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  1. Should reward everyone's good work to get things under control by allowing a three day road rule amnesty and so you can all blow off some steam. Have it as a two hour window each day so anyone who doesn't like it can keep off the roads [emoji16]
  2. Same here - I've got lots of painting and floor laying to finish before Christmas. But March could be good!
  3. Haha I DIY tune for a reason [emoji16] There's definitely some better choices in Sydney As well as injectors, dump, cat and pump I've got the following, driveline-wise: -Antz battery relocation and turbo side intake (not needed for power, but sounds great and makes so many maintenance tasks easier by not having the crossover -Golebys turbo oil feed line (comes with Turbosmart filter) - lots of people say these aren't needed in an FG but I went for piece of mind -Heat exchanger for auto - this is a must for the ZF regardless of whether or not you add power -GFB fuel.oressure reg (not needed, but I wanted the gauge and needed a new reg) 255lph pump will be heaps and won't need a wiring upgrade, new fuel reg or return line modification. If you go bigger for that power target you just create more headaches
  4. What Keith said. I'd do cat and dump only, injectors, pump for safety and a tune. You can always add the cooler later. That's where my FG started. Factory catback is already straight through and sufficiently sized to handle anything the stock turbo will breath into it. I'd get a couple of opinions too as the Barra scene here in Canberra isn't great (in my view) and I had a couple of tuners try to sell me parts I didn't need or tell me stuff that I knew wasn't right.
  5. Laid the bamboo floor in the dining, kitchen and laundry on Saturday. Stopped there as I figured I should wait until the kitchen work is finished to reduce the risk of damage in the hallway. Plus once everything is back in the kitchen I'll have more space in the house to shuffle furniture to lay the lounge and kids rooms.
  6. Interesting - I feel like that knowledge is going to get me out of trouble one day!
  7. Interesting - I feel like that knowledge is going to get me out of trouble one day!
  8. Looks a bit different now. Kicks go down tomorrow morning for the cabinets and then I lay the bamboo floor over the weekend. Doing most of the house with it, so will see how far I get!
  9. Wow that window is nice. Kitchen and laundry came out today. Bye bye asbestos!
  10. Go KYB. Cost effective and tend to be better quality than Monroe or the cheap brands. I had those on my BA and was very happy.
  11. The TSC is based on wheel rotation using the ABS sensors. I can't see that you would have a calibration issue after changing the brakes. I've got the same set up (322mm front with upgraded 328mm rear). I'd say it's more likely the ABS sensor was damaged or dislodged during the install. Just a guess though - someone else may have direct experience with the issue.
  12. Nah haven't done ball joints. Did the shocks on the BA back in the day along with all of the bushes except the ball joints. Haven't done any front end work on the FG... yet
  13. Thanks mate - appreciate it. I'll keep chucking sensors at it! At least they are cheap and easy to replace.
  14. Anyone else find they chew oxygen sensors quickly? I seem to kill one every year I reckon. Idle gets a bit funny and wideband suggests the car is not quickly adjusting between slightly lean/slightly rich at idle. Issue has just come up again and then car three a code for slow O2 sensor response. Car us an FG with X-Force dump. I'm wondering if the sensor is located too close to the turbo exit or something. Wideband sensor doesn't experience the same issue. No big deal as genuine Bosch sensors are only $59 but thought I would ask if anyone else has the same issue.
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