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  1. My thoughts Aswell, thank you sir.
  2. All finished. Running on 7psi spring pressure at the moment,(14psi tune)car feels good and no additional lag going from the territory 0.63 exhaust housing to the external gated 1.06. The pulsar chra has a noticable spooling noise,sounds great. Gave the exhaust manifold a little clean up as the casting had a few possible areas where the metal could chip off and damage the new core. Sent from my SM-A336E using Tapatalk
  3. Hi All. The previous owner of my turbo territory has had 650cc injectors fitted, will I need to go to a 1000cc injector for 300awkw on 98... or will the 650cc injectors be fine? Not interested in e85 or more power than 300awkw.
  4. Ended up not leaving the factory core. Spoke with pulsar turbos and instead of a new gen2 gtx 3576 supercore they recomended an upgraded core,and said I wont loose any response over the factory core. Sent from my SM-A336E using Tapatalk
  5. Ok thanks ,I will stick with this one. Sent from my SM-A336E using Tapatalk
  6. Ok,thanks Puff. Another question will a pulsar gen2 3582 spool as quick as the standard turbo?
  7. Pulled the turbo out today for the new external gate housing. Took a picture of the exhaust wheel....is the damage to the fins normal? Sent from my SM-A336E using Tapatalk
  8. Another thing,I am only chasing 300-330 awkw do I require the 460 or will the 255 walbro suffice?
  9. Ahh I didnt know that I was under the assumption that the spring pressure was maximum boost pressure. I had This current engine rebuilt from an overboost ,so I am a little nervous it will happen again....would it be worth while getting an over boost valve or am I just being paranoid.
  10. Thanks Kieth. For the 460,is this what everyone is using? XR6 G6ET XR6 TURBO FUEL PUMP WIRING UPGRADE WALBRO 525 460 | eBay
  11. Hi Guys. I have just purchased one of these with a 45mm turbosmart hypergate. PULSAR External Wastegate Ford Falcon FG/FGX XR6 5-Bolt Turbine housin – Pulsar Turbos Australia The wastegate is set from factory with 14psi of spring pressure...currently the car is tuned to 12psi,can I set the wastegate to 7psi by removing the inner spring and still drive around while trying to keep it of boost until I get a tune done or should I just wait until im ready for the tune?
  12. Hi Guys Looking at modifying my f6x territory, my question is do I need to upgrade the wiring with this drop in kit or will the factory wiring be up to the task? WALBRO E85 460-LPH NEW FUEL PUMP ASSEMBLY FPV SY TERRITORY TURBO 10-2007-ON 4.0L | eBay Also is the GFB fuel pressure regulator a simple drop in set and forget item? GFB FX-S Fuel Pressure Regulator for Ford BA BF FG XR6 Turbo Barra 4.0L + Gauge | eBay
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