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  1. that's a bit rough, I'd say "going out with nothing left to give" (obviously not from a marketing/finance point of view - they checked out years ago). There'd be a few of you doing your sums to see if you've got the coin to buy a Falcon next year.
  2. I'm considering this one Gaz. Was up that way twice last year: once for cold weather testing with my fleet of FG-X test cars, and the other for a run up to Omeo for a vanilla slice with the missus...in a black manual FG-X XR8. Tough trips... Just have to clear it with my built in passenger seat speed alert
  3. details of property and assets please...
  4. I could: barely driven anything else for 6 months...
  5. I couldn't agree more RE features. But its not a let down when its clearly planned and fully intentional. More of a slap in the face. The people jumping on the stang bandwagon either miss this or don't care. At least Expensive Daewoo had a fair dinkum crack at a final commo.
  6. Anyone else having deja vu? All the comments about "I prefer the old model" or "the new one looks odd" Its like we're back in 2008 again...
  7. You can just see the back of the head of the extremely handsome man driving it
  8. Its Lightning Strike and it was pretty bloody cold in Melbourne this morning.
  9. Nice drive up to the dandenongs
  10. Looks sh*t, should've got an XR8...
  11. What if there's an initial spike as all the hopefuls/gullibles rush in and buy... ...and then everyone remembers that the dealer network are still as backwards as ever, and Ford still makes cars the same way (they're not a premium product, but they ask for a premium price). Given that the rest of the model line up is already here and sales are fairly consistent, it is evident that whatever is added to the lineup once the local models are stopped (Territory replacement and Mustang) will need to sell around a combined 2000 units pcm to keep the brand in the same sales position. At the moment hal
  12. There was an intercooled version (the first Miami I ever drove was intercooled), suggestions were it made more power than that. Both the versions used to smash the HSV benchmark cars they had apparently, but unfortunately for us they used to smash everything else underneath the car too, hence there is now no cooler, and a de-tuned version of the non-intercooled motor.
  13. Lol: that touchscreen makes the whole car so much nicer? Evidence of the power of marketing and perception! The only noticeable differences to the customer are (I'm assuming no-one cares about different power steering fluid reservoirs or other re-sourced hidden items) FG Mk11 headlamps (projector style) FG Mk11 touchscreen and associated ICC software, as per the SZ E265 (the rest of the ICC functionality, all the hard buttons, is carry over). Complimenting this is the USB input and phone holder in the console, as opposed to the pouch and ipod connection in the Mk1. Wheels went back to the BF s
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