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  1. Ah right didn't realise you had to drop the tank in the Tez.
  2. Glad I could help! Does the Terry have the FG style lock ring where you need a tool to pop it open, or 6x screes holding it down. I miss the screw down lock ring on the BA...
  3. Even if it is the hose, if you have to mess around opening the tank and sorting hoses and the pump is old, might make sense to chuck a new one in anyway. #justifyingupgrades
  4. Haha I hadn't seen that duck whistle thing - did LOL
  5. 20 pounds is fine. 30 not so fine.
  6. Haha saw this on the internet and so suddenly decided it was the most urgent thing I needed to do. Gives the kids a laugh.
  7. You could put a hose on there and connect to your gauge. You'd have to still reduce it down to the size of that new line though, using the T. So you could plumb the gauge to the t with the supplied line. Then connect some vac line from the spot where the bolt currently is to the T. Then a bit more line off the T that you then block with a bolt. For reference, this is what a BOV set up looks like with a vac line to control the valve.
  8. It looks like your boost gauge line is smaller diameter than the vac lines, but has that T piece. So connect that line to the gauge and into the middle of the T. Then just cut a vac line under the bonnet and connect those to each end of the T. I'll grab a photo later if the sort of thing you are looking for. That BOV you have taken a photo of is the actual air path for the BOV, not the vacuum line that controls operation of the valve. There will be a much smaller line floating around somewhere that been blocked off as well. You see the size you are looking for when I grab a photo.
  9. Yeah that sucks mate. Hopefully it does the job quickly and you guys are back where the rest of us are soon. Snowies cruise looking a bit hit and miss at the moment!
  10. Almost right - make sure you get a pro to do it and you'll be fine
  11. I heard that out of date chilli sauce is bad for camshaft wear. Just remembered I had a Nutella Danish yesterday. Damn it was good.
  12. Sometimes boost gauges have small fittings for plastic tube and then an adaptor to the vac line so that you don't have to run vac line all the way to the dash. Post a pic of the back of the gauge and the vac line you found.
  13. Gulf Western truck just came. Full syn because I don't give a sh*t
  14. There is most likely a vac line that was blocked off when the factory BOV was removed. If you can find that you can just use that.
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