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Found 6 results

  1. Hey guys new to these forums and also owning an xr6 turbo. Only ever owned subarus and Evos. I have A 2012 FG xr6T with 177xxxkms. Service history since new. had it for a couple of months now and noticed when coming off WOT or hard acceleration there is a clunk noise feels like two clunks. Only ever happens when coming off the throttle hard if you roll off it does not happen. Was wondering if this is diff bushes or something only thing I've done is new centre bearing as it was shot. Cheers in advance guys appreciate any advice.
  2. Gemma

    Knock in rear

    Just looking for some advice purchased a 2010 G6e turbo 2 months ago have recently heard a knock / clunk noise coming from the rear end only on take off ( sometimes) just one knock it's not continuous any idea on the possibility of issue.
  3. Hi guys, First time poster but have been stalking the forums for a number of months now. Recently sold my Ba falcon and have upgraded to a 2013 manual FG MkII.. I noticed yesterday a new noise in my transmission, it sounds like a very slight grind, almost like something catching. This only happens when and results in: - Car is in gear with the clutch pushed in - Car is moving forward/back. Pushing it causes this intermittent noise to start periodically - Time between noises increases the higher gear it is in. For example twice per foot in 1st, once every 2 feet in 6th - I can feel a very slight vibration with this noise through my shifter if I hold it A guy I trust with mechanical issues has told me that it most likely isn't a pressure plate or driveline issue. Any help/past experience any of you have had with anything similar to this would be greatly appreciated. Cheers
  4. G'day, I've been getting the occasional clunk or thump from the back end of the car when I let off the accelerator. It's most noticeable in stop start traffic or when you let up from giving it a boot full. From what I've read on this excellent forum I came to suspect it was something to do with a split diff bushing so I had a peak under the car and sure enough it looks like a split bushing (attached photo). Any ideas how much that might cost to fix and is it worth staying with the OEM bushing given that I don't really drive it too hard most of the time and it's a stock auto or should I look at something aftermarket? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Cheers, Joe
  5. Hey just bought a 2004 BA MK2 XR6 turbo the other day, in reasonable condition, etc. Never owned or driven one (before I testdrove some) and I gotta say, I much prefer it over the Expensive Daewoo SS. Ill get to the point of my post hah, some clunks are happening in the drivetrain such as when changing gears sometimes it will give us a clunk but more noticeably when you decelerate sometimes you get this clunk from the back (and I suck at describing things) but basically I described it to a friend and he mentioned it would be the rear diff bushes that cause that. It was far smoother during the testdrive in which I gave it a bootful. With the gearbox, if I have got a clunk in that as well, what am I looking at in terms of a repair bill, or maybe more specifically what would need to be done? Engaging drive gear is alright but going into reverse gear you can go make yourself a f*cking cup of tea before it engages sometimes. The car runs alright, I was expecting it to be easier to smoke the back tyres from a standstill but maybe I just need to learn what I'm doing with that sorta thing first, already had it sideways nicely though so I'm happy and the performance is good, it defiantly gets to 100km/h around factory spec and pulls hard like no other car when I go up a big hill. Completely stock standard too, no evidence that it has been modified at all, however gasket cement sorta oozing out abit (dry of course) from the red top of the motor (cylinder head cover?) tells me it might be possible that at least the top end has been looked at/modified. Cheers, John.
  6. Hi guys I'm new to these boards. First, I have to say that I don't own an XR6 Turbo; I own a 2010 FG 5-speed Automatic XR6. I'm having a problem and I hope you guys can help. Recently I've noticed my car making a "clunking" sound occasionally when it changes gears. This didn't happen the first 4 weeks I was driving it (I've owned the car for 2 months now). For instance, tonight I was driving on a highway in 4th gear (in Performance Mode) and there was a traffic light up ahead flashing amber. I had to slow down (obviously) and thus drop the gears. When I dropped from 3rd to 2nd the car made a nasty "clunk" which I heard coming from under the bonnet. This has happened about a dozen times over the past 2 weeks. It usually happens when I'm changing up a gear, though. This clunk happens in both Automatic Mode and Perfomance Mode. Is this clunk normal? What is the likely cause of it? And, most importantly, is this clunk damaging my transmission in any way? Further, I should also point out that my car always "clunks" when changing from Park to Reverse or Reverse to Drive or Park to Neutral and so on. My dealer says this is normal, and from reading other guys' posts it seems that this is a common issue with the 5-speed auto. But is it damaging my transmisson? That's what I care about mostly. Thanks guys :-)
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