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Found 22 results

  1. So its a friday, and I cbf doing work. Instead for some unknown reason I decided to research automatic gearbox options for (extremely) future build ideas. Common upgrades for the xr6 rigs is a built zf6, th400, and a powerglide. I checked out ZF's site to get some info on the zf6 when I stumbled on their zf8 transmission. This statement is what peaked my interest: "Although the 8HP features 2 more speeds than the extremely successful 6HP, the dimensions have remained unchanged and the weight was even reduced by 3% to 87 kg (transmission modular system 8HP70) including oil." From this I found a single thread from back in the day about this transmission but nothing useful was in it. Got me thinking, if the dimensions are the same as a zf6.... Surely a zf8 conversion wouldn't be all that difficult? Sure the PCM isn't built for it, but there are ways around this. Solutions have been made for other transmissions so I don't see this being an issue. Imagine an FG with an 8 speed box. I wonder if the box would handle more torque being a newer design? Sounds like a very interesting conversion if it was to ever happen. Imagine a built 8 speed.... There is a market for them in other cars already that use this transmission. https://vendettaracing.com/products/bmw-m240i-m340i-stage-2-zf8-built-trans-1200hp?variant=37581670252734 The hellcat uses an 8hp90 transmission from factory for example. https://www.empnewyork.com/products/emp-zf-8hp90-transmission-hellcat Anyway, thought it would be a good topic to discuss instead of working
  2. hello all. ive recently noticed my zf6 transmission from my bf mk1 turbo knocking/rattling when put into reverse. not sure what problem this is, the car is warmed up pretty well however it is cold outside still but doubt this comes into play. anyone know what it could be? cheers
  3. hey guys, I own a 06 turbo bf mk1 sedan, and have recently noticed some strange noises. when the car is warming up, a rattling can be heard and its audible when sitting inside the car, however a tick happens in the engine bay and said noise pretty much disappears. I also discovered now a rattling noise when chucking my transmission into reverse. any suggestions what these could be? cheers
  4. Hi people! Just curious since I'm aware that manual transmissions are often noisier than their automatic counterparts and this could be nothing more than a worthless concern, however I figure I should ask the more experienced in the off chance there is something wrong. I own a model of the widely-regarded lesser (normally aspirated) late model FG-X XR6 in Utility trim, paired with the somewhat beefier Tremec six speed. Ever since I purchased the car at 72,000 kilometres, what can be only described as a subtle "clacka lacka lacka" noise comes from somewhere in the ballpark of the transmission or driveline, however only at idle with the clutch engaged, and only once every sixty seconds or so. It hasn't led to any real transmission or drive-breaking problems so far so it really is probably nothing. If this could be answered I would be extremely grateful. Mine isn't the quickest car on earth obviously, but it's a fun daily driver and I love it very much. Thanks, Will
  5. Does anyone have any good methods to get the reverse light switch out of a t56 transmission? I've tried modifying a socket but the socket was just too shallow and it kept slipping too. There's also not much clearance for the spanners that I've tried. I might have to resort to jacking up the passengers side and filling from the original fill hole unless anyone has any other recommendations?
  6. Hey guys, I recently bought my first BF mk2 XR6t and I'm having issues with the manul transmission not going into gear easily at cold start. I'm just wondering what gearbox oil do you guys recommend using. I've done some research and found the Penrite 70w-75 seems to be a popular one instore but also noticed that Ford recommends Dexron iii. I'm kind of confused as the Dexron iii seems to be for automatic transmissions, am I missing something or is the oil compatible with both manual and auto? Cheers for the help.
  7. Hey guys just wondering if you could help with my fg my air vents were broken the other day and I fixed them via pulling out glove box and satin trim. whilst putting the glove box back in I’ve obviously done damage. After messing around doing that, the interior roof lights aren’t working AT ALL glove box light,, also the car says “transmissions not in park” when you turn the key off. I’m at a lost cause, also am unsure of what fuse to check? After some searching I found sound forum on a similar issue the last comment might have something to do with it https://fordforums.com.au/showthread.php?p=4814363
  8. Hi all, Recently got a repalcement 6 speed for my G6e as the old one nuked itself from the forbidden milkshake, I have an air cooler installed so the issue wont happen in the future. I've noticed recently with about 20,000ks after install mainly in 2nd and 3rd gear when the foot is to the floor around 3000 in 2nd it will almost stop/shudder for half a second and jump up about 250 revs and continue onwards after, almost like its traction control cutting in and killing power. It seems alot more prominent over the rev range in 3rd gear and usually has about 2-3 of these skips, it doesnt really feel like it happens in 1st. When the air cooler was installed I did notice one tiny drip of trans fluid on the bottom of the case on the day but havent seen anything since, could this be a fluid issue? I bought this car for the claimed reliability and comfort and so far the transmission has been letting me down. Im also wondering if it could be because of the air cooler cooling the trans more than expected and it slipping itself to try and heat up or if its just the fluid being too cold. I havent changed spark plugs in a while but I doubt it could be a misfire, happy to provide a video of the issue later today, might be taking it to where I got the trans replaced in a few weeks and see what they can provide.
