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  1. Thanks! Yes I am really happy, very neat and tidy car.
  2. Yes they are 1.3mm. Car idles very smoothly and doesn't have any rough idle or anything. I am happy to stay with the recommended gapping.
  3. Strangely, only the very first plug had rust, the others were fine. The rubber seal under the plastic cover was in excellent condition and there was no sign of water egress near any of the coil packs or anywhere else under the cover.
  4. Car has only done 144,000. Original owner was the NSW State Government so I am confident it would have been serviced as per the Ford logbooks up until it came off lease. The owner before me must have paid very little attention to continuing the service history. The spare tyre has never even been used it is still in original condition in the boot and all the interior etc is in perfect condition.
  5. Just purchased the car recently. In great condition bodywise and runs smooth. Was just down on power and economy. Obviously this is a contributing factor. I also just changed the plugs over the weekend, they were also due for a change by the look of it.
  6. I changed my old filter and it was pissing out black gunk so I opened it up and this is what it looked like. Is this normal?
  7. I changed my old filter and it was pissing out black gunk so I opened it up and this is what it looked like. Is this normal?
  8. Only just purchased it. Fluid was dark but still red that came out of it. Didn't smell burnt. No large chunks or other material. Would hazard to guess it has been a while since serviced. The old filter didn't appear to be genuine Ford branded filter. Do the OEM ones have a Ford logo or part number on them?
  9. Changed the gearbox oil and filter in my 2004 BA XR6 today. Does this look ok? Was a very fine metal paste stuck to the magnet. Not sure how much is normal for this model. Car has done 144,000 kms.
  10. Ha @ WOGJet. Fluff - Port and Polish. Just polishing him isn't enough to get maximum flow.
  11. Hey, his tuner was probably black, enuff said. Having a black tuner means that on the dyno the heat dissipation from the vehicle was so much better than say a white tuner, or even better, a tuner with silver hair! If a silver fox had tuned his car the amount of heat absorbed by the tuner may have seen him spontaneously combust. Pinging and knocking, pfffft who is concerned with that when getting rid of the heat is the main priority. THAT is a safe tune.
  12. freeze don't be nasty he is on his second Kindy home reader!
  13. I'd be keen on the 2 as I have a manual BA. Where can you buy them from?
  14. I have mine up to 70nm. About to tap and die to a larger bolt though, as they have been in and out so many times they are farked.
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