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  1. Glad to hear that your happy Rossko! Thanks for the mention[mention=15147]k31th[/mention] it’s been a while since I have been around here haha, good to see people still active on here I might head over and update the Peppy thread
  2. Awesome stuff Azza, dry assembly is crucial... can't wait to see what you can do with it
  3. Hey guys, sorry I'm not too active on here these days, but yes I have taken the leap to turn this into a legitimate business, HOON Tune... I'm more active on Facebook if you would like to check out what I've been up too Here's a car I finished off yesterday, absolutely beautiful car and impressive to drive... I'm normally not a fan of a manual Barra, but I have customised my own 2-step to this one, what a difference it has made, next I'll adapt it to the auto to see how it responds
  4. Top work as always Jetters... that's rubbish Ralphy, it just takes time, I'm proud to have never had to drill any TB.. FoMoCo or GM, cam or not, different size TB, draw through or blow through The exception is the LS1 with cable throttle, it comes with a 2.5mm hole from factory and a bypass valve, if you use an extrenly large cam the bypass isn't enough to control idle, so you enlarge the factory hole to 4mm and re-calibrate all the airflow tables [emoji5] Idle Ignition timing and fueling plays a huge role also
  5. Great, that's the best way to do it.. good luck
  6. Create a histogram in the scanner that logs cam angle vs rpm (like the SD tables) with LTFT in the cells, use this to adjust your map per airmass table for your idle, light load and cruise... you may want to disable dfco while doing this
  7. Hey Guys, yea that's right@xr6tforme We managed a 9.30@154 from Tony's car on Wednesday night, making it the 3rd fastest ZF overall, and NSW fastest genuine street driven ZF car I'm extremely proud of everything about this car, it just performs.. it starts, idles, and cruises like a standard car, then raises the hairs on your arms at WOT We will definitely be back out, but will have to travel to heathcote track to run again as Sydney Dragway wasn't too impressed that we snuck through after running the 9.8@151 a few weeks back I'll upload some videos shortly Another customer Steve in his
  8. Hey Fellas, sorry for the long delay, I've had heaps going on, but today I'd like to share some testing from last night.. An F6 which Has had the Hoon Tune threatment from front to back.. this car came to me with various issues, firstly one of my stage 5 box builds which is pretty much the bees knees, I rate it to 600rwkw but it's showing potential for more A full fuel system upgrade, as once it was loaded up properly the system it came with just wasn't up to the task.. A one of my full built engine combos, from top to bottom, with the only outsourcing being the machine work, which is done
  9. Awesome stuff as always@Jeturbo Indexing is very important IMO, and definitely helps to make a more consistent and complete burn.. I find using the correct torque settings will get it bang on, or turn them until they just touch by hand, then 90*.. but this can only been done once! Once the seal/washer is squashed then this will change, so new plugs are recommended any time they are removed, I run BKR7E or BKR8E depending on application and gap will depend on application also It's the little things that count
  10. Your gonna love it mate, it will get sent out on Monday
  11. Awesome Mulch, as a gift to the XR6T Forum members I'll even throw in free shipping, just type "XMAS SHIPPING" into the apply coupon bar in your shopping cart
  12. 15% OFF the nGauge until Christmas Guys $580 https://www.facebook.com/nGaugeAU/posts/161377527670089 http://www.ngaugeau.com/products
  13. Exactly right Jet, The head I am currently using is an FG head, now flows exactly the same as the original BF head we ported, with chamber volume, and both intake and exhaust port volumes the same as the BF head, which is why I say there really is no difference between them in stock form or ported form Power wise it's hard to compare stock vs ported, as the stock cams don't really get to make use of the porting properly, but with the cams I jumped over 60kw at the tyres, making 546kw with a longer peak power band, it has just shifted up the rpm range 1000 or so rpm.. with the gtx3582 singin
  14. A few facts to help everyone along Sweet feck all separates the ba/BF/FG heads flow wise, Yes the FG has a slightly different designed intake runner (the rear port has a lower short side) and chamber design (it actually shrouds the valves creating a restriction in that area) to introduce "swirl" sorry to say but zero flow gains are made here, that's more to help create a more complete burn to aid emissions and economy The rear port flowed 5cfm better, I don't see this as a gain, I'd much prefer both sides of the port flowed exactly the same so the air won't favour one side which could actua
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