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  1. As Keith said, depending on your state you should have some sort of statutory warranty - usually three months. I'd ring them because they should either tow it or authorise you to take it somewhere local for repair
  2. Thanks for that - good to know! I guess if I do go that route the FPR gives me a test point and I can always connect a more accurate gauge to it.
  3. @JETURBO how do you find the accuracy of the gauge on the GFB FPR to help set base fuel pressure? Been thinking about dropping one in.
  4. Need to flush my brake fluid and planning to paint the calipers black to make it look a bit tidier, so ordered some braided lines from Race Brakes Sydney. Am working through my pre-Snowies to do list!
  5. El Andrew

    Fg Xr6t

    If you want to go more performance without a tunee, think about tyres first. Then decent brake pads and rotors. Then maybe decent shocks and springs. You will notice these much more than any minor engine mod that doesn't need a tune. A new intercooler is generally fine on stock tune, and will give you repeatable power due to slower heatsoak, but any outright power improvement will be negligible.
  6. That's me now too, since the wife had to go lactose free. Ain't nobody got time to froth two separate types of milk. Haha Rab the Vittoria umbrella is my danger indicator too!
  7. As much as I hate to admit it, I actually agree re Nespresso. Not to cafe standard, but I'm yet to experience a home espresso machine that matches it for quality, let alone consistency/repeatability. Was trying a $1000 Breville machine with built in grinder and proper steam wand recently. It was ok with some practice, but still no Nespresso. Have had friends make coffee from $3000 machine and no better Plus $25 ALDI milk frother jug with three year warranty for the win. Luckily my work has a cafe-spec machine. Bit of practice on that and you can make a very decent cup.
  8. My bad. There's only one way of doing anything.
  9. I started that way, but found the 20 seconds it took to disconnect the lines under the car and lift the rail out made the job much easier. I could then quickly fit the new injectors and reg on the bench and then drop the assembly back in.
  10. I did this recently and the instructions above are absolutely correct. The only detail I would add is when disconnecting lines from the fuel rail, just disconnect the connections to the hardlines under the car but leave the rail connections intact. Then lift the rail out with the fuel lines still attached. Haha my mechanic just quoted $1500 to do the timing cover seal and wants to pull the engine. Even Ford only quoted $1000 and said they leave the engine in.
  11. Lol just rang them - said their staff wouldn't do that. I said I had it on video. He said he would look into it then hung up.
  12. Unfortunately this issue continues to hang around, even though at times it looks a bit better. I built a tune that basically got rid of any lambda corrections, kept the car in open loop and targeted a flat 0.95 everywhere so I could see easily what was going on. Car could happily hold commanded lambda with a bit of load, but was very rich at idle. Made me suspicious of fuel pressure and also I think eliminated things like an erratic O2 sensor. Had some rose joints replaced in the rear yeaterday so got them to test my fuel pressure while they had it. Had been tested before (reported back as "ok") so asked for the actual value. Good news is that it was 65psi at idle - I think I've found the cause of my negative fuel trims. Reckon step 1 is to disconnect the return line under the car and point it at the mower petrol tin. If the fuel trims settle down while idling, I know I've got an issue somewhere between there and the tank. Hard lines all look good so reckon checking the pump module would come after that.
  13. Anyone else find their mechanic turns off the dash cam? I wouldn't mind if it was just not wanting the workshop filmed while they talk crap while they work, but immediately before turning it off the guy leaned out the window and called someone a farkin wanker and then spun the wheels. Have footage of the same workshop nearly losing the rear of the BA through a roundabout so I think I might be done there.

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