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  1. And don't forget a 460 will need upgraded wiring, I'm running a 320lph pump with stock wiring loom and fuel reg, 350 killer wasps, no probs. Will be going 460 in near future as I go for 400+ tune
  2. Geez that blows big time puff... Yep those legs are guna get it alright
  3. Mental note, refuse all offers of an arm wrestle from Mrs Jeturbo... Smashing it!!
  4. 🤣🤣🤣 Those dam niggles can take a bit of time to get rid of. I work on the risk versus reward principle, more so now that I'm getting into the old fart realm, no more 1 rep max or training in the 3 - 6 range, for me that's when the injuries start to raise their ugly head or old niggles decide they want to re appear. I've found if I go lighter for more reps, generally 8 - 15 depending on the exercise I tend not to get injured to often at all now, but hey I'm not training for massive size either, just happy to keep what I've got and maybe make some gainz from time to time...
  5. Just came across this thread, awesome build mate, I went through all the trials and tribulations with a ground up resto on my dear old XA a few years back, it's like Xmas when you can start bolting everything back on and there it stays (mostly), keep up the good work, it's guna be a nice piece of kit when all done and sound amazing! Can't beat a healthy V8 for sound effects in my opinion!
  6. I'm no mechanic but check your harmonic balancer maybe just in case? Can't hurt to rule it out...
  7. Farkin tell me about it!! Although there's a an older joker at my gym, he's 84 and he's just got back from trekking the himalayas! There's hope for us yet...
  8. Sometimes less is more, funny how it all works sometimes... Good to hear the hammy is coming along
  9. Awesome mate, good step in the right direction! 3 days a week instead of 6 will definitely put you in good stead for recovery, 6 days a week takes it's toll man. I do 4 days a week now and find that to be a nice balance, I'm in my 50s so don't recover like I used to...
  10. How's that hammy Puff?
  11. Normally not good when you can hear as well as feel it going wrong, you done the right thing, like you say, better safe than sorry, coz we know that sorry can mean months of down time! Focus now on what you can do and not what you can't, be back on the big lifts in no time 👍
  12. Hopefully won't be a couple months for you, might even be able to go light and more reps after a couple weeks. Could even throw some plates on the leg press after some rest time and see how it goes. Fark I hate getting injured when the gainz are coming along nicely! Is what it is though I guess, sometimes it doesn't seem to matter if yr all warmed up, got correct form etc, sheet just happens sometimes...
  13. Aww crap, there go the gainzzzz! Hammies can be a bit niggley for a while, don't rush it, no point being out of action for any longer than you need to be
  14. Followed by a decent serving of Slipknot??
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