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  1. Yeah they said one was bad and three very minor. Got a second opinion this morning (dropped it in for a balance and didn't mention previous diagnosis) and they said exactly the same thing as the first place. Maybe I should just buy new wheels that would clear Brembos...
  2. So I just went to pick the car up from getting a wheel balance... All four are buckled. I only had one direct hit. The guy reckons I probably did a front and back then and the others would have been sometime in the last couple of months around Canberra and I just didn't know $1200...
  3. Thanks guys - was a great trip as expected! The road from Khancoban towards Cabramurra back through the national park was fantastic. 60km of 2nd and 3rd gear corners. Pretty boring once you are on the main Tumut to Cooma/Jindabyne road. Was too narrow to overtake without getting in the dirt so had to rely on people pulling over. One wouldn't, so I'd just pull over for a few minutes like this pic. The third time I caught them they finally got the message [emoji23]
  4. Weather tidied up alright overnight! I'm at Dudley's Cafe nearby which seems pretty good if anyone is looking for brekkie
  5. Haha glad to be here even if it was late last night. Doing all the stuff I should have done yesterday - car check over, wash and flash. Realised on the way I had the wrong tune in after some fiddling around this week so lucky I brought the laptop.
  6. Plugs, oil, coolant, thermostat and some nice new injectors all went in last week. But most importantly... Nice clean looking coolant overflow bottle. Looking forward to Friday!
  7. I thought saffa was saffa 'straya, and still thought Keith's advice was appropriate
  8. I'm all booked for Tumut and Jindabyne. Had to hold off as it looked like I might be changing jobs in November. Turns out I am, so negotiated leave for this trip into my starting arrangements [emoji16] I'll see how I go re Omeo, but as I minimum I might drive the sunday morning then head back home after lunch, rather than just heading straight home from Jindy like previously. Now I've got to pull my finger out and get my fuel system sorted.
  9. Well, bought some time ago but just used. Kreg saw track. Works great and almost no tear out. Good alternative for someone like me who can't really justify the space and cost for a table saw. These are panels for the outdoor kitchen. I need a bench deeper than the panels I could buy, so ripped one down the middle to glue to the whole panels.
  10. Definitely not worth any more than $14,970 if there was no gasket there... Sent from my Pixel 6 Pro using Tapatalk
  11. Now just hope he uses that intellect for the greater good. Ideally, tuning cars [emoji16]
  12. I got that brand for bonnet and boot too. Initially I thought they were junk because the thread on one of the boot struts got stripped (where the end with then clip threads onto the strut). Then I realised the kids were lifting the boot up to get school bags out and just letting it fly until the struts grabbed it. Told them how to do it properly, got the same struts again and they have been great.
  13. Haha same problems here. I just realised it's been 12m now on the stock tune. Got the bigger injectors and a few other servicing things sitting there to do but just haven't found time. Too much deck building, gutter replacement, stormwater issues and COVID have made car time hard this year!
  14. Haha love that game! Also a big fan of Halls Gap. Went there heaps as a kid from Adelaide. My bro in Mt Gambier just got a decent sized bush block there too so gives me a good reason to visit
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