  9. My 07 turbo territory the 6 speed sports shift mode or tiptronic mode will not engage when push gearstick over to sports mode just stays in d does nothing
  10. https://www.sparesbox.com.au/part/drivetech-transmission-cooler-kit-fits-ford-falcon-au-ba-bf-0555-334882 link to the cooler I bought! Hey everyone, just purchased a new cooler kit for my NA Ford Falcon BF 2007 4 speed auto. Does anyone have any idea if buying this completely gets rid of the heat exchanger as one of the clips are leaking that connect to the heat exchanger and the clips are $180 so going with the cooler kit is much more efficient. If anyone knows how to install one of these could you comment in the thread below!
  11. Hi everyone Sorry to start another thread. Just thought I'd write up my own as a search doesn't seem to reveal any similar topics to what I'm experiencing at the moment. My 07 BF XR6 AUTO, driven as my daily on highways constantly. It has a very cruisy life and is always babied (although with the $ it's currently stealing from me, it doesn't deserve it 😂). When travelling around and between 30-35K (and often 50-55K also, although not as violent), its almost as if it loses all drive momentarily and then suddenly engages very roughly, creating a heavy jerk throughout the car and then a grinding noise can be heard coming from the rear. Also when accelerating out of a corner, the grinding at the rear noise occurs again. The Diff Bushes; both L&R front/upper ball joints, L&R Sway Bars, both front wheel bearings and diff oil were replaced less than 5k ago and in the past couple of days, I had the transmission serviced and the driveshaft repaired and balanced. This seems to have somewhat very slightly (barely at all) helped the issue but it's still extremely noticable and uncomfortable while driving. TIA
  12. Gday. I have a BF mk2, zf 6 speed. Just had it tuned, and it started flaring only at high rpm at wot. Not crazy power, only 275kw. After driving a couple hundred k's, tge transmission is now flaring wildly (will just shoot to redline until I back off and allows the next gear to engage) on all gearchanges above about 2500rpm. Checked oil, level is fine and has not mixed with coolant in the heat exchanger. Ive already got a replacement box from the same year model xr6 turbo to use, but thinking it might be an idea to figure out what failed and rebuild it just in case the new box has any dreams. Does anyone know what component of the zf would cause these symptoms? And where to buy replacement zf components? Cheers, Lionel.
  13. Hey guys. New member here first post so not to sure on how forums work or what not so don't mind a bit of help learning. I recently bought a 06 bf xr6 turbo stock, and planning on doing some work to it perhaps getting it to 350rwkw in the near future, I know the zf6 has its own tech shop but I couldn't find the answer I'm looking for. The old owner of the car told me it was due for a tranny service as it's just shy of 140,000 kms now. I noticed when driving cold it seems to take a split second longer to change gears but once warmed up it's fine, however when it's warm it drives really well, only problem I had was I was doing a burnout (just the old but new car excitement) and as I came to shift in to second it jumped abit and speedometer went to 0 and kind of bogged out on power and stopped. After a second the car drove fine, no problems at all, now I know the battery is due for a change and the tranny is due for a service. Are those two going to cure my problem or could it be something deeper into the box, cheers in advance
  14. Hey guys, After 3 years of waiting to get off my P's I got a 2012 fg xr6t auto 59,000kms Kinetic blue. What the best thing is, I now have two fgs, both the same year, same month build, same day, and they were both sent out on the same day!!! Same colour, but ones auto turbo ones manual na Anyways, I'd like to thank the people here for the info over the years for helping me find all the things I need for my NA haha Now, with the new car, it has a 3 year warranty, $5000 cover on anything that goes. In my mind I want to stop anything from happening, and the first thing that comes to mine is oil and transmission... Whats the best oil line to turbo feed to get? I heard earls is good, but what about intune? Also a oil cooler, I've seen some f6's running around with them on the front but I don't know the power they are making, remember my car is stock power, but I just want to keep it live for aslong as possible and have less trouble with it till I can get a engine/trans/turbo rebuild/forged etc. Bigger radiator, PWR are selling a 24mm alum radiator for around $700 Also a transmission cooler? is it better to go to ford and get one? or aftermarket? I have no idea on these, since I've driven manual all this time and not had one problem with it. thanks in advance guys!!! thanks again for all the help these last 3 years.
