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  1. 15 Streetfighter Specialist Workshops from around Australia and New Zealand will be in Adelaide from Nov14-Nov16 for an intensive 3 day Tuning and Performance seminar. Our aim is to bring tuning levels to the highest standards possible, helping all workshops involved to give the highest level of professionalism and results possible. Our aim will be to also concentrate on the new incoming 2016 Australian Mustang both V8 and Eco Boost. We will also be touring both our manufacturing factories to further encourage "Australian made" products and quality into the incoming U.S vehicles. Our aim is to continue Australian manufacturing, offering highest level of products and tuning, while embracing all the new imported vehicles once we lose Ford Australia 2017.
  2. Hi We can suggest our Walbro 460 package Includes; Walbro 460 high flow high capacity, direct replacement intank fuel moduleHigh flow 400lph direct fit pressure regulator / to correctly regulate the increased flow at correct pressurePlug and play wiring / relay kit / to correctly handle the increased currentThis No fuss properly engineered upgrade fuel system fits as factory and will support a standard vehicle perfectly and should you decide to upgrade in power later, levels up to 420-450 rwkw.$895 Contact me dirct 08 82999 998 / orders@streetfighter.net.eu or purchase oline www/kpmmotorsport.com.au
  3. Follow our young driver Dan Day #2 at Supercheap Bathurst 1000 2015. After his maiden drive in our VE Streetfighter V8 Supercar in 2014 , Dan is looking forward to utilize last years experience to achieve even better results. This year he will be driving our FG Streetfighter V8 Supercar in the Dunlop Series. Keep an eye out for this young gun moving forward. For all attending Bathurst, make sure you get down to the Streetfighter pits. Let us know your from the Forums and if possible we can show you around the car and also meet Dan. See you there!
  4. I am not sure of what type of filter they are using, however our Streetfighter 1500HP Lifetime fuel filter uses a 10 micron stainless steel element that costs us more than this complete set-up. Very important to have a filter element that filters and also flows correctly.
  5. Yes. The standard fuel lines flow over 1000lph , The 1000hp system flows 600lph. Standard fuel lines and fuel rails are perfect even on the 1500hp system
  6. The fuel system we supply are guaranteed NO surge for all models BA-FGX. It is not only the upgraded pump and cradle that ensures this , but the system operating a s a whole. eg Larger pump flows 400lph therefore to ensure correct return flow and pressure you need a higher flowing pressure regulator to match. eg 400lph return flow reg. Larger pump draws more current, therefore you need heavier wiring to ensure correct voltage supply for proper operation. If all the items are not matched , you will have a system that may flow more, however with high pressures and poor return flow therefore increasing the current required on standard wiring. This is what causes surge! The misconception of an intank system causing surge is absolute rubbish, due to the many being improperly set up . Al our systems are rated at the power delivery they can support. eg 700hp 1000hp 1500hp They are then engineered as a kit to ensure correct delivery with correct associated components. This ensure hassle free fitment, correct cool dense fuel delivery at correct pressures for maximum performance. Happy to chat if you have any further questions. 08 82999 998 David
  7. Hi Give us a call . Happy to help out. David 08 82999 998
  8. We quote 4 bar for injectors as Ford and most models run a 4 bar system. This is also where all scaling data is generated for Fords and most models.so all matches up.
