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  1. SelectivePC

    Barra build in the U.S.

    So in some other good news, test fit the new Flywheel and starter setup to make sure everything plays nicely. Now we can finish making the adapter plate and clutch set-up. https://I.imgur.com/17lse45.mp4 Side note, yes we know the starter did not disengage, the Bendex itself will be spun off the ring gear once the engine is started.
  2. That is actually pretty cool. We never got that model of Ranger here in the US. But still pretty cool to see.
  3. SelectivePC

    Barra build in the U.S.

    So the JZA70 chassis has after market sub frame spacers available. So it will drop an inch there, as far as the rest, after looking at he hood for clearance, maybe an inch will be gained from removing the under mat from the hood. as well as some bracing in the framing of the hood. Worst case the vehicle will be a track whore that will be drifted as much as possible. So if a hole needs to be cut in the hood so be it!!
  4. That would be pretty cool, I just got rid of a old Ford Ranger side step that I used for years as a Daily. And after trying to fit my current Barra project into the chassis, its going to take some metal moving.
  5. SelectivePC

    Barra build in the U.S.

    I would really like to keep a stock hood on it if possible. We have some ideas in mind to lower mounting points on the sub frame and space it down as well.
  6. SelectivePC

    Barra build in the U.S.

    Little update, still here....just stuck on the drawing board..... lol so as expected its a bit taller the oem stuff....but ideas are brewing and hopefully get it tucked down in the bay.
  7. I need to make my way down there one day and check out all your sweet new toys.
  8. SelectivePC

    BF xr6 turbo not making boost

    Had this happen with a Nissan Murano here in the U.S. everyone kept saying it needed a new CVT trans.....gutted the cats and took care of everything. Saved $3600 for a $60 fix
  9. Hey hey now, my cheapy BA is going to be sweet.
  10. SelectivePC

    Barra build in the U.S.

    Finally started. Trying to retain the use of the Targa top. Soon....
  11. SelectivePC

    Barra build in the U.S.

    Thanks man, glad to see more coming to the U.S. and yeah anytime. Let me know ill PM you with my info. Properly prepped, time for some rocker boxes.
  12. SelectivePC

    Barra build in the U.S.

    A little more chassis prep, before starting on the cage.
  13. SelectivePC

    Barra build in the U.S.

    So the holiday weekend left me with lots of time to get some more prep work done. Surprised how much weight I was able to get out of it. But hopefully ill be in the 2800lb range once im done installing everything else. (cage and a BA barra) Wiki curb weights the car between 3200-3600lbs if it has a targa top, which mine does. But this is just motor, trans, front end tid bits removed. Sound deadener being removed. This is more like it. Now to keep it low.
  14. SelectivePC

    Barra build in the U.S.

    Not much, but its a start should turn out OK with some more practice of course.
  15. SelectivePC

    Barra build in the U.S.

    Now some practice with the welder, its been a while. But just like a bike, got it back down after a min or two. Starting blocking in the fronts for the front end.

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