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  1. Annnyway...pics/vids? Impeccible timing there Gaz
  2. Another sensational effort Gary Thank you all for the spectacular weekend. How many sleeps till we do it again?
  3. Washed mine yesterday, few sections of roadworks have resulted in a speck or two. Don't think anyone will notice to be honest.
  4. One sleep to go ...until I start that is. Probably been through that hydro station ten times but still find it bloody intriguing. Still got me f'ed how they managed to build it all - would probably take 50 years and $500b to do it today.
  5. Getting new shoes on Sat actually...so I'll be ready for the rain/sleet/hail/snow. ...which is the only time I can keep up with you hoons
  6. He'll be with Craigles up there in that big race track in the sky keeping a close eye on things Great that you're coming along Sam. I promise I'll behave and take it easy on you. On Fri night. Ok maybe just Fri arvo.
  7. Lol don't mind me. Unavoidable sh!t often happens.
  8. I imagine it'd be absolutely rockin in peak season. Originally the snowies cruise format was everyone arrive Sat, Mickus even had his boat there one year for on-water frivolities, get rolling drunk at wherever would stay open the longest, then get up and do the cruise the next day while hungover as fck and drive home afterwards! That was character building stuff. Much more sedate these days thankfully. Cup of tea after dinner and in bed by nine(ish).
  9. Like someone extremely knowledgeable said earlier; he's gone limp. You'll be sorely missed Tony. And Dillon too...nobody there to pick fights with poor defenceless innocent irish drunken thugs at the Banjo Paterson Inn! Ahh them was the days If you like I can pick you up on the way past in the terry so you can experience what a real 4WD is like!
  10. Predominately 60 I think. On most roads you can take the recommended corner speeds and double them...but not this one. Not sure what cruisemaster Gaz has recommended but I'd suggest at least taking the snowy mountains highway via Adamininininby (or something like that) and meeting us at the Cabramurra turn off. Bloody spectacular roads that are a fair bit more open than Alpine Way west of Thredbo and enough to give a jellyfish a hardon when done in convoy. 32 sleeps to go
  11. All sad now after looking back at the last one. Not going to be the same without Craigles.
  12. That would have been aussie_dozer. He's gone limp though sadly.
  13. One year there were three of us with the gramps-spec Snowies will make you fall in love with it all over again.
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