  15. Hello again people (sorry for the multiple question's, but my heads buzzing) So this time I have a grumble, I was driving to work yesterday in tip-tronic (for fun), I drove down the off-ramp onto the freeway in 3rd gear, as I shift to 4th it literally went bang (more like a huge clunk)......and I rolled to the emergency lane, and that's where it stayed. I'm not going to lie to you, I shifted from 3rd to 4th @ 100kmh....so nothing I haven't done before. So my question is this, does anybody know...or can give me any tips to narrow the problem down: I can get in the car as we speak, it turns on, idles correctly, turbo is fine, engine is fine, gauges and electronics.....everything is working, except the Speedo does not move (Obviously). When I put the transmission into park, reverse, drive, sports or tip-tronic.....it doesn't make a sound, it doesn't clunk.....it literally does nothing.....I can just move the gearstick around.... So what are my chances? Transmission critically dead..stripped spines, or something like oil pump? has anybody else had drama with a zf gearbox @130,000km? My Options: 1. Get it diagnosed first..,. 2. Buy a new transmission? Has anybody had any contact with "RVO Transmission" as they build a 400kw ZF 6 speed, with custom high stall converter for $3000 delivered to your door. Or a 800hp 4L60E's 6 speed manualized auto with custom high-stall for $5000 delivered? 3. Get a re-build, I live in Rockingham and to be honest I don't know where there is a good place to rebuild-ZF Gearboxes, and I would want it beefed up a bit to last. Here's what I've done to the car: Late 2006 BF MKII XR6 Turbo - NizPro 1000hp Intercooler (3 Inch offset cold side & 2.5" Hot side) - 4 inch dump pipe, to 3 inch into twin 2.5" tips exhaust system - Airbox & Intake Kit - K&N filter - 4inch inlet, 6inch body - Walbro 300lt-ph In-Tank Fuel Pump - Braided Turbo oil feed line with High flow inline filter - Drilled Injectors (Waiting on 80lb deka in the post) - Stock Actuator (Waiting on 12psi actuator in the post) Currently running @ 316kw Rear Wheel (424rwhp) (was running more but injectors & actuator at their limits) And lastly a question that I will probably get bashed for : After I fix the transmission I want to get at least 370kw with my setup, I can't understand why I cant pull these figures? Will a surge tank and a Plazmaman plenum chamber get me these results, along with the 840cc injectors and 12psi actuator that are coming? I'm running out of ideas ha-ha. Anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks allot for helping me out, if it wasn't for this forum id get no-where.
  16. Hi Setting the scene: I've got a XR6T BA MK2 I've had since 01/08, bought second hand with 37,000 on the clock, now has 70,600. Its been served by a Ford dealer its whole life but I swapped to KPM a few years back. It's well looked after. Have a Alpine stereo (with Type S speakers to match) since the factory premium sound started skipping, and a typhoon air intake. Problem: The diff clunk has been getting worse the last year or so, and in first gear it sounds like a ufo, it has a weird whine. I also thought I saw a bit of white smoke in my rear view last time I gunned it from stand still. The recent service report wasn't pretty, clunk is caused by transmission, which probably needs a rebuild, and the smoke was probably caused by the turbo which is showing signs of leakage and will likely need a rebuild down the road a little further :( Solution 1: My initial reaction was to head to car yards, buy a 2011 FG T with low km's and be done with it. After driving a couple, and looking at the change over cost, I've decided I'd rather keep my current one for a few more years (its still my baby!) Solution 2: Get the trans rebuilt (4 spd auto), wait and see with the turbo. I know an honest transmission workshop, who I'm going to see in a couple days. Assuming it has be to rebuilt, I'm thinking I should get it strengthened. I'm not really sure what to ask for though?! Is there anything else I should ask for? I've always thought the 4spd is sluggish when accelerating, anything they can do there? I've been holding off on getting an edit done for the last couple of years because I didn't like the sound of the diff clunk. Its quite likely I'll get a basic edit done once the trans is done. Nothing crazy. With the car getting older, I've heard I'll probably have to get the valve springs replaced at the same time, does that sound right? If that has to be done, I should get the injectors done at the same time? I'm guessing an edit will bring on the turbos demise sooner ... oh well ... Thanks for any input!
