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  1. I'm running stock bov vented to atmosphere through a small k&n vent filter. It doesn't sound to obnoxious at all really. Definitely nothing like a ricey one. I'm running about 15psi and seems to work fine for now. Not sure if it's even legal here in NZ but I don't really give a crap. The alternative tu tu tu tu tu tu sound is not for me. Plumbing back to the inlet with turbo side intake is not the look I want either, to much hose!
  2. That's a very nice bit of kit, if mine decides to poo it's pants I think one of these might be the way to go... I'll bring it back here in my luggage when all is good again
  3. Totally agree, that's a tasteful look, I went for the SSL Kings as well and am very happy with the stance, amazing what a 20mm drop will do! Brake upgrade is next on the list.
  4. So I finally got my engine back in and tuned with an Aeroflow 6662 (GTX 3582 G2 equiv.) Stopped at 407rwkw and 790nm, 16psi on 98, fuel pump would have run out of puff otherwise, it's only a 320lph item. More in it otherwise I think. Took it back to 380ish and 750nm to help the standard driveline live a little longer... It was on a hub dyno so probably have to drop a few points off for that I guess but it still goes really farkin good! Pretty happy with how the turbo has performed so far, will just have to see how it goes from here...
  5. Rob70

    My Build

    Freakin epic build Juan! 😁 I've just finished reading, start to finish, couple hours at least of pure car porn! Makes my little FG 407rwkw build seem very inadequate 😮 Keep posting mate, this is how people like me learn stuff and I can also sympathize with the trials and tribulations of car building, I've not long completed my old XA build, stoker clevo and t5, with astro a5 gear set, some trying times there to I must say but it's great to turn key and drive now... but, like you, there has been and probably still will be upgrades, are they ever really fini
  6. Will flick you a pm Yeah I've been meaning to post up something so I'll get onto it
  7. Seriously!? How do we go about doin that?? I'd be a keen starter!
  8. That's an impressive torque figure on 98 fuel Aaron! Pity you can't send me over one of those tunes
  9. I used the Antz kit also on my FG and it all went in nicely, even kept the filter which I haven't had a problem with... yet.
  10. I've recently pulled out the IRS to do bushes, no hoist, just used ramps for front and stands at rear, got it plenty high enough to drop and pull clear with 2 trolley jacks, it's not that difficult if you're reasonably handy with a spanner. I used some timber between jacks and IRS to get correct angle as the rear of car was higher than the front.
  11. Yeah that's another nice bonus alright, shaping up to be not a bad unit at all providing they can last the distance
  12. Was the aeroflow snail straight out of the box Aaron or did it have one of your spec rear housings?
  13. Nice job, they are some very encouraging results from the aeroflow snail, I'm sure plenty of others have been eager to see how they perform as well! Mine is going on next weekend all going well and if I get similar results I'll be very happy. Longevity remains to be seen but very promising so far...
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