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  1. Hopefully none of those few remaining followers find they're "no longer interested", hey, Puff? That'd be a real shame. 🤭
  2. Somewhere in the middle? $125 for a half-arsed tune? 🤔
  3. Do you have an A/C gas machine at home? My Territory A/C didn't work too well on the drive back from Brisbane, so that's another *potential* thing I'll need to get sorted.
  4. That's very disappointing. I'd hate to see how bad the cheaper covers which actually had poor reviews are! 😳
  5. I saw 417rwkw posted up which was what I was referring to when I asked the question. 370rwkw, no worries on the later BF and beyond. I was just concerned about 400+rwkw.
  6. Awesome car, mate! I live around the corner from Jonny Tig's workshop. I wanted this cooler for my FG, but he told me he doesn't make them anymore. Hopefully this combo is still going strong for you. Jonny said he'd consider making a batch if a few people wanted them at the same time.
  7. How's the stock bottom end holding up?
  8. Aren't those types a little on the clunky side?
  9. I'll watch with keen interest @biddie_fiddler I've just bought a house a few months back and there isn't a lot of under cover parking here until I build my shed and carport. That's a little while off, though. I work FIFO, so my cars sit around for weeks at a time. I get the misso to take them to work once or twice while I'm away, but they've been really copping it in this Adelaide summer. If you rate this car cover I might look at getting one or two. Literally the only good thing about my old rental was the huge carport.
  10. I just smashed out a sesh at the gym. It's fly-out day tomorrow, so I've got to get my stuff ready for tomorrow and finalise any last chores around the house. I've also got to get the F6X back together so I can move it as it's blocking the driveway. Nothing major, just the cross over pipe, intercooler, airbox and hoses.
  11. I fell off the rails for a few years due to Covid. It's no excuse, but the last couple of years have bee all over the shop for me, with work being crazy and hardly being home. I found a new local gym and the missus and I have both joined up to. The gym at work is great, now that I'm back to working near decent camp facilities. I'm hoping for a big year with a lot of gainz, both in the gym and on the dyno. It's time to get myself and my cars on a health kick and back into tip-top shape! 💪
  12. Mornin'! What's everyone's plans for today! Hopefully the weather is as glorious from wherever you're reading this from as it is in the City of Churches.
  13. Well, I finally got through all 149 pages of this thread. Last night the missus headed off to bed about 22:00 and asked if I was going to stay out in the lounge. I told her I'd probably stay up and watch something. I ended up reading the the thread through to its entirety. @Puffwagon you're a mad man. I'd love to see this this monsterously powerful behemoth at roll racing this year. So, anyway, this morning the misso asks, "what did you end up watching last night?" to which I responded, "Ummm... nothing, actually. I just read a story titled Puffwagon's Territory Adventures." After a double-take and a few seconds pause, says, "I don't really want to know... lol". I told her that Puffwagon is like a much faster version of the F6X. She says, "Okay, honey... can you please get a brew on. 😂
  14. I can vouch for having heard the same thing. From what I've read, Atomic used another brand (Nason I think it was) for its tensioners and these are reportedly the ones supplied in the problematic batch. I was told many moons ago by someone in the know that it's always ideal to retain the factory tensioner for as long as possible as it has an in-built check valve that retains oil pressure in the tensioner, thus limiting load that can be applied to the tensioner teeth. Atomic is otherwise a great company who's produced quality products for Barras for the last two decades. I'll still be using all of their products if/when the need arises, sans the timing chain tensioner.
  15. We commonly adopt this method of using "mousing wire" as we call it on drilling rigs when it's critical that fasteners don't undo themselves.
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