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  1. Thought I'd check back in on this one - was a bit of a strange one. Injectors wouldn't scale at all - still heaps rich. This was on 1000s, F6 injectors and the stock ones and trying the factory reg again! Managed to confirm manufacturer data was incorrect and got some fresh stuff via the retailer and Raceworks. Ran better, but started missing. sh*tloads of fuel had fouled the plugs. Swapped in an old set of plugs that weren't too bad and miss went away, but still heaps rich and no response to scaling. I went to drop it down off the ramps to take it for a drive to learn a bit more and noticed the sump was leaking. No idea how and had been idle for a couple of months in lockdown so might have been a couple of months back that something happened. Scored an NA sump, had the turbo return tapped and then drained the oil to bog up the crack so that it held enough to get it to Ford. After the oil change it was much better, but not perfect. Anyway, went to Ford and had the replacement sump fitted which included running up to temp a few times over a couple of days to check for leaks. When I got it back, fuel trims and wideband were perfect! My theory is that the original RW injector data was so bad it absolutely flooded everything in fuel. So trimming injectors and switching back to my known good injector/tune combos did nothing, as there was uncontrolled fuel from the oil and maybe the manifold was half full too. So the oil change half fixed it (oil felt pretty thin and smelt like fuel). Then idling for ages at Ford burned off the rest of the excess. Been running on factory injectors and tune to confirm everything is ok and has been great, so I'll have another go on the 1000s sometime, using the updated manufacturer data as the base. Theoretically will be fine, but feel a bit nervous! Anyway, got to build a pergola and a deck before so get around to that so will be good to be rewarded with a fast car again after all that.
  2. What's going on Keith? I've been super quiet on here lately. Been flat out designing and getting clearances for a pergola and deck project for the last couple of months. Certifier checks the pergola post holes tomorrow and then I'm good to start building, subject to the remaining timber being available. I'll update in the new build and reno thread as I go. Timelapsing it on the GoPro too.
  3. Is it a ZF? If so, I'd bypass the factory heat exchanger altogether. They warm up pretty quick and remember these things went into cars operating in extreme sub zero temperatures. That way you won't risk a milkshake. Saves you mucking around with the thermal bypass too. I put a fan with a thermo switch and manual ovveride on my external cooler. To be honest though it probably doesn't need the fan unless you are tracking the car. I think my thermo switch has died and I only use the manual switch if it's getting a serious flogging through the twisty stuff .
  4. El Andrew

    Running hot

    I'll tell you soon - my thermostat housing gasket is leaking and new thermostat and gasket should arrive in the next couple of days! Sounds like you have an air pocket somewhere. Should just be a matter of letting it idle up to temperature with the heater on full. You can squeeze the radiator houses to help burp some air out. Leave the overflow cap off and make sure there is always coolant in there during the process. Then just keep an eye on the level and temps over a few days
  5. Haha yeah I though from your first post you meant you had the trots. I was like, "Again??"
  6. I've got the Antz one and have been very happy. The only thing I would say is that it had a generic pod filter and personally I chose to swap it for a K&N for peace of mind. Generic might have been fine though. Some of the kits include a name brand filter so worth thinking about. Regardless of probably zero performance gains at my power level, the thing pays for itself every time I do any maintenance that previously would have required the crossover pipe to be removed! [emoji1787]
  7. El Andrew


    I had pretty heavy arm soreness at the injection site for both shots and a bit tired that night. But I think I was well enough to go for a run the day after on both occasions. Does seem to vary a bit!
  8. I might be wrong, but I reckon in modern cars where body electrics are controlled by a computer, there wouldn't be a separate flasher unit - the computer would just send a rapid on/off signal to a standard relay.
  9. Haha yeah I should keep half a metre of it and move it around each morming
  10. Had a few cubic metres of concrete rubble and bricks in the back corner of the yard I needed to move to the front of the block to get rid of. Plus a large number of rocks out the front I want to use for landscaping out the back. Moved it all by hand over the weekend so feeling the body today! Skip coming tomorrow so I can throw it all in and be done with it. Better get the wife's car out if the driveway before the skip comes!
  11. They need a touch of heat mate - heat gun, saucepan of hot water, even a hairdryer. Just soften up the end a bit and they push on. Just use a bit at first because if you over do it the end will crinkle up or collapse when you try to put it on.
  12. Could you wire the signal from factory unit to a small extra speaker you mount somewhere just for the beeps and then run the existing speakers off the new head unit?
  13. Youngest boy on his class Google Meet, telling the class about the hectic mods he has done to his Lego cars [emoji1787]
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