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  1. Sweet as, cheers for the reply.
  2. So have recently tuned my fg G6et made 380kw (16psi) on 98. Was curious what else I would have to do to make more power 400-450kw, the current mods are as follows 6boost manifold 4” exhaust gtx3584rs turbo pulsar intercooler 45ml external gate 1000cc injectors wahlbro 450 fuel pump gfb fpr turbo side intake Valve springs oil pump gears
  3. Hey, was just wondering what prices people have been quoted to install oil pump gears in New Zealand and also at what hp/kw people recommend to get these done cheers
  4. Yea they do I messaged goelbys and they have them but apparently 6boost don’t offer the low mount w a 50ml wastegate port, so I think I’m just going to get a low mount one without a wastegate port and go off the rearhousing instead
  5. Hey does anyone know if it’s possible to get a 6 boost manifold in the factory turbo position with a 50ml wastegate port or if you would have to go off the rearhousing?
  6. Do you think I would have to do valve springs or will the stock ones be fine? I’m leaning towards doing them just to be on the safer side
  7. Hey just started getting around to modding my g6e turbo and was wondering if there is anything else I would need to do to reach the 350kw mark, the mods I have done currently are as follows. -bigger intercooler/piping kit -gtx3584rs turbo -turbo side intake and bat relo -Bosch 1000cc injectors -gfb fpr -antz 4” exhaust from turbo back -wahlbro 460 fuel pump -50ml turbosmart external wastegate
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