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  1. Oh, and forget my small interaction with Kayhan, I have found the Ford Forums thread where a lot of stuff went bad and they could not get a hold of him. Seems related to issues with the FG cars rather than B Series? I guess, for how advanced they were when they came out, they are pretty basic by todays standards, they were just the first canbus Falcons.
  2. Yes, that will be the way, but the current Kayhan unit is not quite there yet.
  3. I've had colour screen parrots in my car since 2004 and a few years ago I upgraded to the still current version, the 9200, as it did give me more input options via the AUX such as audio from the phone, and even an SD card, that I never used. My first was V2 and I decided to upgrade to a V3, which I think does do that thing with the controls that I'm sure the V2 didn't do, in that you can't use them when the unit is playing music, something I discovered on the way home, so it must be normal. I also think V3 maybe sounds worse through the AUX, so I'm looking to abandon it
  4. Happy Birthday genebaby!

  5. Happy Birthday genebaby!

  6. Happy Birthday genebaby!

  7. Happy Birthday genebaby!

  8. It was Scott's son that passed away. I replaced my Ozegauges with Defi.
  9. The XS7000 is what you want to charge am Optima. I researched and bought one after getting a yellow top and it's meant to me on snowflake mode for Optimas.
  10. Yes, better pads and rotors will always be a benefit with the PBR brakes. Add braided lines and its a great setup for the street.
  11. Sorry, I may have worded it badly, the issue is cosmetic on one caliper, the red part does not look as nice as when I drove it on for the swap over. The rotors are fine.
  12. Hi MiKa, I don't really want to post it all out, it's way heavy, as you would know. I was thinking $500 for the lot for a local buyer? They've just kinda been sitting there. I was bummed one got the brake fluid on it, it doesn't look as good as the other.
  13. Any change in rotor means a change of caliper and vice versa, they have to match and suit the vehicle.
  14. I have my previous BF front setup available for someone in or around Canberra. Ferodo pads, DBA 4000 rotors and braided lines. No need to change them other than I wanted the C6 calipers. I have changed the front setup a few times without ever wearing out a rotor or pad. They were powder coated red/black like the C6 setup. One got some brake fluid on OT when they changed them over which was annoying.
  15. To use a bigger rotor you need to upgrade/change the caliper too, or use a dodgy aftermarket bracket.
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