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  1. I ran an 11.907 @ 119mph a while ago. (May 2012) Only thing is the car is no longer going. My Uncle wrote it off on the way home from WSID not long after. (Sept) http://www.fordxr6turbo.com/forum/topic/80137-finally/
  2. Thanks Pat, Buf and Jim I thought you'd come across this post soon You'll have to make your way out there again. I appreciated your advice all those years ago. It's a buzz having a crack at the strip. I just wish I was a bit kinder on the car and it doesn't take me six months to fix it. I have to pull the diff out. I snapped the centre bolt which must've pushed the tailshaft into the box and broke the yoke. The old saying goes if you don't break something, your not trying hard enough lol. Frank's really got a handle on tuning these things. He's keen to give it an E85 tune but there's nowhere down here that sells it.
  3. TBH I cant remember. There's a heap of different cars up there for just a bit of fun.
  4. Pazzo, I will keep the manual and put it back in later. I'd like a shot with an auto, see if a 10 is on the cards and to see how they drive. It will probably be the GM 4L60 I think they're called. A manual shift 4 speed auto. Dillz, not sure on power but I have had it dynoed between 370 (roller dyno) and 390rwkw (hub dyno) in the past. Now Frank is tuning it, it feels much stronger everywhere and spins 3rd easily, whereas it never has before. Best of all it never stalls anymore. I will get it dynoed soon.
  5. I finally made it to WSID for the first time in a while. I'm absolutely stoked to have run an 11.907 @ 119.95mph with a 1.808 sixty foot time on 17" ET streets (which are 7 years old), using VPower. My car (BA 6M) is currently tuned by Frank (TURBO4LT) and he's perfected the brilliant tune it has now. Frank has been tuning my car in similar circumstances to Headsex, a home tune without a dyno. Just some software, an AFR sensor/meter for which I had a bung welded into the dump pump to fit it to, and a good ear I have 100% faith in his abilities and the professionalism and care he has for the car and tune. It has never, in the last 4 years idled, I've had to blip the throttle (clutch in) everytime as I slowed down so it wouldn't stall, mid range power was average, (would hardly spin in 2nd), yet had up to 393RWKW according to the dyno sheets. It now never stalls, has bags of torque that spins it easily in third and is that drivable that my Mother in her late sixties could comfortably do the shopping in it. I had 4 runs, a 12.1, a 12.2, an 11.9 and finally a DNF. I ended up busting the tailshaft on my last run and needed a tow 100km's home. I didn't care as the 11 sec pass made it all worth while. One happy camper here.
  6. Pretty good. A 4" dump would've been better though. You're on the way to catching the bug and wanting more.
  7. I'll meet you's at Albion Park... if it's still on.
  8. Sounds like your gunna have some fun this weekend... Well done
  9. Go for the Albins gear. Highly recommended and well priced compared to some others too.
  10. Hope it all works for you. Best of luck.
  11. Well done. There's room for improvement too with a 2.0 60 footer. You must be stoked?
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