  9. STREETFIGHTER Ultimate Fuel System Upgrades For Your Ford. Do it Once , Do it Properly ! Streetfighter Flex Fuel Retrofit Kits are tailor made to direct fit perfectly like OEM products. We supply every component needed to correctly retrofit your performance Ford to run both ethanol and petrol fuels. Flawless fuel system operation for power levels ranging from standard all the way up to 1500HP! Cool, dense fuel delivery at correct pressures ensures OPTIMAL POWER with NO SURGE, Guaranteed! Suits all Ford BFMK2-FGX Sedan and Ute models • KPM 1000cc/1500cc precision stainless steel fuel Injectors by Bosch • Streetfighter 1500HP Lifetime Flex Fuel Filter / 10 micron Stainless Steel • Streetfighter 400 lph stainless steel fuel pressure regulators on the 1000HP kits • Anodized aluminium adjustable 800lph pressure regulators on the 1500HP kits. • 2 x Streetfighter 10,000 hour Ethanol compatible fuel pumps on 1000HP kit • 2 x Walbro 460 Ethanol compatible pumps on 1500HP kit • Nickel plated and stainless steel fittings • Streetfighter stainless steel in tank fuel modules guarantees NO Surge! • Ethanol compatible high pressure fuel hoses with OEM fittings • Viton o rings throughout • Direct fit OEM plug and play /relay wiring kit • Suitable for both street performance and motorsport use • 100% legal , safe with no noise , smells or emissions • OEM quality, fit and operation • Comprehensive fitting instructions provided Proudly manufactured in Australia to the very highest standards. Streetfighter. Nothing Comes Close!
  10. Hi Brett You can clean the stainless steel filter element in any quality parts cleaning solvent. Eg parts washer solvent. You then bow from inside out with compressed air. Do this several times and good to go.
  11. Our fittings are all nickel plated and 100% E85 compatible.
  12. As mentioned in an earlier post, many reputable tuning shops are now understanding the performance , fitment and quality benefits of the Streetfighter Intank systems. The case for surge tanks on the Ford BA-FG range of cars has no merits or advantages over an intank system . In actual fact you are able to create more power from integral intank system as the fuel supplied is much denser/cooler. This creates the ability to uptune to higher levels with less chance of fuel boiling or surge. It is a;also a fit and forget system , with no noise , no smells, legal, and trouble free. The reason Joe CMS and many other workshops are now using our system is that they now are seeing the benefits.
  13. Streetfighter have complete no fuss correctly engineered packages to suit your power level. Single Walbro 460 intank System Streetfighter 1000hp Intank System Streetfighter 1500hp Intank System This completely eliminates surge tanks. Many workshops now are realizing the benefits and higher horsepower potential Quiet No smells Legal No Fuss / Fit and forget All include direct fit in tank pump systems Direct fit High Flow fuel pressure regulator systems Correct plug and play wiring and relay optional: 1500hp fuel filters 550/1000/1500/1700 cc Injectors This kits are engineered to fit and wotk as advertised without any fuss. All components are 100% E85 / E100 / Ethanol compatible. No wasted money on unneeded parts or patch ups. Just fit and forget.
  14. Streetfighter Eflex 1500Hp Fuel Filter BA-FG Ford and FPV All Models To complement our range of OEM style direct fit high performance fuel system components, KPM is introducing our Streefighter Lifetime Fuel Filter. This high flow filter is a direct fit to every model from BA Falcon to currant FG Models. Features • Direct fit replacement • 100% compatible for Petrol ,Ethanol and all race fuels • Fully anodised billet alloy housing >10 Micron filter element • Lifetime and cleanable high flow stainless steel filter • Maintains accuracy of High Flow matched set injectors • Maintains accuracy of fuel pressure regulators • Ensures protection and hassle free operation from your fuel system Non-compliant fuel filters have been one of the major causes of fuels system problems over the years. This is especially true when using Ethanol fuels. The glues and paper elements in the standard filters just cannot cope with effects of many performance systems and high flow capacities. This causes fouling and blockages of vital components eg, fuel injectors and fuel pressure regulators. No need for any extra fittings or modifications, just fit and forget. Available now. Direct from KPM or Online
  15. Larger injectors correctly matched set and with correct data will give same if not better fuel economy . I stress the word "correctly". Most Ebay or injectors online sales companies do no t have the equipment or the know how to offer correctly enhanced, matched flowed injectors with accurate tuning data for your car. Your tuner cannot generate this data accurately enough to give you best performance,power and economy. This data is only able to be generated on specialised equipment. My point is that if you need to change injectors , be sure you receive , correctly matched sets with correctly generated data. This will give you economy, power and performance from your set up.
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