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  1. In Sydvegas its called a Kebab!! I oughta know Iv got 780 of em
  2. I am gay??? which ahole told you Im not gay???
  3. They put like this fully hectic cop chip in it from an ex chaser...Its boosting that hard it broke the auto meter gauge which reads in MHTG??!! Mo said like take it easy on the tahini and after she runs in him and the boys will give it more sauce?? I said wtf is MHTG?? mixed kebab homous tahini & garlic. Faaaaark I said cuzzy.... your a fkn machine!! why didnt I come to u in the first place.
  4. Grego.77

    780AWKW TTG

    Changed injectors from 1000KPMS to Custom 5000cc run twin Weiland pumps and threw out the pt64/66 and manifold and went a PT94 and full time methanol. Think I might get into 10s a little more easier now.... Id like to thank the Mohammed at kebab racing for the upgrades. will post specs and time slips in the morning,
  5. Wouldnt be too concerned about load rating on the rim... Any genuine rim is twice as strong as any aftermarket crap being sold these days imo. Look better too
  6. Someone needs to go all out on one of these engines. Iv heard of a few in the making but all seem to be benched. sh*tty little 2L WRXs are making the 200mph club these days... :/
  7. f*ckn VW drivers.... the new Volvo drivers.... Das f*ckn cant drive Auto
  8. Flog f%$# out of it just like I did the day before that and that and so on
  9. The oil pump housing is still bolted on but no gears right? There is very little clearance between the crank and the pump housing. Depending on how big his clearances are on his mains it could be just the oil pump housing scrapping the crank. I doubt itll do any damage but cranks especially when 2 foot long bow at certain rpms.Taking tension off your chain will increase/decrease noise which is whats happening. If his running between .004" to .006" main clearnce that's where ill be putting my money on.
  10. Happy with Joe and his tuning and Ill be going back to him as soon as he gets his dyno up and running. Just wanted a tune on E85 before the years end. Exactly what Matty said mainline just didnt have 1 built for us in time.
  11. Joe doesn't own an all wheel drive dyno.... His ordered one and it should be up and running sometime early next year.
  12. What do you need to know Matty? Pretty much stock manifolds little 64/66 same exhaust an injectors as you plazmaman fm with a similar air intake descent fuel supply on a built motor. was going for the 500awkw mark on E85 but injectors are at 90%, 1500 injectors and she'll be there easy but Im kinda happy with where shes at now.
  13. Must get bored a lot?? 20,000 posts nearly 200 days just on here... Rahaha bahahaha... Its Christmas so I wont keep going at you.
  14. Still sounding emotional there princess... Kleenex?
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