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  1. Cancel that order mate Call Driveline for filter, oil and gasket (08) 8294 4342 Call MJ products for the cooler kit (03) 9702-4880
  2. swap the plastic connectors around, just push in the sides inside the holes and pull the connector off. Unclip the ear nose clamps, holding the existing hoses on and replace with an L shaped hose by Gates, Part number is 02-0025
  3. cant hear the noise your talking about it Check you didn't install your rear springs in upside down
  4. Hey Caleb as a starting point you need Forscan 2.4, then Run a KOEO test and a fault code DTC scan before moving forward Have you checked your AFR and fuel pressure ?
  5. Have you pulled the Pump ? It could be shorting out Trace all the wiring back and check the connections at the pcm Check the fuse holder pins and the wiring under the relay box in the engine bay Check all the fuses under the dash
  6. You will need to run Forscan 2.4, Run a KOEO and KOER Test, then check for fault codes and then data log items such as the 02 sensor to ensure it is switching, fuel trims, cam timing at idle, Check your power steering switch is operational, Check engine for air leaks using PID's IACTRIM & IACKAM3, Check fuel pressure and AFR, these are the basic starting points before changing parts
  7. Hi, how did you go to sort out the bad idle, Please post your solution to the problem for us in the future, thank you heaps
  8. The centre 1 is used to hold it into the bottom of the pot, ( the locking pin ), I drilled mine out to 4mm, certainly quietened down the pump audibly, AFR at idle settled from low 12s to stoich, so it made a difference, though as suggested by BEERTURBO, just buy the GFB drop in reg
  9. Did this issue get resolved, please post the solution Thank you
  10. Hello, Was the issue sorted, please post the solution to help us out in the future thank you
  11. Did This Issue ever get resolved ? Please post what the issue was? many Thanks
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