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  1. El Andrew

    The What's Pi$$Ing You Off Thread..anything Goes!

    Friends were looking after another friend's labrador on the weekend. Dog ate a bunch of rotten plums off the ground. Mate counted he cleaned up 21 runny dog sh!ts off the deck on Sunday morning
  2. El Andrew

    What Did You Do To Your Car Today?

    Hey does anyone know if the fuel module wiring connector on FG is the same as BA? I'm talking about the wiring in the tank between the pump and the module, on the module end. Once my current tank of fuel gets low I'm going to put the Walbro GSS341 that had only done a few months in the BA into the FG. If I need to cut the wiring and re-crimp, then I'll do my research before hand to make sure I have crimp connectors that are fuel-proof. If they are the same connector, I'll just use the wiring from the BA as those connectors were the ones shipped with the pump.
  3. El Andrew

    what's the likely problem?

    Did you say once you were near Canberra or did I imagine that? I've got some spare B-series rear lights if you want to try them (or even the globes) to eliminate that. You can have them if they work, but would seem odd that you cooked both sides at once.
  4. El Andrew

    Xr6 turbo gauge pod

    If you have some spare I'd just move on unless you then find it gives you a rattle. You are probably more likely to create more problems or rattles if you go removing heaps of stuff to find the clip. I lost one of my handbrake boot yellow clips when I removed it, so just popped a new one on.
  5. El Andrew

    Xr6 turbo gauge pod

    Keith I can't find my keys. Where are they? But more seriously - if you can't find the clips then there are lots of online car fastener places that sell that sort of thing or eBay.
  6. El Andrew

    The Off Topic Thread.

    Champion maths debater at school?
  7. El Andrew

    The Off Topic Thread.

    You guys are all master debaters
  8. El Andrew

    The Off Topic Thread.

    Use of the term Camry was highly offensive
  9. El Andrew

    The Off Topic Thread.

    While as Dan said actually finding something on here that interesting/entertaining/intelligent was getting difficult I hadn't even thought of the impact on mods. Wow keeping up with all of that must have been a full time job!
  10. El Andrew

    Popping her cherry

    Quality work for reporting back mate!
  11. El Andrew

    Negative Fuel Trims at Idle

    Thanks - will be more useful now if someone else has the same issue. Thanks for removing our friend's post too! @Puffwagon yeah tried that - smoke test says no. Lean fault codes on both banks, electrics tested, upstream O2 sensors changed, vac lines replaced. The intank fuel filter is due for replacement (which requires seat removal) so planning to check the fuel system out fully then. Is a dead head setup so reg is in the tank as well.
  12. El Andrew

    Negative Fuel Trims at Idle

    It is a good point. Keith/Rab if you can be bothered, negative fuel trims at idle word be a better description for the title. What pisses me off is than I/mechanic/Toyota can't find the positive LTFT cause in the Kluger!! I think I should just average the trims of both cars and be happy.
  13. El Andrew

    Negative Fuel Trims at Idle

    Flashed in stock tune in the school car park this morning and then drove to work. No change to trims so I think the tune not the cause at this point. (Puff, if you are happy for me to I might flick you the tune and see what you think. There's a couple of things in there where I think I'd prefer to do it differently but would like a second opinion).
  14. El Andrew

    Negative Fuel Trims at Idle

    Cool thanks, I'll keep that in mind too. I'll let you know what it does.
  15. El Andrew

    Negative Fuel Trims at Idle

    Thanks mate. I've set up a tune file that is stock except for the injector data which I'll chuck in before I go to work. Will treat it nice cos of the dump and cat. I guess if the fuel trims are spot on then it was a tune issue, and if there's no change I have a hardware issue.

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