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  1. Haha love that game! Also a big fan of Halls Gap. Went there heaps as a kid from Adelaide. My bro in Mt Gambier just got a decent sized bush block there too so gives me a good reason to visit
  2. I had the sump, rocker cover and timing cover resealed by Ford a couple of years back for $900 all up. Then sump only for about $500 last year after the sump was damaged and had to be replaced. Was the one time I found Ford cheaper than elsewhere as they seem to know how to do it quickly.
  3. I think Rab already summed up Natural Confectionary Company nicely
  4. Haha should train it to walk on a lead and wear the claws down on the concrete
  5. Made a rookie mistake - went to the pet shop to get the dog a new collar. Took the family. Came home with a kitten. Seems to be getting on alright with the dog...
  6. Haha nice. I need to stop spending all of my waking, non-work hours building a deck and start installing fuel systems and getting the car Snowys-ready
  7. Actually action packed or sarcastically action packed?
  8. Are either Sosta in Rundle St or Gauchos in Gouger St still good steak options? My Adelaide game is pretty dated now but remember some good feeds and both of those.
  9. Well, one drill and one impact driver... But yeah two rotaty thingos that can make holes with the right bit!
  10. I wonder if they are actually different? The Densos are Motorcraft branded. I'm pretty sure I've got them in there now and a Ford branded set on the shelf.
  11. Maybe he just trusts Rab more
  12. They are different - turbo plugs have a gap of 1.1mm, gas are 0.7. Gas plugs are better for increased boost, as Keith says, to stop spark being blown out. These are what you want: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/200973896683?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&mkrid=705-154756-20017-0&ssspo=8S9VA-FsSJ2&sssrc=2349624&ssuid=N4BYE3kzRYW&var=&widget_ver=artemis&media=COPY Edit: posted same time as Keith's second post, but same same
  13. @YLD127 @civillian you guys planning to come this year?
  14. Thanks heaps guys. Yeah ours is a brand new inverter system which was meant to be very efficient. Our ceilings are insulated, as are all of the new ducts. I'm gradually replacing the windows with double glazed, but I imagine that might make a 30% difference, not 300%! Found some research online comparing household energy use for electric only households. We have gas cooktop and hot water so should be less. Suggested average consumption of 25 kWh during winter in Canberra. I'll look up in the roof for any leaks and waiting to hear back from the installer. Our meter reports remotely on an hourly basis so I can see pretty detailed usage data. Usage is almost zero overnight or when we are out so definitely not some other appliance suddenly using excessive electricity. And no, I don't have any power outlets in my roof space!
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