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  1. My motherboard came with auto overclocking software. So I hit the go fast button and left it at that.
  2. Yea I say I want to change it out but not sure how I feel about such a decision yet. Built it as a apprentice. Has space inside for a massive water cooling loop that I never bothered doing. [emoji1787] yea that's an old photo, desk hasn't been that neat in yrs in yrs lol. Have a 144hrtz 1440p G-sync 27" ROG monitor now.
  3. I7 4770k. Has sat at 4.1GHz it's whole life. I still need to turn down setting for decent fps at 1440p and my 3080 never gets 100% utilisation. It would have paired well up to about a 3060 I reckon.
  4. Tore down my very first PC (2011 build) a couple weeks ago. And just like a project car, has been sitting on the floor in pieces since. The soft touch finish they used on cases back in the day goes super nasty after a couple years, sticky crap everywhere! Using its parts to mock up a new custom case build in an ammo box. Upgraded my current (2013 build) desk PC with a 3080 hybrid last year but the CPU just ain't cutting the mustard anymore. And I'm kinda over the bulky big desk now anyway.
  5. Last day of isolation. Was finally able to do the iso project I bought early 2020. Gramps looking classy with the restored and polished 5 poster. Just need a set of 9" spotties and a uhf aerial that's not connected to anything to finish the look. Work truck got the full Bowdens paint cleanse, wax, sealant and interior detail.
  6. Late night scrolled accross this thread so here's a little contribution from myself. Little PC build I did for the GF 2 yrs ago out of the Fallout 4 special edition pip-boy case.
  7. bupalooga


    And some of us are Muppets. Haha The boss pays me, but I tell him what's what!
  8. bupalooga


    My first AZ shot was rough, knocked me flat for near 3 days. 24 hrs of cold sweats and violently shaking. The next 2 days was recovery from every muscle aching. Having spent the previous 2 days wielding a jackhammer wouldn't have helped the sore muscle recovery though. Still waiting for the second shot so I can use more sick leave.
  9. I have mine really tight so it goes stustustu alot with regular driving but still opens up and vents on full boost. But loose as necessary to stop it opening at idle is the basics I think.
  10. I had it happen on a rear aftermarket shock. Donking noise suddenly appeared going home from work and one corner would keep bouncing around after a bump. Was just over 3 yrs old but manufacturer replaced it straight away for me.
  11. It won't be the same, but It'll get you as close a possible to it with what you've got.
  12. I'd leave that one there mate. It's the overload leaf. It only ever takes weight when carrying large loads or in a big dip/pothole. Adds stiffness to the pack only in the last inch or 2 to help stop slamming into the bump stop and breaking things. Removing won't help with lowness or driving comfort
  13. This pic from top down is Xr6 500kg King Springs 750kg And Ford 1 ton. So removing the bottom 2 leaves from the pack will probably give you something like the standard 1 ton pack. It'll definitely be more comfortable but nowhere near xr6 low. Sport leaves are flatter so your leaves will never sit low unless you have them reset, which'll cost more than a second hand set. Each leaf removed should be replaced with a steel plate on the bottom of the pack, to maintain the pack thickness. otherwise you'll be changing the min/max stroke distance of the shocks and they may top out or bottom out early.
  14. Yep, that looks just like fords Heavy Duty 1 tonne leaf pack, not the regular 1 ton, the heavy duty 1 ton. Only good if your always carrying a load. How much weight do you actually intend to carry? Xr6 sports suspension is 500kg Standard is 750kg Or the regular 1 ton pack which is still high but a bit softer to drive empty.
  15. There is but it may be a donating members feature. Here's the instructions for posting photos via imgur. https://www.fordxr6turbo.com/forum/topic/92470-how-to-put-images-in-your-post/
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