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  1. And give me bulk Club FG cred
  2. I could, but it has all been freshly sealed up so I'd rather not! Flaking is on the front so maybe I should just slap a hectic sticker there...
  3. Seriously 50:50 about whether I should try to respray my rocker cover while it's in the car, or just leave it. Has some of the original paint flaking off after Ford steam cleaned it when doing the timing cover seal. Long term I'll buy one and get it powder coated to switch over next time the cover is off. Have a can of high temp red and a can of high temp black in the shed, plus a long weekend. Temptation will probably get the better of me.
  4. New shocks and springs, quality pads and rotors, reasonable tyres will all give you best bang for buck. It will be very expensive to make decent power mods on an N/A. Some of the above will be transferrable to a turbo FG if you upgrade in the future (brakes will depend)
  5. Doesn't the pump run flat out regardless of the power? Just means more fuel coming back via the return. So a 460 is working just as hard in a 300kw car as a 400kw car?
  6. Ah cheers thanks. Haha yeah I'd noticed it when doing the filter and assumed it was a heat sink style cooler. Only just noticed the coolant plumbing from above today. Yeah I'd come to the same conclusion previously re the FGs, but then occasionally hear a horror story. Probably unnecessary, but figured there was no harm in doing while everything was accessible. Fark doing the intake side cam position sensor again any time soon.
  7. Nup - was one private owner before me. Factory option maybe?
  8. Can't see a scenario where we will need two cars for a while, so pulled the FG off the road to do everything single thing I can think of on my list. Is nice to rip off all piping, heat shielding etc and get some easy access. Ordered a turbo oil feed kit and a turbo side intake and battery relo while I was at it. Just noticed the car has an oil cooler behind the oil filter, plumbed into the cooling system. My BA didn't - is this an FG thing? I thought it was FPV only but maybe someone added it at some stage.
  9. Yeah mine were low, not super low. But new springs are stiffer than old springs. With super low you might have more chance of using the car and a jack to re-assemble in the car, but yeah car is not drivable for the foreseeable future if it doesn't work.
  10. Thanks mate I'll do that and see what it shows
  11. Removing the whole strut (shock and spring assembly) is easy without compressors. Be very very careful if doing the job without spring compressors - people have killed themselves trying. I found with new Kings BA springs, I couldn't compress them enough with spring compressors to install back onto the shock, so had to go to a shop. They said they sometimes break their wall mounted compressors doing it. If you try without spring compressors, you need to be ok with the risk you won't be able to get them back in afterwards. Can you order compressors online?
  12. Anyone seen this before? About a min after startup, idle starts hunting - sounds like it's got a big cam in it. You can see on the wideband the AFR is all over the place. Ignition timing is about -4 degrees After about a minute of that, it settles down to a steady idle and behaves itself, goes back to a more normal +15 ignition timing at idle. Has always done it occasionally but seems much more frequent lately. I should data log the cam angle sensors.
  13. Yep, with daily trips to Khancoban for a BBQ and some twisties
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