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  1. El Andrew

    The Off Topic Thread.

    I just made sangas with hot chips and Baker's Delight bread...
  2. Far out I can't believe people buy that stuff. Was actually impressed with my local Repco when a guy wanted to buy one Repco rotor cause he thought only one was worn bad enough to replace. Dude behind the counter said no.
  3. Haha the pump is about all that's left of the car in that thread! Was going to chuck it in the FG as I've got the rest of the week off. But the wife filled it with petrol yesterday...
  4. El Andrew

    Show us your PC and/or Gaming setup

    This. Just had to a bunch of user acceptance testing and bug reporting plus writing procedures for a project at work. Snipping Tool for days.
  5. El Andrew

    The Off Topic Thread.

    Haha the bar is new not the van! Seriously though - nothing special 2010 Kluger Altitude AWD. We've only got two kids but the third row probably my gets flipped up once a fortnight and the ground clearance is great for camping etc. Very competent car.
  6. El Andrew

    The Off Topic Thread.

    I picked up this today to fix my previous indiscretion
  7. Yeah something like that. Silly then that the manufacturers say sealed for life. The other thing we can agree on is that the Gulf Western oil smells like arse.
  8. Yep Gulf Western it it now. [emoji106] To backtrack a bit, the original question was about what factory Lifeguard looks like on a first-time drain. Anyway, that container is the mankiest thing floating around my shed, with all sorts of engine, power steering and mower oil residue that it's been used for lately, plus dust and metal filings. In hindsight, posting a picture wasn't that helpful. The point I was trying to help with was that yes, servicing your ZF is a must. I think we all agree on that!
  9. Correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't lifeguard start out tan in colour? As I said above, the container want clean either. The stuff I was wiping around the transmission after I removed the pan was basically straw colour. But yep, the fluid had over 100k on it so definitely time for a change. Will be living the good life now with regular changes with the GW stuff (which is red). Edit: was typing when Arron posted. But same point.
  10. El Andrew

    Goeers thoughts

    Reminds me of the original Need for Speed when you could *just* max out the Diablo at 202mph on the coastal track but would be forced hit the barrier and barrel roll. Man I loved that game.
  11. This is mine out after 115k. Admittedly the container wasn't super clean. If you look at the shallower bit to get a better idea of colour, it isn't awful, but it certainly don't look brand new!
  12. El Andrew

    ZF automatic clicking noise

    Puff your rods say no.... Okay, get someone to put in reverse while you lay next to the car on the ground. Might help you narrow down the exact location.
  13. El Andrew

    Boost Controller with Tune

    I'm confused - earlier he blamed your turbo for the blow up, now it is your tuning?
  14. El Andrew

    The Off Topic Thread.

    Cats are good for vermin so you should see a solid result

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