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  1. Yeah those O rings really need to be changed every time you remove the pump I reckon - I tried to reuse one once and it seeped and stank. Leave the doors open outside for a bit to get the breeze through - the fuel vapour is heavier than air so it tends to accumulate in the footwells etc. It's a bit disconcerting to have a fuel smell in the cabin after working on the pump , isn't it!
  2. El Andrew


    LeeT - the short answer is that yes it will take some more boost and love it (just not as much boost as the later engines with stronger rods). But you can't just slap a boost controller in it and send it - the fuelling will be dangerously wrong and the ECU will detect higher than intended boost and shut it down. You need a tune to solve all that. And the factory boost control can be tuned to target higher boost, which makes an aftermarket controller completely unnecessary.
  3. Haha nice! Always seems to be the way - a catastrophic issue is caused by something simple. (Or in my case, someone simple)
  4. Not related as they are completely separate unless Ford mistook oil mess to be from the timing cover when it was actually PS fluid. Unlikely though. You wouldn't notice a drop in oil level with the timing seal unless is was a huge leak but would probably see some oil hanging around on your sump as it runs down the engine. Ford did my FG XR6T timing cover seal (along with sump, rocker cover, spark plug and crank pulley seals that you do at the same time) for $980. I'd ring a few Ford dealers and get some quotes that are hopefully closer to that - even if you go back to your dealer and get them
  5. Parked the car in a multi level carpark in Sydney CBD. Then casually walking down the street afterwards. Felt so Dom Toretto...
  6. That should sort you for temps etc. Some can be a bit slow in terms of refresh rate so might have to see how it goes for RPM. The car won't have oil pressure through OBD as it only has an oil pressure switch (rather than sensor). You can I stall a T piece into the switch location to add a sensor and gauge.
  7. Haha I know what you mean. A turbo car always seems to be work to maintain. And I reckon I fell out of love with the EL because having two cars I cared about was a pain in the arse. Putting a turbo Barra in an EA would be a time and money pit!
  8. Looks like you are on track. Getting in before Puff...
  9. Hi everyone As per above, I PM'ed Stingray about mine as it didn't fit well. They sent me the updated one straight away which fitted up much better. Still need to finish the job by mounting my trans temp LED properly (got a thermo switch to trigger the light and the trans fan) and putting some electrical tape around the gauges to make them snug, but this pic gives you an idea of the improved fitment. So yeah, thanks for sorting it out! Also I need to vacuum the car...
  10. Haha good stuff. You had me zooming in on the rocker cover trying to see if you had something written on it [emoji1787]
  11. Good work finding it! Have a think about getting an aftermarket piping kit - only $200 or so and metal. The stock plastic always dies eventually.
  12. Must be a leak I reckon. If your wastegate was stuck open you would still make some boost and you'd probably have other noises if your turbo was cactus. Double check all of you pipes, around the throttle body, etc. If you have factory piping make sure nothing has split where you can't see it. Some of the pipes are behind the bumper, so pull the splash shield off underneath and check them.
  13. School actually loans him two - one for home and one for school!
  14. Haha Gaz buy it and bring it on the next Snowys Cruise
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