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  1. That's what the fuse tap is for. It turns one circuit into two, and the wire that comes off it is your new power source. Run that wire to your new devices. FG might be different but I used circuit 15 which is just called power source. Owners manual will tell you what circuit is what in the fuse box and whether it is always on, accessories on or ignition on Edit: the bolt holding the fuse box is a pretty handy spot to ground to as well
  2. Yes good point $19 is ridiculous! Here is what they look like installed.
  3. Use something like this and you literally remove a fuse and plug this in. New fuse holder has one fuse for the existing circuit and one for your new circuit. You then have a new 12v source to run to your gauges. Pick a circuit that behaves the same way you need eg is on with accessories I can grab a photo later of what mine looks like https://www.repco.com.au/globes-batteries-electrical/electrical-accessories/fuses-circuit-breakers/narva-add-a-circuit-micro-2-blade-fuse-holder-20a-54415bl/p/A5456319?rgfeed=true&cid=google-shopping&utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&region_id=100064&gclid=CjwKCAjw9pGjBhB-EiwAa5jl3KkjXEsQkwO2r22lOek1sdhL6hXzW2m8ugf3o8gpAEi-Hq3aOpNY4hoC_RkQAvD_BwE
  4. Thanks mate! Yep, it's about the long game and changes you can sustain.
  5. Wow good progress everyone! Good point about the scales. I've done about 6 weeks of not losing a thing, but can visibly see I've reduced fat. Body weight exercises and running obviously adding muscle mass. Weight started coming off again over the past week.
  6. Another tyre failed this morning. At least this one gave me some warning. Inside sidewall blistered and tread started to delaminate. Different wheel to last time. Was around the corner from home and front started feeling weird. Had enough air to go another 500m so I could use the jack and the impact wrench. Tyre place reckons it has had big hit, but weird that that hit was 6 months ago. Haven't said yes to a new tyre yet - given that's the second one in a month I want to think about my options. I'll give the wheel repair place a call and see what they think.
  7. Yep I reckon you'd be fine. If I did mine again I probably wouldn't bother with the fan.
  8. Depends what you are doing with the car - but I've got an 88 thermo switch on my ZF cooler fan and it almost never comes on. I'd say the cooler inside the front bar does a pretty decent job without a fan. And you are right - a lot more mucking around to mount a fan to the cooler and wire everything up.
  9. Anyway, TRX installed
  10. Thanks mate. Actually your earlier post about just getting on with it was around the time I was planning to sort myself out and was useful [emoji846]
  11. Thanks mate! More on topic - just picked up a TRX trainer (well, the Amazon version anyway). Conscious with all of the running, some upper body work wouldn't go astray. Also if I can build some muscle it will help keep the metabolism ticking over.
  12. Probably not quite the right thread but I decided to be less of a FF late last year and just chalked up 10.5kg of weight loss. I'm now a smaller waist than when I was 22. I wasn't hugely overweight but it creeps up on you over time and decided enough was enough. Bit of calorie counting to start off then once I settled into that routine have lifted the exercise. Weekly boot camp in the park (which I've been doing for ages) and now doing a couple of 5-6km runs per week and a decent walk with the dog on the off days. The weight loss slows down after the first few weeks, especially once you up the exercise and start building muscle. But the fat keeps disappearing which is the main thing.
  13. I was wondering this too as my Ford bushes are on their way out. Whiteline have a decent sale at the moment, and I think a further discount with an MCM code, making a set of three diff bushes less than $200. But not sure how they currently stack up against the Superpros or CAT600s
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