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  1. That video link for me isn't working. But I'm running with the theory that I'm getting the same clunking noise. Only when braking, only on a rare occasion, seem to be doing the same sort of thing you are when it happens too. Can you post the video link again so I can compare?
  2. Pastor098

    Great Buy...

    Hi all! Have been traweling these fine forums for a while now, without posting bugger all really.. Anyway, have had my 2009 G6ET for almost a year now, and really can't complain, it's an amazing machine, and I thought I got it for a steal at $28k - 19" rims and SATNAV included with 36,000kms on the clock.. Now I see this just posted: http://www.carsales.com.au/private/details/ford-falcon-2009-15141506?WT.seg_4=AutoAlert Good lord - anyone who is in the market better snap this one up!
  3. Thanks Wombat, trolling through there now Have not attempted the polarity reversal as yet Willo. Have you tried this? Cheers
  4. Hello G6ET friends. I am curious...has anyone upgraded their subwoofer and speakers in their G6ET? I have purchased one of late, and find the premium audio, isn't so premium afterall. Anyone else find the audio lacking a little oomph? Cheers! Cam
  5. Just bought one last week - and yes, now a member of this forum! All at the boring age of 33 ! Can I just say - G6ET is insane. Love it. Cheerio!
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