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  1. really appreciate the help fellas, 4321, I’ve had someone get the license for my current egas pcm but I will be swapping to the turbo pcm, does that mean I have to unlock the vin for the car that it came off? next question is electrical, so obviously I have no wiring for fuel or anything like that as my ute is egas, do I have to swap over the whole harness, or am I going to find all the plugs tucked away somewhere? also same thing with all the wiring bit for the turbo?
  2. so no go for the flash tune? just planning on stock power as I’m going to build up the other motor with forgies so don’t see the point forking out for a custom tune if I don’t have to
  3. I have a egas ute that’s immaculate, so I’m converting it to turbo I was given an 6 speed manual xr6 turbo ute from my old man that has a hole blown in the engine, so I have everything I need to do it including the intake manifold and computer ect ect do you’s know if it’s just a simple flash tune or would it have to be a custom dyno tune?
  4. okay so I need to settle this once and for all, I’ve searched for weeks and cannot get a straight answer, can I bolt a turbo onto the egas engine and still run it on 98 with stock boost with the higher compression of the egas pistons? really want to avoid opening the engine up to change pistons. and if so are the any problems with fitting the fuel rail to the egas head?

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