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  1. Kits together and installed... and was able to retain the factory sub frame, I will how ever need to figure something out to relocate the steering rack. On top of that little issue, a good bit of metal needed to be relocated to fit the larger CD009 tail housing side. https://I.imgur.com/OpM0IRs.mp4
  2. Oh yeah, no need to go crazy with it.
  3. Yes, buy yourself a plastic razor blade, it'll be your new best friend while prepping those surfaces.
  4. So this is exactly like the Coyote's I work on daily, compared to my Barra I've worked on once in the last month. Clean and removed all old silicon from the factory seals (oil pan and timing cover gaskets) reuse and add new silicon to the area's where 1.The oil pan, block, and bottom of timing cover meet. 2.The head meets the block, and timing cover. 3.The valve cover meets the head, and front timing cover.
  5. Hopefully, if its able to handle what ill be doing too it, should be a great kit.
  6. Update, build isn't dead yet. So the trans adapter to the Nissan CD009 has been completed, trying to test fit this weekend and make sure everything works nicely together.. more updates to come soon! https://I.imgur.com/wIQ7d7a.mp4[/img] https://I.imgur.com/wIQ7d7a.mp4
  7. So in some other good news, test fit the new Flywheel and starter setup to make sure everything plays nicely. Now we can finish making the adapter plate and clutch set-up. Side note, yes we know the starter did not disengage, the Bendex itself will be spun off the ring gear once the engine is started.
  8. That is actually pretty cool. We never got that model of Ranger here in the US. But still pretty cool to see.
  9. So the JZA70 chassis has after market sub frame spacers available. So it will drop an inch there, as far as the rest, after looking at he hood for clearance, maybe an inch will be gained from removing the under mat from the hood. as well as some bracing in the framing of the hood. Worst case the vehicle will be a track whore that will be drifted as much as possible. So if a hole needs to be cut in the hood so be it!!
  10. That would be pretty cool, I just got rid of a old Ford Ranger side step that I used for years as a Daily. And after trying to fit my current Barra project into the chassis, its going to take some metal moving.
  11. I would really like to keep a stock hood on it if possible. We have some ideas in mind to lower mounting points on the sub frame and space it down as well.
  12. Little update, still here....just stuck on the drawing board..... lol so as expected its a bit taller the oem stuff....but ideas are brewing and hopefully get it tucked down in the bay.
  13. I need to make my way down there one day and check out all your sweet new toys.

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