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  1. Haha yeah I was wondering that. Seems a bit boom boom shake the room.
  2. Should I Buy This Xr6T (Merged Topic)

    Haha this describes me a couple of months ago. And yep finding a good FG only took a few days! If you aren't looking for bulk top end power, that baby turbo comes on pretty nice on the street. Good work! Sent from my Pixel 2 using Tapatalk
  3. Thanks mate, that's what I need to know re key reader. Yep the rest of it I've got to kit together. Forgot about the glovebox lock which has already gone to the tip. Oh well, no buggy. Sent from my Pixel 2 using Tapatalk
  4. Just want to make sure I package this up properly to sell... If someone was going to transfer an ECU and all associated security gear to another car, without needing to get it get anything recoded, I understand they would need: -ECU -BEM (white thing on back of ICC) -Keys -Ignition barrel -Drivers door lock For the ignition barrel, I assume you need the lock barrel itself, but also the electronics for detecting the chip in the key. Is that just the box with the barcode on this pic? This is all from my BA so my plan is to sell it as a set, but want to make sure it is complete before I advertise it. Thanks!
  5. Boost, no Boost, Boost???

    Good work for reporting back! Must feel nice to have it sorted!
  6. Running Rich / Poor Economy

    You might need to take $2k off that trade price for a farked n/a too! +1 for checking short term and long term fuel trims with a scan tool
  7. The Off Topic Thread.

    That's a good idea I reckon - should catch any of those airbags still getting around. Did I mention when I removed the steering wheel in the BA, the airbag was clipped in but the retaining bolts were flopping around loose in their springs. Then the nut holding the wheel on could be undone with just my fingers. Glad that airbag didn't deploy...
  8. The Off Topic Thread.

    Haha wow! Trying to work out if I have done the right thing - had a chance to buy some ID1000s, two years old but unused and unopened, for $300 from someone local on FB marketplace. Guy didn't have the invoice, but apparently bought them from CMS and wrote off his FGX before he got around to his build. I eventually said no as they just seemed so cheap and there are copies out there. A set of Raceworks equivalent is under $600 so ultimately decided that will eventually be a less risky buy - don't want to save $300 bucks but pop a motor. Still, if they are legit it would have been a bargain!
  9. Should I Buy This Xr6T (Merged Topic)

    I saw a 44k BF2 go for $14,500 in almost new condition when I was looking a couple of months back so 100k more with a rough service history shouldn't be worth anywhere near that. Even a few years back when I bought the BA, everyone seems to shoot for the moon, then you watch the car gradually drop in price week by week. Have you thought about FG? I was aiming for BF2 but ended up getting a near perfect FG with leather and 19s for $15k with 110 km on it. Saw a few good ones with less options and 150 km in the $12-13k range.
  10. What Made You Feel Good Today

    I'm going to have a fun night! Time to start my electrical work. Probably won't drop it all in until warranty is over in a few weeks. Plan is to have a single Deutch connector at the firewall which handles everything. Am wiring oil pressure gauge, boost gauge, wideband, extra USB power for dashcam, thermo switch and fan for trans cooler (plus a light in the cabin to indicate fan status).
  11. OBD plug

    Easiest thing is to grab one like this: https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com.au%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F142693017104 Then use the Torque app on an Android phone to read codes. Will also let you read a range of engine parameters and show them as gauges or graph them.
  12. My 2010 XR50T Ute

    Are you definite on the brake light switch? My FG was doing the same - took somewhere between 2 and 20 mins of driving to set it off. Ended up driving it at night until I triggered it, so I could see what the brake lights were doing by reflecting off street signs. Once the lights started to go MIA, the fault appeared shortly after.
  13. What Made You Feel Good Today

    Haha that's what I said to the kids!
  14. What Made You Feel Good Today

    So I had used PCMTec to confirm my FG was tuned, but had no idea where it was tuned or what power it made. One of the kids pulls a piece of paper out of a map pocket today. "What's this daddy?" That is a dyno graph. So now I know 312kw and tuned by Pulse Racing in Sydney. Sounds like they have a good reputation, but only found one car on here tuned by them. At least I can give them a call and find out what else has been done that I can't see so I know what to plan for - pump, valve springs, etc.

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