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  1. Happy Birthday ZAP!

  2. If anyone wants a really funny, Legit has just completed Season 2. Aussie stand up comedian Jim Jefferies takes the pi$$ out of the USA.
  3. The Americans season 2 has started. It is solar much more extreme than the first season. For anyone looking for a great comedy, look for Legit , it is about the Oz comedian Jim Jeffries living in the USA.
  4. Cuz (Cannot believe this thread is still going)
  5. Happy Birthday ZAP!

  6. Happy Birthday ZAP!

  7. I am pissed off that no person wants to buy my car and also how much it has devalued in under 4 years.
  8. For anyone interested the GT-E ad is in my signature.
  9. Well I need to vent. I have been trying to sell my beloved GT-E for 2 months. Not a single bloody call. Price drop from $44k to 39k, not a single bloody call. The dealers will buy it for $32k, which is robbery. This car cost $90k under 4 years ago, only has 32k km on the clock, full dealer service history and is in excellent condition. I cannot believe that no one wants this car, I would give it to a car nut for $35k, but nobody seems to be interested in the car at all. Dam I am pissed off now, the car has depreciated $1,000 per month + payments + rego + insurance + fuel + service + tyres.
  10. Wow, so the RMS and EPA doing checks on illegal modified cars has turned into a cop bashing thread. If you do not have a poorly modified car, you do not have much to worry about. EFSIX, looks like you failed hard at the attitude test and got fined for the way you treated the cops. Having a attitude towards the cops will generally result in you being the one who gets hard done by. They could not give a crap about who you were, you were breaking the laws and gave them lip. Looks like they were doing a good job. I bet the people bashing cops here will be the first to cry for help when they are
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