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  1. I'll be buying a new f6 soon , am I making a huge mistake ???? Halp plz suggestions ???? My cousins, uncles sister died and left me monies for a new car.
  2. what the hell is up with your avatar.... jesus christ man... lol
  3. Lol.... you dont paint the pad as well....
  4. Most people start at 17 years old when they first purchase a car and work on it and learn the basics that is why I asked is this a gee up, and the laughter was directed at the Wicket Ewok gif. Relax dude
  5. The reason we are not able to be competitive is Electricity Power Prices! Even throughout the 60's 70's and 80's when unions were at their staunchest we still were able to draw businesses to our shores and people and business turned profits and that’s because of cheap power, we have so much coal it’s not funny and we pay more for power than most other countries. The second nail in the coffin for Australian business and manufacturing is the Carbon tax.... Australia is casualty of Wealth re distribution anyone who blames the unions is an idiot, it’s like Hitler blaming the Jews. After the woundi
  6. he is just a young gen Y pup, He will learn Srs
  7. Is it just you or are all South Australians wankers ? Lol's haha
  8. Yeah I was doing 27nm, and read 40nm somewhere else; I'll go with 37nm and FT is full tight ?
  9. Hi I found a thread on here before the site upgrades regarding the torque specs of the exhaust manifold, Does anyone have a link for this thread or the torque specs? Thanks
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