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  1. Also, normal posts are quite trolling here
  2. You might have a point - my recollection from back then was that the door skins and roof line was carried over from AU to B series. Interior design and mounting aspects of the roof lining might make them incompatible though.
  3. On a client site today. Someone tried to roast nuts in the microwave and burned them. Threw them in the bin, which promptly caught fire... [emoji23]
  4. Just picked up this guy this morning - should be fun. He is wagging his tail in his sleep every now and then so seems to be happy so far!
  5. Finally replaced the blade arms. No wonder the rear felt like rubbish on the Snowys trip - I can wiggle the mounting brackets in the old arms by hand very easily.
  6. Yeah I got impact wrench, ratchet, charger and extra 4 amo hour battery for under $100. Worth the risk of it being crap, in which case I'll blame the Skid Factory for making them look usable [emoji1787]
  7. Haha snap - I just picked up a 12v Toolpro ratchet as they were half price and so damn cheap. Sure it isn't going to crack nuts, but for buzzing things on or off should be handy.
  8. It will still help having a better intercooler without the tune, in the same way that the PCM adapts for cooler weather and the car drives better. It is effectively the same as moving location to somewhere with lower ambient temperatures! But as Keith says, a tune will help maximise the benefit you get. Not unsafe in the meantime though, unless someone has previously tuned your car on the ragged edge of safety. Interesting question re intakes. Have been considering going turbo-side and have read a few comments about the car running lean and being unsafe if a turbo side is installed without a tune. I can't understand this as the MAP sensor is after the turbo and the car will still know exactly how much air is coming in. Sure the car MIGHT make boost a bit easier and hit the overboost limit but hard to see how it is that much of an issue?
  9. My six year old just built a Lego car. "That's the bumper bar, and this thing behind it is the intercooler." Brought tears of joy to my eyes.
  10. Thanks mate - I'll check it out!
  11. Same to you Keith and every one else - have a great 2020! New year's resolution - don't watch any more Zac Baldy or Sam Crac - I keep getting sucked in by their click bait titles and then am severely disappointed by the content.
  12. Smoke is crazy here in Canberra too. There is a mountain ridge a couple of km away that we look at from the front of our house, plus the Brindabellas, but can't see either at the moment. Can actually see smoke hanging inside and there have been shopping centres and office buildings evacuated due to fire alarms going off over the last couple of week.s
  13. I've got the FG one. To be honest it doesn't fit super well and so I have never really been happy with it. Can't really return it as I drilled a hole for an LED for my trans thermo switch. Tried to trim it a bit without much success. Keep meaning to get another one to see if it was a one off, but then don't want to spend another $150 or whatever it was if the second one is no good!
  14. Has its advantages! I worked from home for a day after to make sure I was safe, but people still physically take a step back when they ask if I am feeling better.
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