  17. Hi, Wondering if anyone can help with advice or information on an issue we have been having with a BF mk2 F6 Typhoon. Just last week we managed to snap the third input shaft fitted to the cars ZF 6-speed. This latest break occurred on the change into third gear at 60kph, no where near boost. The last shaft to break was rated at 900HP. As is we currently have a peak of 360kw and 750nm of torque at the wheels. The box has been built somewhat, and it seems like there was a quick slip on the gear change which shocked the drive train. I Think that there may be an overall fault with the box rather than faulty shafts, causing some sort of misalignment or something due to a malformation. I've suggested ditching this box and fitting a fully manualised and built C4, others involved think we should rebuild this same box again, but I cant help but feel that if it didn't work the first three times, its a lot of money and time to outlay to try for a fourth in a seemingly faulty box. Is this a unique issue? or something common in ZF's when the torque is upped a bit? I'm no genius with transmission work, so any help or thoughts would be very appreciated. Thanks.
  18. Had be driving for about 50 mins today when noticed steam coming from under car, let sit for 10 mins and dropped very large puddle of red transmission oil, moved about 500m to park indoors for weekend and was just reving going about 20kms, After moving it I had a look underneath an it looked to be leaking from around where tranny bolts to motor can anybody please help? Car done 156000km
  19. I'm doing some research into upgrading my BA turbo's transmission to the 6 speed manual and I'm not sure where to start or who's reputable in the VIC south eastern suburbs. What's a rough price for the full conversion? does the diff and clutch need to be replaced as well? Any advice would be appreciated
  20. Hey guys, new to the forums and looking to buy my first Ford. Currently in a VT Berlina. After a BFii XR6, n/a as I'm on Ps. Basically I wanna know the difference in performance between the four speed and the six speed. I can find plenty of 4 speeds in my price range, but very limited amounts of 6 speeds and most in basic colours with no options. I'm not towing or anything, very little highway driving, and fuel economy can't be worse than my current car either way so that's fine. Is the four speed at a huge disadvantage to the 6 speed? Any advice would be great!
  21. I just posted this in the Technical Forum but perhaps it's better suited here, seeing as I don't own a turbo. I recently bought a 2010 5-speed Auto XR6. It always makes a "clunk" sound when changing from Park to Reverse or Reverse to Drive or Drive to Park and so on. The dealer told me this is normal. After doing some reading it seems common for the 5-speed Auto. However, is it damaging my transmission? Also, ocassionally when I drive I notice that when it changes gear it makes a clunking sound, and it sounds as though it's coming from under the bonnet. This only started to happen over the last 2 weeks. It has happend over a dozen times now. And it happens in both Performance Mode and Automatic Mode. Is this normal? And, more importantly,is this damaging my transmission? I'm getting worried that my gearbox (if it is actually the transmission) is going to die on me much sooner than it ought to. Is this likely? I'd appreciate any feedback on my questions. I spent $24,000 on this car; I expect everything to be in tip-top order. Thanks guys!
  22. Hi guys I'm new to these boards. First, I have to say that I don't own an XR6 Turbo; I own a 2010 FG 5-speed Automatic XR6. I'm having a problem and I hope you guys can help. Recently I've noticed my car making a "clunking" sound occasionally when it changes gears. This didn't happen the first 4 weeks I was driving it (I've owned the car for 2 months now). For instance, tonight I was driving on a highway in 4th gear (in Performance Mode) and there was a traffic light up ahead flashing amber. I had to slow down (obviously) and thus drop the gears. When I dropped from 3rd to 2nd the car made a nasty "clunk" which I heard coming from under the bonnet. This has happened about a dozen times over the past 2 weeks. It usually happens when I'm changing up a gear, though. This clunk happens in both Automatic Mode and Perfomance Mode. Is this clunk normal? What is the likely cause of it? And, most importantly, is this clunk damaging my transmission in any way? Further, I should also point out that my car always "clunks" when changing from Park to Reverse or Reverse to Drive or Park to Neutral and so on. My dealer says this is normal, and from reading other guys' posts it seems that this is a common issue with the 5-speed auto. But is it damaging my transmisson? That's what I care about mostly. Thanks guys :-)
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