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  1. You'll be ripping in no time Dan with that set up.
  2. Thread mine I know. Are the AU Ute Tidy the same as FG?
  3. Oops, sorry, that was a big FUBAR from my end, but car was performing flawlessly for 6 months before I started having issues. All good now.
  4. Just thought I would follow up and finalise this thread. Well, as the car and tune was standard except for the X Force Turbo back exhaust, it worked without issues until the cooler weather arrived, then it started playing up/over boosting. I put a stock exhaust back on now so no more problems and the car is working perfectly, so thanks to all for your help and advice. Cheers
  5. Now now gents, don't go importing too many Barras, before you know it, half of the USA will want them to replace their LS.
  6. Don't know what I'm more impressed with, the car or the hoist? Looking forward to updates.
  7. Cruise, race and enjoy. She's a beast.
  8. Epic as usual, can't wait either.
  9. Plugged the Forscan in and got: "Connection to vehicle has been established, then a header come up saying: Unable to identify vehicle, if PCM has a custom tune installed, please enter strategy/calibration name or part number of FACTORY PCM (ex.5L3A-12A650-AYH)" I've been in a few Standard XR6 Turbos and this this feels very very healthy compared to them So, as I cannot find if the vehicle has been tuned, I assume I should just take it to a Tuner and go from there? Elite Automotive or Profile Autosports for those in SE Qld or any other recommendations? Prefer south of Brisbane or Gold Coast.
  10. Sorry for the newbie questions, I'm new to the turbo scene.
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