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  1. Barra build in the U.S.

    You have my PayPal good sir, do your worst lol!!!
  2. Barra build in the U.S.

    Still waiting on a way to get the guy to ship those larger spacers for the head. I have the ball bearings to raise the stud height, But I dont think he is going to ship them :(
  3. Barra build in the U.S.

    So learned how to use the plasma cutter today.....hmmm
  4. Thanks, its about to get real here soon. Just received a ton of material too start fabbing up some chassis stuff and the cage.
  5. Barra build in the U.S.

    So, just spent the last hour or two watching all of Atomic's videos, plus some other rabbit hole videos....looks like I have some work to do. :D
  6. Barra build in the U.S.

    Its stuff like this that makes me think you guys do the craziest stuff. I would have never of thought to do that, and I don't see why it wouldn't work.
  7. Barra build in the U.S.

    Ok ill have to take some measurements to tomorrow, and see what I can do about this.
  8. Barra build in the U.S.

    So today was a great day. Had some customers fall through, so had a bit of time today. Swapping the front sump girdle for a rear sump version. Re-torquing the main bolts. New rear main seal while im in there. And new rear mounted pick-up. Oil pan installed, and cross bolts with thread sealant. And finally!!!! The two together. ARP calls for 125ft. lbs, for the random bolts I had to order. Done and done. *Note to self, head bolts are not easily accessed with cams installed already, so small learning curve. Cams reinstalled. (Again) And started getting some timing ready to do, but enough for today.
  9. Barra build in the U.S.

    Sure if its not too much trouble, I'm sure its similar to the other inline 6 stuff I have done, but never come across the 2 girdle system the Barra uses.
  10. Barra build in the U.S.

    Some progress today on the head. Just need to find the proper torque sequence and specs, for the caps. With any luck should go back onto the motor sometime this week, and work of bolting it down and getting timing items on and re-timing the motor.
  11. Barra build in the U.S.

    Found a little time today too make some progress. Tapping oil galleys for NPT plugs, and the future oil feed Started installing new valve stem seals and upgraded crow valve springs Little by little.
  12. Nicely done man, I have finally my head back from the machine shop. Recently de-burred the rough edges from the decking process, and then drilled and tapped the oil galley passages for plugs, and re-assembled. Cant wait to start prepping the engine bay for fab work, but im still a few months out, I think.
  13. Barra build in the U.S.

    Oh yeah, I have built a plethora of RB's and 2JZ's so its pretty simple for me. And not too worried about the VCT stuff either, being its simple to VVTi also. Very excited to get the head back together though, and start assembly of the motor, then fab time for the chassis.
  14. Barra build in the U.S.

    Absolutely, lol. That's a hell of plane ticket though. Also I don't know what you'd be learning lol, I don't know anything about these motors, just learning as I go along. They were never offered here in the States, so theres not really a large following.

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