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  1. Followed by a decent serving of Slipknot??
  2. Might not be enough plates in the gym for you big fella 🤣 I reckon if you're squatting 180-200 in the rack you can probably maybe double that in a pressing machine, possibly and some. Keep us posted, be interesting... Hey great results Mrs Jeturbo, you're an inspiration, just goes to show what can be done when you put in the work, great tennis ball biceps 💪🏻 😁
  3. Rob70

    My Build

    Great job man, knocking on the exclusive 700 clubs door!
  4. That's looking slick as now, got the show to match the go!
  5. Well done! That's an awesome cut! Half the battle is just getting to the gym for most people so you're over halfway there already
  6. Great result mate, you'll be well pleased 👍 And in a months time it'll be hmmm more powaaaaaa?? 🤣
  7. Great result from the little 76, one happy camper forsure! I used the ANTZ piping kit and battery relocation kit as well and found they fitted and worked really good as well 👍 What flavour bov is that?
  8. Love it when a plan comes together, nice work mate 👍
  9. Well I don't disagree with anything you've said, although I reckon it's about 40c worth there 🤣 I definitely wouldn't base my whole training regime around myo reps and certainly wouldn't be incorporating them into the big lifts like squats and deadlifts etc but I reckon it's not a bad tool to have in the training toolbox anyway. Just my 4c worth. And ain't nobody got no time for 15 - 20 rep sets in the rack! I'm with you there!
  10. Well I guess there's more than one way to skin a cat, it's not all about 1 rep max, lots of different training methods that work. So if you're doing 6-8 reps per set that would be around 80% of 1 rm? Doing 12 reps isn't down to 25-30% surely? Be more like 65-70% wouldn't it?
  11. Also good if you've only got 30-40 mins to spare for your workout, can get some good quality volume in and get wrecked at same time
  12. Hey boys, have you heard of myo rep training? Been incorporating some of this ^^ style training into the workouts lately, mainly on leg press on non specific leg days at the end of my workout just to add more weekly volume for my chicken legs but you can use it for a wide variety of exercises, check it out and see what you think.
  13. Pretty sure the handbook says 98 recommended, 95 is OK, 91 emergency only, or something to that effect, and that's factory tune.
  14. Geezus! That's one hell of an inspection! I won't be going there either then 🤣
  15. You could ring IPV (Issac Performance Vehicles) in Taupo, they're the Herrod franchise in NZ, I haven't had any dealings with them myself but they do a lot of Falcons and have been for 20+ years, I'm thinking of making the trip up from Wellington for my next tune to hit the 400 mark.
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