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  1. I've recently pulled out the IRS to do bushes, no hoist, just used ramps for front and stands at rear, got it plenty high enough to drop and pull clear with 2 trolley jacks, it's not that difficult if you're reasonably handy with a spanner. I used some timber between jacks and IRS to get correct angle as the rear of car was higher than the front.
  2. Yeah that's another nice bonus alright, shaping up to be not a bad unit at all providing they can last the distance
  3. Was the aeroflow snail straight out of the box Aaron or did it have one of your spec rear housings?
  4. Nice job, they are some very encouraging results from the aeroflow snail, I'm sure plenty of others have been eager to see how they perform as well! Mine is going on next weekend all going well and if I get similar results I'll be very happy. Longevity remains to be seen but very promising so far...
  5. Some very encouraging info here I have the Aeroflow 6662 to install in the coming weeks, was a great deal from @JETURBO and since I'm not looking to squeeze every last tenth of a kw out of my set up I thought I'd give them a go. If I can get similar performance and reliability I'll be happy. Will report back once I've had it chooned.
  6. I've just ordered one of the Aeroflow units through Aaron so will let you know how it goes.... Very well priced at the moment to I might add.
  7. Haha! Yeah ideal opportunity for all of the above and that's what I'd do if I was after big reliable power but like Keith said, not really needed for my mediocre power goals. Cheers for the input though 🤙
  8. Hey all, I've decided to pull the engine out of my fg to replace oil pump, seems like the easiest way to get everything cleaned up and sealed again properly. Only going for around 320 rwkw at the moment with standard turbo but might change it out at later date for a 370ish tune to keep the zf living reasonably happy. It's probably on here somewhere but any suggestions on what else to address while it's out? Thinking upgraded flex plate, exhaust manifold studs and new timing chain kit as it's done 120k. Doing valve springs as well. Anything else? Cheers.
  9. Ok cool, thanks for reply
  10. Hey all, Just wanting to nail down which crow valve springs to get. I've got the mods for a 310-320ish rwkw tune, pw stage 2 cooler, piping kit, turbo side intake, larger fuel pump, etc etc. I still need injectors which will probably be kpm 1000cc units, easily procured here in NZ and valve springs. Mace Engineering NZ have a reasonable price on Crow items but not sure whether to get the 1808-24 with 95lbs seat and 195lb open and use stock retainers or the 105lb seat and 205lb open which appear to need crow retainers? Mace kit part # is SPG-613 for the 105lb ones with retainers. It's a strong possibility I'll upgrade turbo and exhaust in future so maybe 370ish rwkw is on the cards and not sure if the 1808-24 items will be up to it? Cheers, Rob.
  11. I'm not sure I want to go to that extent just at the moment, billet oil pump etc etc... I will source some valve springs from Aussie and see what the pricing is like for ID 1050x injectors there as well. You've done a great job doing everything yourself with a little help from mates, very rewarding for sure when you achieve a result like you have. Cheers, Rob.
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