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  1. I'd love an RS4 man, don't get me wrong haha. I'd rather an RS5 but I don't want to spend that much haha. Certainly not because I'm not a fan Haha .Stripes. has taken the position of 'female' on the forum already haha. May just roll around in my uncles Fairmont for a little longer and figure it all out.
  2. Haha everyone keeps saying that, and it's like we don't all drive modded falcons... My car was getting 400 out of a tank. My last one with a similar setup and a built motor got 320! Had mainly V8's in the family, and I refuse to believe a cammed v8 will be worse than that. I"m not saying it'll be a lot better, but I'm used to bugger all fuel haha. Haha most would still spank an RS4 haha.
  3. I have to be honest though, if I'm giving up the feel and speed of a Barra, it's going to have to be a pretty lumpy, monstrous V8. I couldn't bare to have a stock V8 haha.
  4. That's lucky man, I've had 5 and they've all done it! The stocker didn't suffer as much, but all the rest have. Too hot, they don't like it, and with the air con on they suck a bit of the power. Your car is a freak though man, lets be honest haha.
  5. Definitely is a nice car mate, but don't wanna spend that much. I'd spend up to about $35,000 on the right car, but I'd definitely like to keep it a lot lower. I'm thinking more around the $20,000 sort of mark if I can help it. In my opinion I like the fords better, the feel, the drive, everything. But, I don't dislike the holdens. And again, there's so many about you can pick up a nice mid-run VE with a few nice mods and under 100,000 for high teens - 20,000 or so. But yeah, not too sure what I'm going to go with to be honest. Thinking the Expensive Daewoo line. I may look at a V8 ford if I find the right one. And I'm not a real man for the record, I can drive a manual but don't have a license.... And I'd like an auto anyway haha
  6. Yeah I'm glad to be honest. Nah unfortunately not, gotta go off as it is... Trying to figure out what I want next. As much as I loved being back in a turbo'd falcon, my gosh it reminded me all the annoying things about them. They run like sh*t when it's hot, they feel sluggish and sad when the air con is on, ugh. Kinda at the stage of just wanting something I can hop in and drive, without having to warm up and cool down every time I drive. I mean, I look after any car, but it's nice just to drive a car. Thinking I might have to go an 8.... Or worse, convert to the dark side and buy a big lumpy Holden. They aren't very quick, but if I've got something with a really nice idle I might be satisfied.... On the other hand, there is the swankiest looking F6E over east that I'm tempted to buy. Havana with Red interior... It does things to me... haha.
  7. Bit of an update folks, insurance company's told me they will be writing off the car, and calling over the next few days to arrange paying me out. Shame for it to be stuffed, but I can start fresh and have another car.
  8. Gee, maybe that's why they haven't asked for it yet? I just assumed they'd take it out of the payout if it was writen off, but maybe not?...
  9. That's an awesome question man.... I just assumed so. Can anyone chime in on this?
  10. Insured for what I paid for it man. Took a high excess though. Thinking, 'I wont crash, I'm not a douchebag, and I'll just fix it if it's little stuff'.... TUrned out to be a mistake, but how was I to know haha
  11. Update: Went and saw the car today to do the 'mark up' for the visual repairs. Currently at the insurance companies preferred mechanical repairer. They are all under the impression it will be a write off. They asked if I had a preference and I told them I'm happy if that's how it goes, because I don't really want the car back after they've thrashed it. Brakes, wheels, tyres, suspension, everything is clapped out apparently.
  12. Just as a quick note for everyone, when they seized the car, they took it, took pictures, and had it at their towing companies yard before I was even told, so they know what the cars like visually. Yeah but I've already told them about the mods, they are covered on the policy, every last one of that. I wanted it to be a simple situation if I had an issue they'd cover the repairs knowing the car had modifications. I was up front with all of these so that it didn't cause any issues. I'm hoping so mate, that would be ideal. But we'll soon see I guess.
  13. We'll soon see what they think of the car. No doubt Rob at MT will say it's probably not worth the fix. And no doubt their people will say 'yeah we can fix the car up for a few grand'.... Which is not at all what I want. Refuse to have a cheap ass job done on the car. Ah well, we'll see how it all pans out.
  14. They reckon they took them into custody the night they got the car. Not sure man, the box is pretty sad, shifting pretty hard. No idea about the engine. Car doesn't feel that happy to be honest. I've told them I want it going to MT for the mechanical repairs quote. Lord knows they'll use their own people who don't care about the car other wise. And they'll put a cheap quote, leave things that aren't super important, just to be cheaper for the insurance company and so that they can get the work. Sent them extensive emails with pictures, explaining everything. But anyways. I'll keep everyone updated
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