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  1. Future of Site - Discussion

    Just wanna say that this site, over the last 12 months that I’ve had my g6e turbo, has been a huge help and benifit in getting my car where I wanted it to be. Always find keiths and others opinions very helpful and if it wasnt for this site, id be up sh*ts creek. Or more then likely wouldnt of bought a ford turbo. This site actually encouraged me to purchase, and after seeing all the useful info on it, I finally purchased my first turbo. Knowing that the help was there if I ever needed it. Have only recently donated, but if I am ever needed to chuck in more on a monthly basis, id be glad to. So many people scroll through this site just to get info and tips, like myself, surely its not a big ask of peeps to throw you guys a donation here and there to show a thanks back.!! Anyhow just wanted to say thanks again for the great site and I hope it sticks around!!! CHEERS
  2. Help! Re-Attach G6ET Boot Lip???

    Hey mate just getting back to you in regards to your spoiler. Took my car to panel shop today and it turns out that mine had sikaflex added at a later date, not like that from factory. The panelbeater has done a few and he rekons just spray under and around your spoiler where u can see the double sided adhesive, with an orange agent type of gunk and adhesive remover, let it sit 15 mins, then should come right off with the fishing line under it trick. He said mine was probably coming loose like yours is and someone glued it back on. So definately only double sided tape used from ford factory mate. He recommended taking it off using above steps and re tape it all again using 3m automotive double sided tape. Thought I better let u no mate, as my last post to you would of probably put u off the thought of doing it. Good luck!!
  3. A all fg bootlids interchangeable???

    Cheers keith. I might just have to get a standard fg one, or xr6 if I really have to. Mastars, yeah mate DO NOT try and take it off. Double sided tape around all edges and sh*tloads of black sikaflex all inside the tape. I noticed a bit of my paint had a crack in it coming out from under the spoiler. So before it got any worse I thought id remove spoiler and get paintwork fixed and just reaffix the spoiler. No such bloody luck hey!!! When u try and remove spoiler, the silicone holds on that good, that it peels your paint away with it!!! So trying to get another, as cheaper then trying to repair damage but nowhere in brisbane has got anything apparently. 3 panelbeaters all rekon 7 to 8 hundred to fix. I <3 Bananas that. Just gonna wait and hope suttin comes up. Mastars I would just get something thin and flat to slide in on each end and push the tape outta way and then squirt some silicone in on each end. Def reccomend not removing it mate
  4. Gday fellas, just a quick question for someone who might know. My 2010 g6e turbo had a moisture buildup under the factory bobtail spoiler, so removed it, with great difficulty,(bloody sikaflex!!) and anyway im now up for a new bootlid. In brissy and have rang everywhere up here and cant get a lightning strike colour one anywhere. Will all fg bootlids fit my g6e? Cheers and can someone please let me know, I cannot find any info anywhere and wreckers dunno what will fit either.
  5. 2010 G6E finally getting tune and mods!!!

    Hey fellas, quick update. Picked up car on saturday from the tuner, and its fu#kn awesome!!!! Drives like a big luxury jet now. So much more power and torque. Achieved 311rwkw. So when I finally work out how to do these bloody pics, ill post up the dyno sheet and a video if I can. Have tried imgur and flikr and similar sites, but bloody hopeless at tech sh*t and cant work it out.
  6. 2010 G6E finally getting tune and mods!!!

    Cool. Sounds like the go puff. The way u just put it, makes sense. Didnt know id be paying twice on the tune either. shoulda realised that!!! So when its time to do the 85 tune, do I fill with it and take in to tuna, or do u run tank nearly empty and they add some before tune?
  7. 2010 G6E finally getting tune and mods!!!

    Ok cheers mate. Have looked around and theres a few servos not too far away selling it. Sounds like the way to go hey.
  8. 2010 G6E finally getting tune and mods!!!

    Fu#k that's a good time hey!!! Hope I can achieve that with mine. Pretty sure tuner said a walbro unit, so will have to make sure e85 compatible. that's standard turbo hey?
  9. 2010 G6E finally getting tune and mods!!!

    Is there anything else the motor needs ontop of what im already getting , to run e85 Lu82? Whats it worth a litre? Im wynnum, brisbane
  10. 2010 G6E finally getting tune and mods!!!

    Also mate, if springs are done at a later date, needs another tune yeah? Cheers again, awesome site mate. Has helped me heapppppppps!!
  11. 2010 G6E finally getting tune and mods!!!

    Cheers for that keith. Think tunas day is gonna b full doin the other mods, but I’ll def have a chat to him about upgrading and when he can do it. Also after some original ford 19 inch rims if anyone knows anyone? Have had a look around at wreckers ect here in brissy, but nothing any good. Mine has the original 18 inch on em, but after seeing some blokes 19’s, they made me wanna change. Dont know what the rim name is, but the ones with like 20 spokes or whatever u call them. Mine have the 7 “spoke”. Def dont look as good. Must come out standard on certain g6e’s. looked on ebay and few peeps selling singles as spares, but they want 4and 5 hundred a pop. Fuc! That.
  12. 2010 G6E finally getting tune and mods!!!

    Yeah ok cheers. Was thinking valve springs also. Not in the package thus far, but when I take it down on friday I’ll have a better talk to tuna and go from there. For the mo I wanna keep standard turbo, but next year def upgrade on the cards. But would like to get everything done properly now so upgrade is more straightforward. See blokes having to change there set ups each time they get more power. Would rather pay bigger coin now on things, ready for future proofing. Realise im gonna have to bite the bullet on some things but. Whats an actuator worth mate? Havnt had a chance to look. Also how long does it take to do valve springs?hopefully can get tuna to do these also on fri+sat while hes got the car. Cheers
  13. 2010 G6E finally getting tune and mods!!!

    Gday mate, yeah the days seem to be dragging ever since I booked her in last week. Feels like ive been waiting months!!lol. I was hoping for 300 hey. What do ya rekon I need ontop to make it there safely?
  14. Hey fellas, havnt written anything for a while, so thought id let yas no what shes goin in for on friday. Fu::in excited as too hey. Also finally got me gauges in, cheers to the fellas that helped with that. So far shes stock standard except for ss inductions cai and a big mouth kit. 89000k’s also. Shes goin in to get injectors, process west stage 2 cooler, fuel pump and a venom high flow cat. Oh and the tune and xcal4 of course. Cant wait ta see how she travels after its done hey. What sort of predictions do yas rekon on power?
  15. Where the hell to tap into wiring!!!

    Haha, dont start on me bout pics mate. Lol whole nother story. Ive actually spoken to u before about this and I still havnt worked it out mate. Managed to change me profile pic, but been into that imgur app a million times and theres nowhere to copy n paste. Followed all steps mate, but something doesnt want me puttin pics up. Gettin late now, might have another go at tech stuff tomoz. Is there another site besides imgur? All my pics ive taken in past to put on this site, are floating around on imgur with peeps commenting on em.lol. Cheers again mate.

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