Borg 80 mm turbo I currently have . The rx7 has a power glide and ford 9” in it as well as a 25.5 cage. I also already have the glide to Barra adapter. I’m looking at spool imports destroker kit and would like any input on their products. The other things I’m looking for are cams, vernier gears, valves, gasket kits, timing chain and other odds and ends I don’t have access too. Thanks in advance for the help!

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