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  1. Anybody stuck the black bits (roof lining pillars ect) out of an fgx into an fg? Think it would make the fg interior look a bit nicer
  2. I'm curious. is OP and people against the swap talking about strapping a turbo to the NA motor or swapping in a complete xr6t engine and accessories from a wrecker? I can understanding strapping a turbo to the na block being a no go but it seems to me the complete turbo engine swap could be a viable option for someone who has say already done a heap of other mods (suspension/cosmetic/stereos ect) to an na xr6 and now wants more power?
  3. I'm no help to you at the moment. I am currently looking into doing the same thing. If I find any good info I'll let you know. I'm also curious how this will all work on the rego/insurance side of things.
  4. Hey All Been looking into this a bit trying to figure out the best way to rig my BA to be able to run android auto on my phone and use that for calls, music and navigation ect. Pretty much I want to be able to mount my phone on the dash and use that as the user interface the same way you would using a double Din touch screen type set up in cars without the silly one piece ICC. Few options I've looked at and my thoughts. A Parrot Bluetooth kit - this in theory should work assuming you can just use android auto and play audio across Bluetooth (yet to test this). In theory calls should be pretty good because it comes with a mic as part of the Bluetooth kit. down side seems to be I've seen a fair few reviews saying the parrot kits a pretty slow/laggy and a bit dodgy(controller buttons not working, bluetooth connection dropping ect) and audio quality is crap. Also seen comments that the kit completely takes over control of stereo controls for volume ect so guessing would lose use of steering wheel volume controls when in AUX mode. Finally they are like $300+ A generic Bluetooth receiver - Again should work assuming AA will work over Bluetooth and pretty cheap (around 30 bucks with falcon specific wiring harness) down side id say is calls will likely use phone microphone which would be sh*t quality calls and being so cheap id assume crap audio quality. an ASL automedia AUX and USB wiring kit. I have a google pixel 3 meaning no aux output on my phone. But I was thinking I can get an adapter that has USB A and Aux to USB C and connect to my phone that way. This should charge and give audio playback. But I would have the same problem where calls would be using the phone mic so you would likely have to shout for the person on the other end to hear you and the phone mic will pick up the other person voice coming from the car speakers. Then Finally this little Bluetooth receiver I just stumbled across. Would be similar to thoughts on The Parrot although I've not looked at reviews yet. Then lastly there is those super overprice Kayhan replacement units which in theory would be perfect but I have seen nothing bad negative reviews about the unit and the customer service plus they are roughly $1100... Not too keen on the old aftermarket head unit in the tissue holder because at least last time I looked into it you couldn't use steering wheel controls with them. Has anybody got something like this set up in their falcon? Or anybody got any other suggestions ect? Cheers
  5. Ye I thought it would bolt up no worries which is good, thanks for your help
  6. Thanks heaps, was starting to worry I'd have to think up a different route
  7. Some reason this has posted twice could an administrator plz delete one, cheers
  8. Hi Guys I'm doing my research into having a bf f6 engine dropped into my Ba xr6. What I'm hoping you wise folk can help out with is am I going to have problems when it comes to the ba having a 4 speed auto where the bf has the 6 speed? From my guessing it would all bolt up but not sure if I'd have issues when it comes to the ecu? Any wisdom on the subject would be great thanks
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