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  1. hi guys I was looking up on the forum differences between mk 1 and 2, differences are mostly cosmetics. I have 2010 fg turbo 50 anniversary. I need to replace my engine. I found 1 engine from 2010 fg turbo but the owner says its mark 1. I am not so sure if mine is mark 1 or 2 but assume there is no mark 2 for 2010 fg 50 Anv? correct me if I am wrong
  2. I have 2010 fg turbo . not sure if its mark 1 or 2. + so you r saying every 2010 50 Anv is mark 1.
  3. I have plazmaman Surge tank 1000 hp already installed connected to my turbo smart 800 fpr. I re-tuned my car coming off e85 to 98. and the tuner who tuned it was providing only tuning service and no mechanical service as it was only home service. my fpr gauge is showing 72 psi when I bought and still is at 72 . after doing my research I found out it should be at 4 bar plus the boost when turbo spool up I was trying to bring down the psi on my fpr but it don't work. the lowest it goes is 70 psi. I was told in the forum, to enlarge the return line by 20 mm but my fpr only has 1 line connected to the tank, second line for the injectors rails and 3 line for manifold ( I guess it act as sensor to tell fp to increase the fp when there is more boost). does any1 have this plazmaman fuel tank or do I have to disable one of the pumps . https://imgur.com/kb1n7yh https://plazmaman.com/product/ford-falcon-fg-fuel-system-dual-pump-1300hp/ http://www.turbosmartdirect.com/Product-Categories/Fuel-Pressure-Regulators/FPR800-2017-Black.html# plz guys if you want to help me help other wise stop telling me to back off.
  4. Wondering what psi is enough for e85. Car was tuned previously just making sure things r good. Assuming 76 ish psi for 520 kw.
  5. This is what forum is for Learning new things. I m pretty new to turbo site,
  6. hi guys just wondering what bar (kg cm2, or PSI) is your FPR. it can be for e85 or 98. I can't turn mine down. can increase it but can't decrease it. currently setting on 5 KG but don't go any lower than that.
  7. I record it when my engine breath heavy and post it here. so know I mean
  8. I had fg turbo with 520 kw on e85. I was getting around 290 ish KM out of 1 tank from my 2010 FG turbo. guess that's nots much better than 98
  9. I did ask this once. at that time my catch can was breathing which I wasn't sure if vapor is suppose to come out of it or not. as y might know this thing is my first turbo car. now I know, little bit of vapor is fine from catch can but the fact that I can see steam blowing out from engine inlet when took off the cap is worrying me. I don't understand if my turbo is fked, how is this related to engine. turbo and engine is separate and when engine (car) is parked I can see steam blowing out but how this has to do with turbo.
  10. I mean steam come out of engine and catch can when pushing car hard. fan is ok,. I meant it never over heat or anything.,
  11. hi guys was tuning my FG the other day and notice it was breathing very heavily. the next day I brought the car home empty my catch can, replaced engine oil. still it is the breathing heavy specially after long drive when the car gets very hot but the temperature on dashboard never pass middle mark (I mean never over heat). anything wrong with engine can be serious issue. anyone having any idea what it could be? only thing is that it breath heavy. stem come out of catch can breather and engine oil in led. only having it for last 3 months, god knows wht previous owner did to the car.
  12. I have drained and noticed some oil inside my turbo inter cooler pipe when I took off my throttle body pipe. wasn't nice. just wondering how can those oil be eliminated from entering my inter cooler.
  13. Want to take my car and race other drivers like the video
  14. I got nolathane diff bushes do y thing if they r any good. What bushes do y recommend.
  15. I am looking for race track in Melbourne to take my car and cruise around. looked on the internet couldnt find any. If you know any let me know. I am located in Dandenong Thanks

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